A registered nurse in the United States makes $75,510 or more per year. What does that mean for you? Now’s the time to consider a career in the medical field if you’re looking for a change. 

Different types of healthcare jobs allow you to earn as much as $36 per hour. With the industry growing as much as it is, great salaries and benefits are almost guaranteed. 

Job security is another great advantage healthcare has over other fields of work. Some of the jobs require a degree, a large number of them don’t. That means the opportunity for growth is nearly endless. 

If working with patients is too stressful, you have the opportunity to merge into administrative work. 

There are several types of healthcare jobs available for you to pursue. Keep reading this checklist and find out more right here.

A Surgeon Is One of the Top Types of Healthcare Jobs

A surgeon is a type of physician who treats injuries by performing surgeries. They treat diseases and natural-born deformities with surgery as well.

Surgeons in the US make an average of $399,532 per year. That’s more than $200 per hour. If you want to earn big, start here, but don’t rule out the prerequisites. 

Surgeons, like other physicians, undergo a lot of schooling and training. Schools like the UMA School and others require students spend extensive hours in learning.

College and universities require years—4 for a Bachelors’s degree and four more for medical school.  

Surgeon physicians also specialize in different fields of medicine. Some focus on cardiology, others on neurological or orthopedic surgery.

Whatever the field, if you can bear the brunt of the work, the pay makes it worth it.

Becoming a Veterinarian Is Another Great Choice

Yes, taking care of animals is a part of healthcare. A veterinarian is a healthcare job that mimics the role of a physician. Vets diagnose and perform surgeries. 

Extensive schooling is also required, but the pay makes up for it. Vets bring in close to $100k per year. 

The long hours necessitate an understanding of advanced surgical technology and treatment. You also need strong communication and reasoning skills, as euthanization is part of the job.

Dentistry Is a Viable Option

Dentists and dental assistants are lucrative roles in the medical industry. Administrative positions in the dental field also provide financial affluence. On a regular workday, dentists make more than $76 per hour.

That’s a six-figure income. 

Dentists diagnose and treat ailments with the teeth and gums. They perform examinations and surgeries. Dentists also have the authority to prescribe prescriptions like antibiotics and painkillers.

Other roles like dental assistants and office administrators make up to $21 per hour. $14 per hour is the average starting pay. 

Find the Healthcare Job of Your Dreams

The best types of healthcare jobs are the ones that give you job security and create wealth. Prepare with education and land the healthcare career of your dreams. 

Would you like to learn more about education? Check out our education guide for the latest info on education preparation. 


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