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Online selling and buying is the newest version of business; with over 2.14 billion online shoppers, the trend has reached heights in the past decade. Taking your business over the internet is no hard work, but bringing customers specifically to your e-commerce platform is the challenge.

There are more than 3 million online e-commerce businesses, so fighting for your position might seem difficult. There are plenty of reasons and factors that decide the crowd’s density over your e-commerce web app, from security to visuals to how responsive your web app is- everything counts.

What Is The Need To Test E-commerce Web App? 

Web App Testing

Well, the question remains the same for what is the need for testing the web app? You try the web app for multiple reasons, like-

  • User experience 
  • Security of the customer’s data and network connection
  •  Privacy issues 
  • Responsiveness of the web app 
  • Secure transactions 

These are some of the most basic and ultimate reasons to test the web app, as you cannot bait either your web app or your customers. For intensifying the activity of customers over your web app, you need to make sure that such things are taken care of. The question arises where to begin from? Using a quick checklist that we have derived for this purpose, you can test your web app in no time and create the ideal e-commerce web app.

The users of e-commerce apps are not confined to just one country or city. They could be from anywhere in this world. You have to deal with finance, security, marketing, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, and auctions depending upon the type of e-commerce your web app supports.

There is no suspense about the tremendous success and funds into e-commerce in coming years with the unleashing growth rates. With statistics giving away so much, you cannot take it lightly; that is why it is supposed to undergo some tests.

There are numerous cases of application or web app failure due to improper or no testing procedures. But to avoid such failures, different testing methods are advised to keep your web app healthy and responsive for longer terms.

Not only for the above-provided reasons, but you are expected to test your web app for the sake of usability and quality delivery. The standard should be maintained while presenting your web app to the world. So to ensure quality, we give you the chance to go through the testing structure before stepping into the competition.

Without wasting any further time on the basics, let us dive into the checklist-

Web App Testing


How does your web app work?

Before anything else, you are supposed to know the functionality of your e-commerce app, or what all it consists of, and how it functions throughout.

You can divide the functionality of your web app into five basic blocks-

Main pages 

The main visual pages the customer will land on while entering the web app could be the homepage, wholesale page, or simply the about the company.


The men, women clothing sections or something like the home decor corner, and the secondary or linked via the main pages.

Product page 

As you click on a specific product, the page pops up with the images and description, the pricing, and everything about the product.

Your cart 

Then we have your shopping cart with the total bill and all the payment options for your customers.

Payment gateway 

At last, we have the payment section of the web app through which all the payments are made.

To understand the functionality of your web app, you have to dig deeper into each of the sections separately to identify the key features and all possible updating options for the web app. LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform that helps you keep an eye on the functionality of your web app with the testing set to make a graded quality experience for your users.

With features like picking out the bug, pointing towards the memory intake, and reporting the responsive time, LambdaTest offers a range of utilities that can improve the functionality of your e-commerce web app.

How Fluent The Web App is 

Web App Testing

The web app should follow a set path or flow to conduct a proper cycle of checking out the product to make the payments. There has to be a predefined flow that your customer will adhere to. Again it is crucial to set down the path before moving forward with the work, as you have a set path; it will clear the way for you and make things a bit easier from the customer’s point of view. The flow that we are talking about consist of –

  • Customer sign up or log in
  • View of items 
  • Search the item 
  • Pick up the required item 
  • View the description page 
  • Take it to the cart 
  • Make the bill
  • Ask required information 
  • Link the payment gateway 
  • Response email or text message 
  • Delivery updates 

This is the basic structure of a fluent eCommerce web app that almost every online company adheres to. Make sure you have no issues within the cycle at any step, and the workflow is maintained. There should be no lagging between the procedures, and every page or section should open properly with all the available features.

LambdaTest is a secure way of designing and modifying the cycle with pure precision and excellence. You can change the visuals or the working of the steps; you can vary the intensity of memory requirement from each stage to manage the total allocation as well.

 Secured payment gateways 

 One thing you are supposed to test again and again is the payment section; it keeps a fragile connection between you and your customer; safety is the topmost important criterion while presenting your web app to the world. To make sure the payment gateway is secure, you can undergo a variety of checks and tests, things that you test while going through the payment gateway-

  • Go through the product price, shipping charges, taxes, and discounts. You have to make sure all the prices are correctly added. You can apply different coupons to check if the deduction is proper or not.
  • You can check the shipping charges by changing the location to see if it is working correctly or not.
  • Make sure the invoice is generated and sent to the customer once the payment is made.
  • Other than that, you have to check the refund processes and policies as well.

Performing accessibility test 


    One of the crucial parameters to resonate with your web app as a safe and user-friendly web app is the accessibility test. This test ensures that the web app is under the reach of every person trying to use it. Your web app must be able to run on all of the provided or interested combinations for devices, operating systems, and versions. As you would expect a higher summary of customers, the web app needs to be available on all of the platforms or services.

Our below-mentioned handpicked platform might act as a savior for you; with the ability to run the web app over 2000+ real-time devices, you get the chance to see how your web app will be working on a larger scale. It also helps in sorting out the differences that generally show on some rarely used devices. Testing on multiple devices gives you a larger perspective and indentation to work upon. So if you are planning to test your web app for multiple devices, look up to LambdaTest.

Mobile devices response

Once you have tested the credibility of the web app over the desktop, you now have to check it over a mobile device. Chances are pretty high that the customer is visiting your web app through their phone; in such cases, you have to make sure that the web app has the same responsive behavior over the mobile as well.

You need to take care of factors such as the content visuals, view mode, resolution of images, screen size, and cache demands of the web app. With the help of LambdaTest, you can change the parameters for the mobile view of your web app concerning your website layout. You can even vary the ratios and content that will be displayed while a smaller screen approaches the web app.

There are multiple features at LambdaTest that fully generate a version of your web app for smaller screens, and you get the chance to review the responsive time of the web app on a mobile device through multiple test options.


    At last, one major thing which remains the basic parameter to judge if a web app is user-friendly and responsive is to check its performance. It is advised to check the version of the web app before bringing it to the market. You can test all the different aspects and make sure that the web app’s performance does not lag in any sense.

You can get the performance results of the web app through LambdaTest; you have a feature of locally hosting the web app with a security system and network of SSH tunnels. You can see what a viewer will experience while going through the web app. It will give you a clearer vision of all the further changes you can make to the web app to enhance its performance.

This is a six-step checklist for you to test your web app. Now, as you know, the testing procedure for the next step will tell you all the important tests the web app should undergo before its launching. There are many reviews and articles about major tests and what all testing should be done, but we have noted down the significant difficulties that a web app is supposed to undergo during the whole procedure of testing.

The list considers of –

  • Responsive testing 
  • Functionality testing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Smoke test 
  • Performance testing 
  • Database testing 
  • App testing 

These are the many tests a web app is supposed to undergo to be considered a fully tested web app. To you, it may seem like a lot of work. Taking up so many tests may look like a time-consuming, human intervention task, but you don’t have to worry about it. 

The LambdaTest cloud platform is your one-stop destination for automation testing to get all your tests automated under one umbrella. You have to take your web app through a single course to get all these tests done. The platform schedules fully automated tests and do not demand a lot of time or human effort.

Once these tests are conducted, a full-fledged report is provided to you at the end. The information might ask or suggest you a few changes; once done, you can run a check-up test once again.

Testing on the cloud brings added advantages to monitor your tests across various real browsers and operating systems. It brings in real-time statistics and end-to-end testing capabilities with full-fledged reports at your disposal to make any necessary changes if required.


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