What Can Affect Your Car Insurance| Expert Best Advise in 2021


Every motorist needs to have car insurance in place, but this can also be a major cost to cover. There are various factors that influence how much you end up paying, which also means that there are ways that motorists can make savings and it is worth knowing what these are as it could make a big difference to your finances. So, what are the main factors that determine how much you pay for car insurance?

Things That Affect Your Car Insurance

The Vehicle You Drive

Car Insurance

The vehicle that you drive has a huge impact on the amount that you pay, so you should always be wary of this when in the market for a new car. The make and model affects the premium as an expensive, powerful vehicle will cost more if a claim needs to be made, so they are more expensive to insure. Cars are categorised into insurance groups that play a key role in how much you pay, so you should always look out for these groups when buying a new car.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are also factored in, so buying a car with good safety and security features and parking somewhere off-street is always smart. You can find the new DS3 Crossback for sale and this is a good example of a car with plenty of useful tech that could lower the amount that you pay.

Your Age

Your Age

Your age is another key factor with those between 17 and 25 often paying much more as they are deemed a higher risk. Drivers over 75 are also deemed higher risk, so the cost of insurance could rise once you reach this age even though this group tend to drive less and during quieter periods.

Annual Mileage

The more time that you spend on the road, the more likely you are to have an accident and this is why your annual mileage is also considered. This is why you may want to reduce your mileage if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel and find your insurance to be high.

Driving History

Driving History

Following on from this, insurers will also look to your driving history when setting premiums. Insurers will take up to 5 years of no-claims bonus to discount your insurance and non-fault claims should always be declared to your provider.

These are a few of the main factors that influence how much your insurance will cost. Fortunately, this also means that there are ways to lower your costs that can make a big difference. 


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