What Channel Is ABC In Denver? Do You Know The Answer?


Are you looking for what channel is ABC in Denver? This article will help you to locate the ABC channel in the Denver region. ABC is a huge entertainment channel where you can stream classic hit shows, incredible films, breathtaking documentaries, and refreshing comedies. You can also stream news and sports on ABC. So, let’s read about what channel is ABC in Denver.

ABC is an extremely popular streaming television channel. You can rely on it to refresh your mood and kill your boredom. Though ABC is available on most of the popular online streaming platforms and local cable networks, you cannot watch it outside the US region. So, if you are living in Denver, you can watch ABC 7, also known as KMGH on local cable networks.

What Channel Is ABC In Denver? How Can You Stream ABC In Denver?

What Channel Is ABC In Denver? Do You Know The Answer?

E.W. Scripps Company owns ABC 7. It is affiliated with ABC Network. In Denver, ABC is called KMGH and focuses on local news content in morning and evening slots. In the remaining time, it features ABC shows and movies.

ABC 7 or KMGH station is located in Denver, Colorado. You can watch local news and sports on it. It also covers weather updates. Read ahead to know more about what channel is ABC in Denver.

What Is KMGH-TV? What Channel Is ABC In Denver?

KMGH-TV is also called ABC 7 in Denver. It is a part of ABC Network. If you want to stream ABC through a local cable network in Denver, you will find KMGH instead. It streams both local and national programs. You can watch regional updates and ABC shows and movies on it.

Do you know how to watch ABC live? Click on the link to know more. ABC is a very popular channel but has limited access. Moreover, local regions have their own ABC channel numbers. In Denver, you can stream it on ABC 7 or the KMGH channel.

Things To Know About ABC 7 Denver KMGH | What Channel Is ABC In Denver?

What Channel Is ABC In Denver? Do You Know The Answer?

Now, it’s time to know more inside details about ABC 7 Denver. The following table covers important technical information about the channel. You can find lots of useful facts and figures that will help you to understand it better. So, take a look!

State Colorado
Country USA
Virtual Channel 7
RF Channel 7
Effective Radiated Power (ERP) 37.39799880981445 kW
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) 295m
Latitude 39.73059844970703
Longitude -105.23100280761719
Radiation Center-above Mean Sea Level (RCAMSL) 2,304m
Callsign KMGH-TV
MHZ 174
Network Affiliation ABC
Contact Street 1 123 E. Speer Boulevard 
Contact City Denver
Contact State CO
Contact Zip 80203
Contact Phone 303-832-7777
Website www.thedenverchannel.com
Additional Data FCC Station Information

Final Words

ABC channel needs no introduction. It is a big name and is known in many countries for its amazing content. You can stream ABC on multiple streaming platforms online and offline. You can watch old to new content on it. If you are living in Denver you can stream ABC on local cable networks as well. This article on what channel is ABC in Denver covers most of the online queries. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. You can read more amazing articles on entertainment on the Viebly page.

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