Virginia Tech aims to reconsider how instruction and innovation converge. This methodology changes the outlook by which we instruct and learn, and interact with networks over the world.

They encourage their students to work together with colleagues in teams and overcome the conventional lines among fields and teach them to handle worldwide issues.

Students of the university know how they utilize this knowledge to serve themselves, the profession, and society.

Together under the university’s motto (Ut Prosim), they encourage their students to work for positive change.

Few Highlights About Virginia Tech

  1. The main campus of Virginia Tech University is situated in Blacksburg, Virginia
  2. Virginia Tech comprises Nine colleges and graduates school.
  3. It offers around 110 undergrad majors.
  4. It offers a total of 170 masters and doctoral programs.
  5. Currently, Virginia Tech has a populace of 36,383 students enrolled in different programs all over its campus including the main campus at Blacksburg and 34,131 students are enrolled on campus during fall 2019.
  6. The university has a fair learner to teacher ratio of 14:1.
  7. The main campus at Blacksburg, Virginia is spread over an area of around 2,600 acres of land and comprises around two hundred and thirteen buildings over it along with the luxuries of an airport.
  8. The university has various offices and other facilities all over the state and also, many parts of the world, however, it has a very solid presence in the whole of Northern Virginia.
  9. The university is positioned at the 48th number in the United States in terms of research universities.
  10. It also has a contiguous corporate center for research purposes.
  11. It consists of 2,070 educational faculty which includes both full-time and part-time ones.
  12. The average combined SAT requirement was 1180-1390 for the 2020 sessions and terms.
  13. During Fall 2019, 81% of the students enrolled belonged to undergraduate programs however 19% belonged to graduate programs.
  14. Out of this populace, 57% were males while 43% were females.

Virginia Tech Graduation 2019- Commencement

  • In excess of 2,500 Hokies graduated on December 20, 2019, Friday during Virginia Tech’s fall commencement functions in Cassell Coliseum.
  • The Commencement functions started at 10:30 a.m., however, the Graduate School Commencement began at 2:30 p.m. The ceremony honored roughly 2,551 graduates who had just finished their college degrees throughout late spring and fall terms.
  • Virginia Tech also had a live web-based video of the University Commencement.
  • At the time of the University Commencement Ceremony, almost 1,350 students were recognized for completing their degree.
  • 322 graduates out of the whole lot, procured an aggregate evaluation point of 3.4 on the scale of 4.0.

Apart from this ceremony, Virginia Tech also honored graduates from more than five other campuses of summer and fall semesters their bachelor’s degree these colleges are as under:

  1. 157 students from the School of Agriculture and Life Science
  2. 64 students from the School of Architecture and Urban Studies
  3. 234 students from the Pamplin College of Business
  4. 280 students from the School of Engineering
  5. 261 students from the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  6. 72 students from the School of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Virginia Tech honored 1,201 summer and fall graduates in the Graduate School Commencement of the main campus. The main guest of honor who delivered a speech was Patricia Raun, she is the head of the Center for Communicating Science at Virginia Tech and an educator of theater arts in the School of Performing Arts in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.
  • The advanced education up-and-comers incorporate 732 graduate degrees, seven training specialist degrees, 318 Ph. D.s, and 7 docs. of education.
  • The exact number to receive the graduation certifications were of 137 graduates.

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