With so many podcasts coming out in recent years, it has become common to start a podcast on YouTube. With so many podcast platforms emerging in the market, it is excellent to start your podcast on every platform possible. 

According to research, YouTube receives more than 30 million people every day, which makes it by far the best platform to start a podcast. With so much traffic on the platform, it is sure to take your comedy, health, and educational podcast to the next level. 

As per the Internet, Youtube attracts more than 47% of the traffic for audio files. That shows how effective the platform will prove to grow your podcast. If you plan to start a podcast on YouTube, we are covering different methods and tips that will help you start the podcast. 

You will find many other websites claiming to provide you with ways to start a podcast on YouTube. We have narrowed down our content to an easy guide that will help you in the best way possible. 

How to Start a Podcast on YouTube?

Following are the methods by which you can easily start a podcast on YouTube. 

Convert Audio Files to Video 

Audio to Video: How to Start a Podcast on YouTube?
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The first thing you need to do is convert the mp3 files into mp4 as YouTube does not support audio files. You can add any random image that matches the content of your podcast, or you can also use your podcast cover art as the background image. If you want to reach more audiences, try adding your podcast name, logo, or website address to the background. 

By doing this, the details will grab attention more easily. Also, if you are looking for the perfect size of the cover art or the image, go for 2560×2240 px. Youtube prioritizes images of this size more than others, and the results come out better on all devices- PC, Laptop, Mobiles, etc. 

Film Using a Webcam

If you are thinking of taking things up a bit and use an actual video, why not record yourself? This way, the audience can see the real you and your surroundings. It is a good idea to try when you are going for a travel or vlog-like podcast series to show the audience everything. It is not mandatory to use this method only for such podcasts; you can use it for general podcasts. 

Use External Cameras If You Have a Proper Setup  

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If you have a proper studio or a presentable room where you record your podcast, then setting up external cameras for recording is a good idea. If you have a podcast where you are working with a co-host or have guests coming over, this is a great way to shoot. You don’t need to have a very well decorated background, but it should be clean and tidy enough to go live in front of the world. 

For shooting, you can always use your smartphone if you have a good-quality camera. But if you don’t have one with impressive camera features, you can always go back to your good old camera. However, shooting your podcast this way means no post-editing so take extra time in preparing for your podcast. 

Screen Capture Your Guests 

Podcast Guests on Zoom: How to Start a Podcast on YouTube?
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To avoid human contact and stay safe from the wrath of the novel virus, most podcasters are inviting their guests over Zoom calls. When you are making a podcast with this scenario, change the settings to capture the video along with the audio. By doing so, you will end up having a split-screen video of both you and your guests. However, the only downside of this way the video pixels will be reduced to a low quality. 

Things To Know Before You Start a Podcast on YouTube

Tips to start a Podcast: How to Start a Podcast on YouTube?
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There are several things, including tips, that you need to keep in mind before starting a podcast on YouTube. Here we have curated a list of few things that you should know before embarking on this journey: 

  • Before you start making a podcast, make a list of all the things you want to include in the podcast. 
  • Decide well in advance how much you want to stretch the episode count. A podcast can be as short as 6 episodes and as long as 50 episodes.
  • Come up with creative titles and engaging content to include in the podcast. Go for something that is trending or is searched frequently. 
  • Once you figure out the category that attracts the audience the most, shift your focus towards that particular category. 
  • Youtube attracts a different type of audience all under a single roof. So try to go for a multi-niche podcast to test your audience. 
  • The episode length is based on how much content you cover for a particular podcast. However, this doesn’t mean a huge time difference is acceptable for multiple episodes. 
  • If one episode is over in 6 mins and the other in 10 mins, ensure that your average time limit should not exceed more than 12 mins. 
  • To achieve little to no post-shoot editing, take good time to prepare for the podcast in advance. 
  • Try to go through your podcast script a few times before you start recording it. 
  • If you have a co-host, indulge in few practice sessions to avoid any interruptions. 
  • Make your YouTube comment section interactive by asking for feedback and new ideas from the audience. 
  • Make use of the right tags, properly fitted titles, and descriptions to rank higher on search engines. 
  • YouTube is a search engine in itself and shows you statistical data no other platform can. Make use of this information as much s you can to increase engagement on your content. 

Final Verdict: 

You can follow the tips if you want to increase subscribers on your Youtube podcast, you can educate the masses and take it to new heights. These tips and methods will help you in starting an impressive YouTube podcast. 

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