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Warhammer Vermintide 2 is one of the most interesting and fun games that bring the gamer’s community together for a treacherous galactic war in Warhammer 40K. This game offers you the character’s ranking and hence you can decide your character’s powers accordingly. What is more to this game? We have an overview for you. 

The visible difference between the older version of the game and the new update of Warhammer Vermintide 2 class is of a fight & force amongst humans and orcs which is completely new, yet different, but after the update, you can choose amongst the best of them all and also according to the rank. The Vermintide 2 game also helps the players to reunite the 5 Uberseik’s heroes. 

The various Heroes in the game used demon’s powers to protect mankind and eliminate the threat of Helmgart town. (Interesting & Confusing) Luckily, all the Heros belong to fighting class and ranks that represent them more powerful than the enemies.  Choosing the best fighter class Heroes in Warhammer Vermintide 2 is difficult, as all the dwarves, humans, and orcs are ranked depending on their ability and powers. We have prepared the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Classes tier list for you, so that next time you play the game, you know whom to choose and why to choose. 

Read the article, so that you can understand the capabilities & powers and also why you should choose them? Let’s get started!

9 Warhammer Vermintide 2 Class And Rank of Top Characters

Vermintide 2  is modified with some new features and options for the players to bring an end to the role-playing game‘s stereotypes. Following are some of the popular Warhammer Vermintide 2 arranged rank wise-  

1# Outcast Engineer

Outcast Engineer: Best Warhammer Vermintide 2 Class

An engineer namely Bardin has recently developed a new obsession for inventions; after so many failures, he finally developed some powers and became an Outcast Engineer. When you start the game, the Outcast Engineer already gets unlocked and there is no need for the level clearance for its use. 

You can upgrade him with guns and powers based on his career skills. After completing easy ranks, you unveil firepower and blasts that help you to kill enemies at a distance. Then you can quickly fill the stamina and power bars while on a run. You can upgrade the ammo, power, and hand weapons from the armory.

Lastly, Outcast Engineer can be upgraded for tough battles easily. You can boost his health, weapon, and stamina accordingly.

Why Choose Outcast Engineer?

Unfortunately, Outcast Engineer is not one of the most powerful players in the team, but he is one of the most lovable and defensive players that guides throughout the battle. 

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2# Grail Knight

Grail Knight

Grail Knight was blessed with the Lake’s Lady powers; he possesses some brutal powers and a supernatural arsenal. Grail Knight has the sharpest blades burnt in hell and can kill the enemies with a single shot. 

He has so many powers such as healing and protecting himself. His talents help you on the battlefield; his abilities increase the winning chances in hardcore battles. What else can a player ask for?

Why Choose The Grail Knight?

Grail Knight’s abilities have no exceptional potential, but he can save you in the field with his powers. You can eliminate an entire army of enemies with his powers. 

3# Pyromancer


Sienna relies on her 6th sense and instincts; when you reach level 7, Sienna unlocks Pyromancer’s specialized blast and powers that can kill the enemies at once.

When you unlock the career skills, you can upgrade the flaming projectile and health. Pyromancer allows the user to boost their critical overcharge power. Also, you can boost the speed, health, and aim for a story mode. 

After unlocking the 80% of potential, you still cannot use some of the Career skills. Hence, remove all the weapons and critical hits to get the full potential of the Pyromancer. 

Why Choose The Pyromancer?

Many will choose the Pyromancer when they start story mode. She has some intense powers and is brutal in her way. She can control the hell power but lacks mobility. 

4# Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Saltzpyre never depends on luck. Instead, he relies on hard work. He tries to eliminate the threat before it appears. When you reach level 7, Bounty Hunter helps you protect yourself from all the damages and heal you in the journey. 

He is loaded with deadly weapons and powers; you can rely on him and unlock various powers throughout the journey. He possesses the rage of thunder, and he is too brutal with the enemies. You can upgrade speed and health to make him better. 

He is too powerful to be on the team. You can conquer the enemy’s land with his unique abilities. You get more speed and power to hit the enemies.  

Why Choose The Bounty Hunter?

The Hunter is the same as his name; he hunts the enemies in their homeland and leaves no traces of bodies. Despite all of his powers, Bounty’s lack of control in super form, You can’t win in Solo Mode.

5# Ranger Veteran

Ranger Veteran

Being Ranger Veterans, they are very specialized in taking down the enemies with their hidden powers. They are brutal at level 1, but you can upgrade them with weapons and powers later.

Once you start a story mode with Ranger, his skill makes you feel that the gameplay is easy. You can plan the whole story mode and enhance the potential in the armory shop. You can craft the best power with a dark elixir and increase the overall capacity. You can upgrade ammo, health, and fuel in the upgrade section. 

At last, you can maximize all the skills, become a God-level ranger, and boost all the abilities. 

Why Choose The Ranger Veteran?

You have been granted a special set of powers with Ranger Veteran. If you connect with a famous proverb, with great power comes great responsibility fits perfectly with the Ranger. 

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6# Unchained


My personal favorite, and I think most of the gamers love Sienna too. Now Unchained, she grew into a disastrous monster and didn’t think twice before killing her enemies. Unchained gets equipped with some deadly weapons when she reaches level 12. She is grown to kill everyone and everything on her way.

She is a living bomb that can blast anytime when enemies surround her. The easy-to-control powers and weapons make her brutal. Moreover, upgrading her turns her into an amalgamation of demon and God. You can control all the Chain Reaction, Outburst and increase the damage to enemies. 

Why Choose The Unchained?

She is too brutal and easy to control. Her speed aims to make her more deadly. A pinch of magical DPS () protects  Unchained from getting too close to the enemies. 

7# Foot Knight

Foot Knight

When you reach the Empire level, Foot Knight invites you to join Reikshammer. After you begin playing the same level and get 12 armors, the Knight unlocks after God mode; he is built under challenging conditions and trained brutally to kill the armies of enemies. 

You can boost your career mode with the help of Foot Knight, and can unlock a range of powers and weapons with it, and can know powerful enemies with just a shot. He has the maximum potential, and wait! You can also use his healing powers and stamina to protect your army.

In last, his diverse powers put his enemies into depression, as his kill count is more than the powerful demon. You can also use Foot Knight in the tag team to help the weaker character rule the warzone.

Why Choose The Foot Knight?

As his name defines, his stamina is just above the bar. You can use his life in a war as it provides more mobility to the team during wars. But unfortunately, he only has mobility and lacks aim and power.

8# Mercenary


From level 1 of Markus Kruber, Mercenary hunts and opens the toolkit that allows you to use the weapons with a safe hand on.

Markus helps you to boost your morale and provides self-healing the soul of the demons he captured. You can alter his speed at the foundry and can unlock his powers to hit multiple enemies, at once. You can also use the armory to modify guns and weapons.  

In the end, the Mercenary is very aggressive and uses his power to kill an entire army. Mercenaries can be upgraded and changed according to the player control. You can suck energy from the enemies and use the same to heal yourself. 

Why Choose The Mercenary?

Mercenaries are so dangerous to be your best friend. If you want an all-rounder character, he is the best class character. Find a melee weapon for the Mercenary; it can help you with the defensive and the aggressive approach. 

9# Slayer


If any game ever made Slaughtering, Bardin Goreksson would be the best character overall. Bardin becomes a slayer at level 12; he possesses all the powers and weapons to rule the game. 

Slayer helps you in career and story mode. He gives you an extra boost for aim and power. He has a power charge attack, blast and he is fully loaded with weapons. These features add more power to the character and destroy enemies in hand-to-hand combat.

Moreover, you can add more damage to the enemies and push enemies away during successful dodges. 

Why Choose The Slayer?

Slayer has reached maximum mobility with the perfect aim that made his character the best. Instead, with all his capabilities, you can use him to slay armies in a few powerful attacks. But, some players find him boring because of his repetitive rotation.

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Final Words

These were some of the most powerful and strong characters of the game, Warhammer Vermintide 2, that you can use to strategies and make your gameplay better. If You know anyone who is much stronger than the mentioned above, please let us know in the comment section below.

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