What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!


After the grand release of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, fans are wondering about the future of MCU movies! And we completely agree with that! After all, the movie has introduced multiple surprising characters and complex concepts. This further leads to the prime question- what can we expect in Doctor Strange 3? Well, find out here!

Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange 2 hit the screens on 6 May 2022 and has created a buzz for its epic showdown and stunning visuals. The movie has 7.5/10 IMDb and 74% Rotten Tomatoes scores and enjoys massive popularity. The ending of the movie has sparked debates on the future MCU movies. Moreover, fans are curious and wondering to know – who is the girl in the post-credit scene? I have everything covered here!

What Will Be Happening In Doctor Strange 3 After The Events Of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

MCU knows very well how to keep the audiences hooked and engaged with its movies and shows. It has left many unclear concepts in Doctor Strange 2 movie that have great potential to alter the MCU timeline and restructure the series. 

So, popping up the questions like- what can we expect in Doctor Strange 3 is natural! So, let’s explore all the possible events and things in detail. Read till the end to know all the interesting details.

Introduction To New Characters

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

One of the major and obvious things that we will witness in Doctor Strange 3 is the introduction of new superheroes from the Marvel Comics and different realities. One of the latest addition to MCU characters is America Chavez! 

Apart from America’s appearances, we saw many different characters in the X-Men and Fantastic Four series. The post-credit scene introduced a mysterious lady named Clea, which suggests that future movies have many more new characters to explore.

Effects Of Incursions On Multiverse Realities

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

Out of so many shocking surprises in the Doctor Strange 2 movie, the concept of Incursion took the limelight. According to the film, an incursion means colliding two different dimensions/worlds/realities due to tampering with the timeline (death of the Illuminati and tampering with dark magic!). 

This leads to disastrous consequences where the affected worlds get destroyed forever. Doctor Strange 2 has already started the incursion, and the post-credit scene confirms that Strange has to deal with a bigger mess shortly!

Collision Of Two Mordo From Different Worlds

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

Though we got to see Earth 838’s Baron Mordo, the sorcerer supreme of this realm. However, we are still to see Mordo’s Earth 616’s variant which is still alive. 

The forthcoming movie might combine multiple avatars of prominent characters together as it has done in Doctor Strange 2

Inclusion Of The Fantastic Four In MCU   

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

Doctor Strange 2 has already introduced a prominent character of the Fantastic Four series. So, there are full chances of many more characters to show up in Doctor Strange 3. As the featured characters have already died a brutal death by the evil queen Scarlet Witch, more characters from Fantastic Four might come up to take revenge. 

Moreover, Earth 838 has Baxter Foundation- a highly advanced technology lab related to the Fantastic Four series headed by Christine Palmer! To understand more about different Earth realms, you may go through the MCU Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 article!

Fate Of Wanda Is Pretty Controversial

Fate Of Wanda Is Pretty Controversial

Scarlet Witch is dead in Doctor Strange 2, but there are great chances she might come back in the future movies. We have already seen that Wanda has multiple avatars in different realities. 

So, the death of Scarlet Witch is not the complete end of Wanda Maximoff’s journey in the MCU. After all, MCU can not afford to lose one of the most powerful avengers! So, the death of Wanda in MCU is still debatable!

The X-Men Heroes In The MCU

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

Like the Fantastic Fours, we will see multiple characters from the X-Men series in the next Doctor Strange movie. Doctor Strange 2 has already laid the plot and set the chances for the inclusion of different characters from multiple dimensions. 

We have seen Professor X already in the movie. So, there are chances that the rest mutants will also show up sooner in Doctor Strange 3! Or maybe in the movies related to incursions!

Introducing New Members In The Avengers Team

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

Now MCU’s Earth 616 has a new potential candidate for the Avenger team- America Chavez, who has powerful abilities and is the only avatar of her kind. She possesses the power to travel in the multiverse without any technological or magical help. 

Moreover, now she is learning magic in Kamar Taj! So, we might see her as an official avenger in the upcoming Doctor Strange movies!  

The Fate Of The Darkhold  

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

Though Scarlet Witch has destroyed all the Darkhold dimensions and Dark Magic chants, this does not mean that MCU will not see dark magic in future movies. 

Due to the destruction of Wundagore mountain’s dark magic temples from all the realities, another witch Agatha is free now! She might return to take revenge on Wanda’s avatar in Doctor Strange 3! So, we will also see dark magic spells in the next movie.

Doctor Strange’s Enhanced Powers And His Third Eye

What Can We Expect In Doctor Strange 3? The Future Is Here!

One of the coolest things that have ever happened with Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange 2 is the possession of the third eye which will give him more dark powers! Doctor Strange had to take knowledge from Darkhold dimensions to summon his dead avatar to fight against the Scarlet Witch. 

He was warned by the dead spirits that he would have to pay the price for breaking the rule. However, he gets a third eye, similar to the evil Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange 3 will further explore Doctor Stange’s third eye powers.

Final Words 

If you still wondering about what can we expect in Doctor Strange 3? Well, the correct answer would be many surprising things! Doctor Strange 3 will surely be more sinister and darker because of the previous events in  Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. However, there are some sure-shot expectations which I have already mentioned in the article! What do you think about the same? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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