Popular ways to play .mov video files | Easy Ways Just for You



Suppose you are an iOS user and face problems while playing your .mov video files during meetings and college projects. I know what you are dealing with. It is an hour to grow, not to feel low; it is just a tiny issue, we have resolved it just like that.

There are three easiest and the most common ways to play your .mov video file formats, but you have to have a macOS or Intel Chip laptop for that. The mentioned three different ways in this article are common; hence you don’t have to be techno-savvy.

It includes the process of installing applications like VLC Video Player, Window Media Player, or playing the .mov file on Quick Media Player. These are some of the tried options, which you also can try. 

If you don’t know, then I would recommend you read this article and understand the process well, but before that, you need to know about the .mov video file.

What do you understand by .mov video files?

What do you understand by .mov video files?

.Mov Files are generally produced if something is edited or made on an iOS device, like videos edited on Final Cut Pro or iMovie (popular video editing software). These software leads to an extension that sometimes feels issue while playing on a non-iOS device; hence we have mentioned some of the easiest ways to get things done just for you.

Best ways to play .mov video files | Watch them through the Best 

Following are the three popular ways to play your .mov videos and watch them anywhere you want-

1# Why aren’t you installing Quick Time Player?

Why aren’t you installing Quick Time Player?

Quick Tim player is the recommended application for playing videos that are under the category MOV. These files are, by default, made to play on this particular application.

You will find this application already installed on the macOS devices, but you can install them on your Windows 10. Before installing this application, you can remove other unwanted applications to keep your laptop or PC at an optimum speed.

How will it work – 

  • You have to install it on your computer from the store.
  • Open your MOV. File
  • With the help of the right-click, you will be able to play the video.
  • Before it seeks your permission to open the video, you have to press allow, or you can make it a default video player from settings.
  • You can watch your videos happily ever after. (Pun intended)

2# Windows Media player is Easy-Pizzy |Play .MOV video files on Windows 10

Windows Media player is Easy-Pizzy |Play .MOV video files on Windows 10

Alert!- Not for the iOS users, but extra information never hurts.

If you are a windows user, you can play your .mov files on the windows player. It is one of the pre-installed applications which will never give you a BT (Bad time) during an important work call or meeting.

If you think your windows player is not working on Windows 10, you sometimes have to upgrade its features. How? Following are the steps which can help you know how it works-

  • You have to check the current application if it is working or not.
  • Then you can press on the top bar or directly press the Alt key.
  • You can now check on the help side to know about the Windows Video Player.
  • If the video player version is not 12 or less than 12, I would suggest you update it.
  • Once you update, you will be able to play your videos and hence enjoy the videos.

3# Can I play it on VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player

Yes, of course, you can. Why did you feel that you can’t? VLC Media Player is one of the most popular video players, which many laptop or PC users use to watch their video of any format and even support .mov File.

How to use VLC Media Player?

  • If you don’t have VLC Media Player, I suggest installing it on your computer.
  • VLC Media Player can be installed for free in a lot of media players.  
  • You can open it and use it to play videos.
  • All you files can be played like .mov .mp4; etc.
Final Words 

These were some of the best, tried, and tested ways to play our videos under the extension of .mov files. This way, you will be able to play it in the best of quality.