Wanda Vs Hela | Who Will Win That Epic Battle?


In a battle of female superheroes, who will win the fight between Wanda vs Hela? Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released last week, and no one could have anticipated the dark twists we saw. The hype is absolutely real, and we recommend watching the movie ASAP so you can avoid spoilers. Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, aka the-badass-witch-that-almost-destroyed-the-universe has gone rogue, and we are here for it!

So what is to happen in a Wanda vs Hela battle? First, we need to understand that Hela is no ordinary god. Hela has given Thor a tough time throughout his life. Her powers are amplified when she is on Asgard, and if there were to be a battle between the two, then Hela has the win. But there is a reason the two have not confronted each other till now, so let’s try to get to the bottom of it, shall we?

Who Wins The Wanda Vs Hela Battle? The God Or The Ruler Of The Universe?

Wanda vs Hela is no straightforward comparison like Wanda vs Doctor Strange. Both are sorcerers, and their powers can be somehow measured. But Wanda vs Hela is a bit complicated. Hela being a god has certain advantages over Wanda. That all changes now with the revelations of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Wanda has harnessed The Darkhold and is effectively the most potent thing in the multiverse.

Hela On Asgard Vs Wanda

Wanda Vs Hela | Who Will Win That Epic Battle?

If the battleground is chosen to be Asgard, then Hela is pretty tough to defeat. Some would even say it’s impossible. Hela is known to have survived the most powerful lightning bolt in the universe’s history. Even though the lightning bolt was strong, it only managed to slow her down for a brief moment. Hela has defeated the entire Einherjar and Warrior’s army with ease. Just like Wanda defeated the Illuminati army in Dr. Strange 2 with ease, the same happened with Hela.

Hela has also defeated and killed Thor, the supposed ‘strongest Avenger’ multiple times. Even though he has then later on been brought back to life, that doesn’t take away that he died! Hela has also pierced Surtur with several Necroswords, and that’s another impossible feat on its own! Penetrating Surtur has only previously been done by Odin himself, and that too when he was at his prime.

Unlike Wanda vs Thanos, where Wanda can wipe the floor with Thanos, Hela’s god status gives her a distinct advantage. Okay, so Hela is hella strong (see what we did there?), and her endurance is through the roof, but is that enough for her to win? And what if Hela isn’t given the ‘home advantage’?

Wanda As Scarlet Witch From Madness Of Multiverse 

Wanda As Scarlet Witch From Madness Of Multiverse 

What are the powers of Hela if we were to evaluate her? She is fast, strong, agile, and can throw swords made of obsidian at her enemies. That’s great to take down huge armies in an arsenal-based war, but what happens when Hela is put up against someone like Wanda?

Now, let me get one thing straight if we are talking about the Avengers: Endgame Wanda, then Hela is winning the battle. But the new Wanda is something different, and we are talking about Nexus-level power here. Wanda can now only warp time. She can warp reality, as well as objects at a molecular level. 

Hela may be durable against physical damage and energy blast-induced damage, but that’s not Wanda’s power anyway. Hela will have no defense against Wanda’s telepathic manipulation and reality alterations. By warping reality, Wanda can alter the probabilities of certain events too. So as far as Hela’s first attempt is concerned, Wanda can completely negate the probability of Hela landing any blow on her.

So Hela’s only chance against Wanda can be being fast. But speed can be negated by probable manipulation, so any kind of advantage she has on Wanda goes away. The first blow argument can be made for any Wanda battle. Whether that’s Wanda vs Captain Marvel or Wanda vs Thanos, Wanda needs to ensure no one gets near her.

And if Doctor Strange and the Madness of Multiverse showed us anything, we know Wanda took down armies without them even landing as much as a scratch on her. And it doesn’t matter if Hela is on Asgard or Earth. The new Wanda can hold her own.

Final Words

Wanda vs Hela is not even close anymore. Sure, Hela has taken over realms on her own and conquered planets, but Wanda is fulfilling the prophecy. She is the ruler of all the multiverses, and she shall be known as such!

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