7 Ways an ISIC Card Can Make Your Travel Easier


Being a student has its own perks. You’re young and beautiful, and everything lies ahead. Sure, the professors don’t always compromise on deadlines. And not everyone gets a decent scholarship. That’s why when it comes to money, use your student status. Especially during vacation when traveling to a different country is cheaper with ISIC. How to use the ISIC card to save your budget? Check the tips from our experts below. 

What Is An ISIC Card?

An ISIC Card or an international student identity card is a document proving that you’re a student. As a cardholder, you get an opportunity to visit student-friendly places and get tons of discounts. For instance, lower prices on housing, museum tours, and even local food. Though the ISIC is not a solution to your ‘help me write my paper’ cries, it will be your shield when it comes to high travel prices. 

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7 Ways an ISIC Card Can Make Your Travel Easier
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Before you dive into your next journey, learn a few things about an ISIC Card:

  • To get your magic card, visit your local ISIC office or fill in the request form online;
  • To start using your card, activate it first; 
  • You can use this document as proof of your identity;
  • If you’re not a full-time student, try applying for an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC);
  • If you lose your card, you’ll need to order and purchase a new one.

We advise you to contact your local ISIC office in case new questions pop up. Meanwhile, let’s get to what you can do with your card while on a trip. 

1# Buy Your Tickets With ISIC

The best thing is that you can get discounts on tickets as a part of tours sold by travel agencies. For instance, KILROY, a travel agency in Denmark, offers 10% discounts on train and flight tickets. All you need to do is fill in your ISIC card number. Meanwhile, more agencies have joined the ISIC policies. That’s why during hot seasons, you can buy a ticket for up to 90% discount. 

Other tips to follow when buying a train or flight ticket are:

  • Book a ticket at least 2-3 months in advance; 
  • Traveling during a season is much more expensive than traveling off-season;
  • Choose one-way tickets as they’re commonly cheaper.

2# Use a Rucksack Instead Of A Suitcase

Save money when it comes to luggage. Not all flight tickets include a luggage option. Hence, you’ll need to pay for your enormous bag in some cases. Instead of that, pack a rucksack. A middle-size rucksack is easy to hold and doesn’t require extra fees. So, why choose a small bag?

  • Obviously, this is a cheaper option;
  • Traveling light is much easier than having to carry a big trunk everywhere you go;
  • When planning your trip, you’ll be motivated to take only the things you really need. 

3# Stay Smart And Active

No, this doesn’t mean climbing a mountain on your vacation. Or swimming with sharks in the ocean. There is a high chance that the hotel you’re staying in will have a gym. Some hosts take a special fee for using the gym, while others will offer your sports settings for free. How to get the ISIC benefits?

  • Ask the host whether they accept ISIC cards for discounts;
  • Install a sports app to avoid depending on the sports space. What does it mean? Some communities like OWNU offer a 30% discount to students who have an ISIC card. By installing an app, you’ll be able to organize sports sessions in parks or on the beach. Yet no need to pay special fees for using a traditional gym!

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4# What About The Place To Live In?

Obviously, when traveling, you’ll need a place to stay. If you’re not a fan of nature and sleeping bags, book accommodation in advance. First of all, you get spots with lower prices by booking in advance. The closer your arrival date, the more expensive the accommodation gets. How to save money on housing with an ISIC card?

  • Book your accommodation online. Most house booking sites offer 10% discounts if you book a place to stay with your student identity card. Meanwhile, companies like Uniplace offer 25% discounts;
  • Ask the host for discounts. If you couldn’t book a place online, ask the host whether they offer ISIC perks right at the place.

5# Tours, Sightseeing, and Museums

Did you know that museums all over the world offer huge discounts? Some of them even will allow you to see the best art and sculpture examples for free. Meanwhile, UNESCO world heritage spots offer a 50% discount to all learners. 

 Tours, Sightseeing, and Museums

How to activate your ISIC card benefits? Just fill in the card number when buying a museum ticket online. Or show your card to the museum staff when buying a ticket right at the place. 

6# Food And Entertainment

Some restaurants are very student-friendly, while others offer discounts on food delivery. Meanwhile, companies like Nature’s Finest Europe give you coupons and a 15% discount on delivery. How to check whether the restaurant or the food company you choose accepts ISIC cards?

  • Open the company’s site – there might be info in the Discounts or Special Offers sections;
  • Ask the staff about ISIC discounts if you’ve come to the company in person. For instance, companies like Domino’s Pizza offer a 25% discount on the entire order. 

7# Books And Souvenirs

Some souvenir stands in museums offer discounts to students. This means you can buy more things and turn them into holiday relics once you get home. What to do if you’re a bookworm? Obviously, check local bookshops and ask the staff whether they offer ISIC discounts. Also, you can find info on the bookstore’ website.

Some companies like Nextory offer longer trial periods. Instead of a standard one-week trial, you can read electronic materials and listen to audiobooks for 45 days.

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Final Words

Your ISIC card is not a standard identity document. This is a document that broadens your traveling opportunities without breaking your budget. All you need to do is check whether the business offers ISIC discounts. Further, you should fill in the card number online or show the card itself to the company’s staff.  We hope the article was helpful to you. Enjoy your holiday!

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