What Do Stars Mean On Snapchat? Follow A Snap Star Suggestions And Get Verified!


They say, “Shoot for the stars, and you might hit the moon. But even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. That is actually true in so many cases. Believe me when I say you don’t need a telescope to stargaze the different celestial beings twinkling on your Snapchat because it is filled with a lot more. A lot of users are struggling to know what do stars mean on Snapchat. So, we are here with our intense stargazing to let you know all about it.

Snapchat lets you share everything without even saying a word, be it sharing a snap, post, or story, You can say a lot with a snapshot, and that’s the beauty of it. Just like that, Snapchat is reciprocating in the same way by displaying emojis and stars, and that is what has left you confused about what do the stars mean on Snapchat.

Just like Orion in the sky means a giant hunter, and Ursa Major symbolizes the Great Bear containing seven stars, the yellow star 🌟, black stars ✪, pink heart with stars, and many other stars have different meanings. Let’s crack it down bit by bit.

What Do Stars Mean On Snapchat?

what do stars mean on Snapchat

Every night, when we look up at the sky to witness thousands of stars gazing right upon us, we wonder what it would be like to be near them, touch them, and have them at our fingertips. Luckily, Snapchat has felt the same urge too, that’s why it has come up with a unique idea of stars representing the status on their platform. What do they mean exactly? What do stars mean on Snapchat app, and how to get them? Let’s see. 

Stars on Snapchat means a verified account. It is just like a blue tick with a verified account on other social media platforms, but instead of a blue tick, Snapchat has it in the form of stars, black inside a yellow circle. A star on Snapchat is someone who has a verified account, which means the account is authentic. 

Look at the stars, see their beauty, and in their beauty, see yourself. Of course, I am talking about Snapchat. When you have an account with Yellow Star on Snapchat, it means fame, popularity, and authenticity on the platform. While there are no special criteria to be a verified Snap Star, you can always try your level best to achieve one. But first, let us have a look at different stars holding different emotions behind them.

What Do Yellow Stars Mean On Snapchat?

what do stars mean on Snapchat

Well, this yellow star, or we can say Golden and lustrous celestial being, is one of the most confusing stars on Snapchat. Some people thought of it as a rank or a creepy way to show that someone has replayed your Snap multiple times. But nothing of this is true. A yellow star on Snapchat means that someone has replayed the snap in last 24 hours. If you see a yellow star on your friends’ profile, it means they have snapped something worth seeing that you should not be missing. 

While stars on Snapchat are spontaneous, keep in mind that spontaneous is not always easy. That is why you need to check this out before you proceed any further to know what does ⭐ mean on Snapchat:

The ⭐ (star) emoji represents stars, star power, and appreciation.

The 🌟 (glowing star) emoji symbolizes brightness and illumination.

The ✨ (sparkles) emoji stands for beauty, positivity, and preciousness.

The 💫 (dizzy) emoji embodies dizziness, intoxication, beauty, and magic

The 🌠 (shooting star) emoji represents shooting stars and wishes.

The Snapmap Star emoji stands for the Actionemoji on the Snap map. If stars appear around someone’s Actionmoji, it means they’ve been having a busy day on Snap Maps.

What Do Black Stars Mean On Snapchat?

what do stars mean on Snapchat

As you know Snapchat displays verified accounts with a star. So, if you see a black star surrounded by yellow circle, it means the person who has it has a verified account on Snapchat. It is mostly enclosed with popular celebrities and famous news and sportspersons, but you can always make your way to the top of it. Just keep these few things in mind to know how to get the black star on Snapchat:

  • Confirm your identity
  • Make your account more engaging
  • Closely follow the Snapchat platform guidelines
  • Use other social media platforms to your advantage
  • Request for verification
  • Be popular and follow a Snap star suggestion.

However, that’s not just it, I have come across a query about what does black ✪ mean on Snapchat, so let me tell you that ✪ means Snapchat plus Subscription badge. It will let your friends know that you are a Snapchat + subscriber. 

What Does White Stars On Snapchat Mean?

Just like I told you earlier, a white star with black circle depicts that you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber with Snapchat badge. You will find this star on Snapchat quite frequently because every other person is now a Snapchat Plus subscriber. But do remember that this Snapchat badge is off by default. You have to enable it manually from the Settings menu if you want to show it off. 

What Does The Pink Heart With Stars Mean On Snapchat?

“If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?” – Katherine Pierce. Love is the ultimate passion for living. Tell me if you disagree with this because this is what the pink heart with stars mean on Snapchat: A Sparkling Heart that displays deep affection, love, and emotions with your BFF.

What Does A Star Next To Snapchat Name Mean?

A star next to Snapchat name means the Favorite Contact Star. We all have that someone with whom we share snaps on a daily basis, and they automatically come to our Favorite list. Snapchat’s algorithm notices this and remunerates it a Favourite contact star that you can see next to a Snapchat name. 

Final Words

Be clearly aware of the stars on Snapchat because, unlikely the real ones, they judge you on the basis of their special bonds. All the stars on Snapchat tell a unique story. Just like the black one represents a verified account, the yellow represents a replaying snap. You cannot withhold your imagination from being star-struck on Snapchat.  With this, I am ending this twinkling post about what do stars mean on Snapchat. In case of any queries or ideas, ping me in the comments section below. 

Q1. What Does A Gold Star On Snapchat Mean?

A gold star on Snapchat simply means that you have a verified account on Snapchat.

Q2. What Does The ✨ Mean On Snapchat?

✨ means Sparkling yellow emoji on Snapchat, which is associated with snapping with multiple friends as a group. 

Q3. How To Get Yellow Star On Snapchat?

Once you have a verified account, you will get a yellow star on Snapchat. There is no rocket science behind it. If you want to know how do you become a snap star? Follow the Snapchat guidelines, serve your audience with engaging content, and be popular. Snapchat will reward with a yellow star. 

Q4. What Does This 💫 Mean On Snapchat?

💫 is mainly known by the name Dizzy emoji that is usually used to portray that you are high, drunk and feeling dizzy. 

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