What Do 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Mean? Truth Revealed!


Snapchat is one of the most used and the most adored social media websites out there. Every good thing I know on social media is available on Snapchat. Filters and stories are just one good example. If you’re trying to grow your Snapchat account and wondering what 5k subscribers on Snapchat mean, look no further.

Once you cross the 5k subscriber mark on Snapchat, your account will show the exact number of subscribers. Anything less than that will always look like ‘<5k subscribers’ on Snapchat. This is also to give some moral boost to upcoming Snapchat creators, not to get lost in the rat race. It can be disheartening when you have a specific number alongside your name and it’s not growing significantly. Seeing ‘<5k’ subconsciously boosts your morale in a way. If you are wondering about the benefits of having more than 5k subscribers on Snapchat, here’s all you need to know.

What Does 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Mean? 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Meaning!

Now, if you want to ‘activate’ your number of subscribers, you will have to surpass the 5k barrier. While you can hide your subscriber count altogether, it is still nice to know you can see the number of people following you. Especially if you’re aspiring to be a content creator, people need to see how many others are following you. Snapchat has made it clear that subscribers aren’t just for YouTube either!

With each new feature, Snapchat keeps on increasing its user base too. Whether you talk about the cool features like new filters or premium features like Snapchat Solar System. Snapchat has something for everyone. If things get too hot to handle, Snapchat also lets you deactivate your account, so you can go backpacking and bring some peace.

Anyway, coming back to the point – what do 5k subscribers on Snapchat mean? The answer is simple. If you have a public profile and looking to grow your account, Snapchat will show the number of subscribers in two ways. Greater than 5k or less than 5k subscribers on Snapchat. It’s an arbitrary number for us, but surely there has been some logic behind it. 

While this is a bit counterintuitive since you need people to follow you to establish authority, but can’t have authority unless you have people following you. Running around in circles, all you can hope for is to have good enough content that people start following you in the first place! Let’s check out whether there are some benefits of getting 5k subscribers on Snapchat or not.

Check Your Subscriber Count | Snapchat Public Profile 5k Subscribers!

What Do 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Mean? Truth Revealed!

The subscriber count on your profile, right next to your bitmoji, shows you how many subscribers you have. Now if you have that less than 5k badge stuck on your profile and you’re curious about how many people really follow you, then you need to be a bit smart about it. But then again, if it has not crossed the 5k barrier, then you won’t be able to access this statistic. In such a scenario, you need the help of something else. 

So more or less, if I want to check my Snapchat subscriber count, increasing the number of followers will eventually help me with that as well. It is not plausible to individually count subscribers every time you want to check your subscribers. Si having 5k subscribers on Snapchat, can resolve that problem easily.

Manually Count Your Subscribers | 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Meaning! 

What Do 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Mean? Truth Revealed!

If you have just started to create and upload content, chances are you don’t have too many people following you. Every time someone new subscribes to you, you will get a notification from Snapchat. This means if you have started to keep a count, you can manually calculate the people on your list. However, this does add tasks for you so that you can keep track of your account insights.

To do that, you need to start early. That means you need to start when you have a few hundred followers. Go to your friend list, scroll through it, and count all the people that have followed you. Then on each new notification, you can add one to it and keep tracking the number of followers you have. This will continue until you reach the coveted 5k subscribers on Snapchat. Remember that you won’t get notifications if someone unfollows you, so your subscriber count can also decrease.

Check Followers Through Story Views | What Does 5k Subscribers Mean On Snapchat?

What Do 5k Subscribers On Snapchat Mean? Truth Revealed!

Counting subscribers manually every couple of days can be a chore. It requires way too much hard work and dedication and is bound to have errors in it. So is there any other option for counting your subscribers before you reach 5k subscribers on Snapchat? Well, there is. But then again, it is prone to errors too. You can check your followers by uploading a story and then checking your story views. So if you have a hundred followers, you will know the number by the number of views you get.

Unfortunately, the issue with this method is that sometimes people don’t use the app every day. And not everyone opens their Snapchat and engages with your profile. So in such cases, getting an exact number is impossible. Although you can run a short-term experiment and upload your stats every day at the same time. Then take the mean of a week or fifteen days to get an average number. While this won’t be accurate, it is still easier than manually counting each follower.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! I hope now you know what 5k subscribers on Snapchat mean! All I can say to creators is to forget the number and keep on creating content as always! If there is anything else, Snapchat-related, that you want to know, feel free to let me know in the comments below! I will try my best to help you in the best possible way!

What Does It Mean To Have Subscribers On Snapchat?

Snapchatters who come across your Public Profile can “Subscribe” to your account. This will enable your content to appear in the subscriptions carousel of the Stories page and the subscriptions tab in Lens Explorer.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make Money On Snapchat?

How many followers do you need to make money on Snapchat? To have a Creator account, you’ll need at least 100 subscribers on Snapchat. Also, most influencers are paid based on followers. Therefore, you’ll need at least a few thousand Snapchat followers to earn a substantial income.

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