Bachelor In Paradise’s Victoria Fuller Confirms Relationship With Greg Grippo


Bachelor In Paradise’s Victoria Fuller Confirms Relationship With Greg Grippo! Yes!!! Are you shocked? I am too! Of Course there has been unrest among the fans after coming across the rift between Victoria and Johnny. But this was unexpected. Let’s know everything in detail! 

We all were eager to see Victoria and Johnny ringing their wedding bells, but there’s a new hero in the story! Greg Grippo is said to be so called Victoria’s new love interest. Know more details below! 

BIP’s Victoria Fuller Loves Greg Grippo | What A Spicy Twist!!

If you all want clarity on BIP’s couple’s status, Victoria and Johnny, here’s something exciting for you! Victoria Just confirmed her relationship with Greg Grippo!

What Happened In Bachelor In Paradise’s Finale? 

Bachelor In Paradise's Victoria Fuller Confirms Relationship With Greg Grippo

The Reunion, held during Bachelor In Paradise’s finale, was an eye-opener for all the fans. Host Jesse broke the ice and asked Victoria whether she is dating Greg Grippo from The Bachelorette

To which Victoria answered, “Yes, Greg and I are together”. And when Jesse asked whether She cheated on Johnny?  Victoria clarified by stating, “Absolutely not!” 

But Johnny had something else to say “I still consider talking to someone else while we’re working on our issues, cheating or emotional cheating”. But after Johnny left the stage, Jesse spiced up things by calling Greg on stage. (Whaaaat? Yes it happened!) 

Greg said, “We’ve been friends for a while. We met last year through mutual friends”. Further, he mentioned that the duo decided to rekindle their relationship after Victoria came back from Paradise (so, it’s love more than friendship). 

Greg added, after she came, “I was like, you know what, we’re at this moment where we’re really interested in one another and I was like, I want to take you out for a drink”, “So, you want to go to Rome in two days”? 

Victoria stated that, “We couldn’t go and get a drink in New York City or Nashville”, “So, we’re likely okay, we’ll go to Europe, and maybe see, test it out, see how we fit”. 

What Victoria Has To Say Now?

Bachelor In Paradise's Victoria Fuller Confirms Relationship With Greg Grippo

While talking to Jesse, Victoria shared that she is not bothered by how people are perceiving her relationship with Greg “No one has to understand it or get it and that’s okay”, “But everyone can hate us if they f…ing want”, she added. 

As of now, both are happy and have got matching tattoos together in Italy “ciao”. Let’s see how things will go for them now!

Final Words  

I hope now you have details about Bachelor In Paradise’s Victoria Fuller relationship with Greg Grippo. If you missed the finale episode of Bachelor In Paradise season 8, you should turn on your TV to watch it tonight. Watch all the spicy details!

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