Wanda Vs Captain Marvel | Can Carol Denver Put A Dent In The Powers Of The Scarlet Witch?


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made a proclamation. Wanda Maximoff is here to fulfill an age-old prophecy. She will either rule the entire multiverse or destroy it. And it seems like she took the latter option. In the movie, we saw lots of epic duals. Wanda vs Dr. Strange, Wanda vs armies, and even Wanda vs Captain Marvel. 

If it isn’t clear to you already, Wanda became super powerful in Dr. Strange 2 and kicked everyone’s butts! Wanda showed that she is more powerful than all the avengers combined even though she had been underserved till now. Following the events in the series WandaVision, she has successfully accessed the powers of The Darkhold. So what happens when one invincible Avenger faces off against another invincible powerhouse?

Wanda Vs Captain Marvel | Who Would Win In A Fight Between The Two?

Wanda vs Captain Marvel makes sense as a face-off since both of them derived their powers from the infinity stones. But but but, in Avengers: Endgame we saw how easily Wanda almost single-handedly crushed Thanos. If it wasn’t for the support of his army and support ships, there wouldn’t be a snap and all would have been right in the universe. (sigh!)

But the Wanda we know now has morphed into a behemoth. We also know Captain Marvel is quite strong too. Her battle with Thanos proved how easy it was for her to fight. She has super agility, endurance, and crazy fast speed. But is that enough?

Wanda Vs Captain Marvel | Speed Is Captain’s Only Chance

Wanda Vs Captain Marvel | Can Carol Denver Put A Dent In The Powers Of The Scarlet Witch?

Since Captain Marvel easily took care of Thanos, we know how Wanda vs Thanos will go down too. Wanda will be wiping the floor with him for sure. Now onto our main battle and we know Captain Marvel has super speed. Wanda’s weakness with anyone she fights is that she may be physically vulnerable. 

If Captain Marvel has to have any chance, she will have to strike hard and strike first. Captain Marvel can fly fast and takedown Wanda in the air. While Wanda has the ability to levitate she uses the psionic powers to achieve that. That’s not as fast as the Captain, making her vulnerable. 

That’s easy to say though as every army Wanda has already pulled off several defenses against armies. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda goes against the army of the Illuminati and defeats them with ease. She pops the head of Black Bolt like it’s nothing, without him even being able to put up a fight.

Wanda takes on the entire army of Ultron and wipes them away with ease too. No one is able to land a single blow on her. Next on her list are Mister Fantastic, Charles Xavier (Professor X), and Captain Carter while also decimating the whole of Kamar-Taj. So Captain Marvel may be powerful and have her set of powers but there is nothing that she can throw Wanda’s way that she hasn’t already seen.

Wanda Is Stronger Than Everything | Only Wanda Herself Can Defeat Wanda!

Wanda Vs Captain Marvel | Can Carol Denver Put A Dent In The Powers Of The Scarlet Witch?

Wanda vs Captain Marvel seems too easy to discount when we see the state of other Avengers. Wanda has the powers of telekinesis, time warp, and reality warp and she can alter things at a molecular level. Captain Marvel’s sheer physical strength is irrelevant when won’t be able to get anywhere near Wanda. 

Imagine Captain Marvel’s powers as a battery filled with energy. At one point the battery will be full and she will reach the potential of her powers, but Wanda’s power is limitless. She can snap Carvel Marvel without even moving a muscle herself. And we mean that literally! Telekinesis is mighty powerful, especially with new magic spells at her disposal.

Even the Sorcerer Supreme and Dr. Strange who have immense magical knowledge are able to slightly slow her down. Wanda vs Doctor Strange was an epic showdown, but Wanda emerged victorious from that battle too. As we saw in Wanda’s quest to get her hands on America Chavez, nothing could stop her, so Captain Marvel is better off staying away from Wanda. 

Final Words

So whether it’s Wanda vs Hela or Wanda vs Captain Marvel, no one can hold a candle against Wanda. While the climax of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness did end up stopping Wanda for good, who knows what the future holds. What are your thoughts on Wanda’s powers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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