5 Weird Snapchat Bitmojis! Funny Bitmojis That Are Absurd!


Bitmojis are the cool little avatars that I often use during my Snapchat virtual conversations. If you are well equipped with the social media platform Snapchat, then you are probably aware of these Bitmojis. There is an endless selection of expressions and phrases that you can choose to express whatever you want. But, what are some of the weird Snapchat Bitmojis that you have seen or used during conversations? Let’s find out some weird Snapchat bitmoji that I have seen in this article.

How To Use Bitmoji? The Wierdest Snapchat Bitmojis!

5 Weird Snapchat Bitmojis! Funny And Absurd At The Same Time!

If you aren’t well versed with Snapchat or haven’t used Bitmoji yet, then you have probably fallen behind, my friend. But, don’t worry, you have a lot of time to do that because the trend is not going to end soon. These unique avatars come in the form of stickers and are shared with friends in the form of messages. These hilarious and weird avatars describing your inner feelings look very cool and make the conversations fun.

Every now and then, while having a Bitmoji conversation or just browsing through Bitmojis, we see a lot of them that seem weird, and I get confused thinking about what it might be about. In this, article, I have compiled a list of Weird Snapchat Bitmojis that can be found on everyone’s phone. 

Bitmoji is a fun way to express yourself in a better way when you are online. This application allows users to create a little cartoon version of themselves. It’s really simple to create your own Bitmoji. If you are a new user, you can download the application or access it directly through the Snapchat app.

After that, you can start customizing your avatar by adding the skin tone, hairstyle, facial features, and so on. The ultimate goal of customization should be to make the avatar look just like you. When you are done making your avatar, you can create your Bitmoji ‘’keyboard’’ with all your favorite Bitmoji stickers so you can use them anytime during the middle of the conversation.

You can create your avatar in these few easy steps:

  • Open your ‘Snapchat‘ account, and click on the Profile Option.
  • Select ‘Create My Avatar’ and make the customizations you want.

Some of the most commonly used weird Snaochat Bitmojis by Genz’s and Millenials around the world are Laughing Out Loud (LOL) Bitmoji, Good Morning Bitmoji, Good Night or Sweet Dreams Bitmoji, Yellow Heart and Red Heart Bitmoji, Lovestruck bitmoji, etc.

List Of Some Weird Snapchat Bitmojis | Funny Bitmoji On Snapchat! 

5 Weird Snapchat Bitmojis! Funny And Absurd At The Same Time!

There are constantly new trends coming every day, along with better and weirder Bitmojis. Due to this, it is almost impossible to give a definitive list of weird Snapchat Bitmojis that are in existence, but I have tried to compile a list of weird Snapchat Bitmojis that I find both absurd and funny. Below is the list of 5 weird Snapchat Bitmojis according to me, so check them out.

Sip and Spit | Weird Bitmojis!

Sip and Spit is one of many weird Snapchat bitmojis that can be thrown between the conversation when someone says something they are not supposed to say or an unexpected statement is being made. It is also used as a response when someone gives a piece of unexpected news, but as far as my experience others definitely find it weird.

Sexy Time | Absurd Snapchat Bitmojis!

I am always in a dilemma when it comes to using this Bitmoji. Is this the representation of “Paint me like one of your French girls or boys or something’’? Whatever it is, this Bitmoji definitely makes my list of weird Bitmojis. I mean, who would in their right mind want to use a bitmoji that looks too overconfident to represent sensuality? I really have no clue why someone will use this Snapchat bitmoji but is definitely one of the many weird Snapchat bitmojis out there.

Fart Rocket | Weirdest Bitmoji!

I personally think this Bitmoji makes no sense at all. This one is right out absurd, and I have personally never used this one. That is why this one makes it to my list of weird Snapchat Bitmojis. The bitmoji is definitely fun and can make for a silly conversation for sure. Or if you have a friend who you prank a lot, you can send a whole bunch of weird Snapchat bitmojis like this one to them.

In The Mud With A Pig Suit | Weird Snapchat Bitmojis!

Why? Why does this Bitmoji even exist? I never had an instance where I had to express myself by sending this Bitmoji to anyone. You are in a Pig suit playing in the mud. That itself explains how weird this Bitmoji actually is. There is definitely no use for this bitmoji until you simply want to send a super unique and senseless bitmoji to a friend of yours just for the sake of fun.

Wheelchair Poot | Weirdest Bitmojis!

One of the weirdest Bitmojis I have seen in a while is this Wheelchair Poot, as I normally call it. I can totally understand that holding farts can lead you to the hospital, but I never understood how this Bitmoji is relevant. If anyone of you guys know or have used this one, let me know in the comments. I have yet to understand the purpose of this bitmoji, so it has made a place for itself in this list of 5 weird Snapchat bitmojis.

Final Words

Alright, you have reached the end of the article, and I have shared my list of Weird Snapchat Bitmojis. Make sure to check them out! If you have more such weird Bitmojis in mind or that you have been using, make sure to let me know in the comments sections as well. I will continue to come up with such articles in the future as well. 

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What does the face with sunglasses emoji mean on Snapchat?

The face with Sunglasses emoji usually denotes that you send a lot of snaps to that person and the person also sends you a lot of snaps in return.

What does the red heart next to your snap friend indicate?

The red heart next to your Snap friend indicates that you have been best friends with that snap friend for more than two consecutive weeks.

Can other people also see our 3D Bitmoji?

3D Bitmoji will only be visible in the user profile and friendship profile.

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