Wanda Vs Thanos | Who Would Win A Battle?


Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness just came out, and boy, was it a rollercoaster of emotions! Wanda has gone berserk and wants to destroy all the multiverses and everything that lies in it. Which has gotten me thinking, if Wanda has such immense powers, who will win if Wanda vs Thanos happens?

Technically, the two have already faced off in Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Wanda tried to crush Thanos inside his armor. That brief fight was ended too soon as Thanos won. But then, Wanda didn’t have access to the powers of The Darkhold then. So if we were to put Wanda Vs Thanos after knowing what we know now post Dr. Strange 2, things might be different. 

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If Wanda’s latest version were to be put against Thanos’s latest version, Thanos would be left embarrassed. Wanda will wipe the floor with him without even breaking a sweat. Some may argue that Thanos has the power of 5 infinity stones while Scarlet Witch can use the power of one stone – the Mind Stone. But hello, are we forgetting the universe bending, reality-altering, army decimating power of Wanda now?

Thanos’s gauntlet can wipe off half the universe – true. But I’ll say two things – one is Wanda’s telekinesis powers are now so strong she will not even let Thanos snap his fingers in the first place. And two, Wanda’s dark power transcends not one universe but other multiverses. So there’s seriously no direct comparison anymore.

We didn’t see Wanda vs Thanos be much more intense in Avengers: Endgame because she hadn’t harnessed the dark powers then. She was a new superhero on the scene with very little control over her powers. The events in the series WandaVision took her character through a journey of self-discovery, showing us her true potential. 

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Who Would Win A Battle Between Wanda Vs Thanos? 

If there is one thing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made clear, no one can hold a candle to Wanda’s powers. The only one who can defeat her is Wanda herself. Wanda Vs. Doctor Strange? At best, the sorcerer can slow her down, and defeating them is out of the question. Wanda Vs Hela? Maybe on Asgard, but we are talking about those gods, so the fight is up for debate. Wanda Vs Captain Marvel? Again, we saw how easily Wanda wiped her aside in Dr. Strange 2, so there’s your answer right there. 

The Evil Wanda, as we like to call her, decimated armies single-handedly. When Wanda came against the Ultron army, she finished them in a blink of an eye. The same happened when the Illuminati Army tried to stop her. Her list of victims in the new movie can go on and on, but one thing is clear, Wanda, with the powers of The Darkhold, is pretty darn invincible. 

It’s scary to think that all the main villains from the previous Marvel movies and all the heroes put together couldn’t do much. Had Thanos been alive and present in Dr. Strange 2, he would have put up a good fight, but his courage wouldn’t do much to overpower Wanda. The rage behind losing Vision and her children were driving Wanda so strongly and metaphorically proving that there is nothing like a mother’s rage in this universe. 

Wanda Vs Thanos | Power Comparison

Now let’s make a direct power comparison of the two and see how Wanda and Thanos match up head to head against each other!

Warping Time: Wanda

Who Would Win A Battle Between Wanda Vs Thanos? 

Wanda can warp time and change realities. These powers also transcend across all the multiverses. This power, especially after the power from The Darkhold, gives the ability to manipulate reality in a way that can bring back dead people. That is evident when she brings Clint Barton and her brother Pietro Maximoff back. Thanos can only do this if he has the gauntlet, and even then, his powers are limited to one universe.

Experience As A Fighter: Thanos

One case where Wanda lacks experience in battles. Whether a superhero or a villain, the more experienced you are, the better you become. Wanda has only been the Scarlet Witch for a short time, and she is only in her mid-twenties. Thanos, on the other hand, is centuries and millennia old. He has a clear military mind and knows how to get things done. 

Intelligence: Thanos

Who Would Win A Battle Between Wanda Vs Thanos? 

Another area where Thanos has the upper hand is his intelligence. He has raised armies and controls thousands of soldiers at the tip of his fingers. He also plots to kill off half the universe and has plotted his plan for centuries, taking care of every step. He has a backup plan for a backup plan, which means he has good analytical abilities. While Wanda has great Emotional Intelligence, there is a lot for her to learn.

Power and Abilities: Wanda

Who Would Win A Battle Between Wanda Vs Thanos? 

Without a doubt, Wanda is the most powerful of the two. Wanda is the nexus of the universe and is the reason behind the existence of Earth 616 and everything in it. While Thanos gets powers from the gauntlet, there will be no universe if Wanda doesn’t exist. So Thanos’s actions will be for nothing.

Final Words

Wanda Vs Thanos isn’t just a debate that has come up because of Dr. Strange 2. Comic book fans have been weighing on the debate for years now. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments down below!

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