What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV? Latest Updates 2023!  


DirecTV is a wholesome package of entertainment and knowledge. It has wonderful channels and content for everyone. If you are a DirecTV user, you have plenty of options to choose from. How about streaming good channels like ABC, TBS, etc without juggling with the remote? All you need to know is to have the correct information. So, let’s start by answering the question- What channel is TBS on Direct TV?

Do you know about all the channels available on DirecTV or how many devices you can stream at one time to watch DirecTV? It is one of the most popular streaming platforms among youths due to its amazing subscription plans. So, if you want to know more about how DirecTV works, keep reading our articles. Right now, let’s focus on what channel is TBS on Direct TV.

What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV? Find The Channel Here!

What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV? Latest Updates 2023!

There is no dearth of OTT streaming platforms and streaming services. However, only a good and cost-effective streaming service are worth buying. DirecTV offers free trial offers and has lucrative plans. It has amazing cable channels like TBS. It was earlier known as WJRJ-TV. Now, WarnerMedia (AT&T) owns the platform. Currently, it has over 90 million subscribers. It is one of the most-watched channels in the USA regions.

TBS is well-known for its fantastic television shows, incredible movies, hilarious comedy content, and dramatic reality shows. You can also watch sports and the news on it. It has kids’ shows and movies as well. You can find lots of animated content on TBS. In short, this channel is a blessing for avid binge-watchers. So, let’s read more about what channel is TBS on Direct TV ahead.

TBS Channel Number On DirecTV | What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV?

What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV? Latest Updates 2023!

DirecTV offers impressive deals in subscription plans. If you go for high-tier plans, you can watch over 150+ channels and thousands of titles on them. The streaming platform has a wide range of channels for every age group. So, you don’t need to worry about entertainment. You can always rely on the platform to binge-watch your favorite shows. However, selecting a particular channel can be a tough task. So, here I am to help you out.

TBS is one of the most thrilling channels on DirecTV that you can enjoy watching with your friends and family members. If you are having a tough day or lazy day, just binge-watch it to refresh your mood. It has everything- sports, movies, shows, animation, news, etc. If you don’t have a cable network or missed your favorite show on cable, do watch it on DirecTV anytime. 

Now, you must be wondering about what channel is TBS on Direct TV. Well, you can watch TBS on Direct TV on channel number 247. The TBS channel will be available on different streaming platforms like Fubo, Sling, Hulu, Dish, etc on different channel numbers. It is exclusively available on channel 247 on DirecTV.

What Is Currently Streaming On TBS? What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV?

What Channel Is TBS On Direct TV? Latest Updates 2023!

Now, here is a list of top-rated shows, mostly-watched series, and popular collections available on TBS. If you are planning to stream the channel on DirecTV, you can watch the following shows and movies on it.

The list also mentions popular sports shows and exclusive interview series. If you are a die-hard binge-watcher, use DirecTV’s free trial days to cover most of these wonderful shows. 

  • Miracle Workers (2019) 
  • American Dad! (2014) 
  • The Cube (2021) 
  • Wipeout (2021) 
  • Go-Big Show (2021) 
  • Power Slap: Road to the Title (2023)
  • Friday Night Vibes (2021)
  • Major League Baseball (2008) 
  • NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament (2011) 
  • ELeague (2016) 
  • NBA All-Star Game (2019) 
  • AEW Dynamite (2022)
  • NHL (2022) 
  • Family Matters (1995-2020) 
  • Friends (2001) 
  • The Big Bang Theory (2011) 
  • 2 Broke Girls (2015) 
  • George Lopez (2020) 
  • Young Sheldon (2021)
  • Bob’s Burgers (2016-2023)
  • Wipeout (2008–2020) 
  • Down to Earth (1984–87) 
  • Rocky Road (1984–87) 
  • Safe at Home (1985–89) 
  • The New Leave It to Beaver (1986–89) 
  • The Chimp Channel (1999) 
  • 10 Items or Less (2006–09) 
  • My Boys (2006–10) 
  • The Bill Engvall Show (2007–09) 
  • Meet the Browns (2009–11) 
  • Are We There Yet? (2010–13) 
  • Glory Daze (2010–11)

Final Words

The article on what channel is TBS on Direct TV ends here. I hope that you have liked this informative article. If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments. DirecTV is a huge streaming platform where you can watch global channels including TBS. So, don’t miss your chance to watch the latest content on the platform. You can read more articles on DirecTV and other streaming platforms on our official website.

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