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Majoring in English gets a bad reputation. Graduates (English Major) can recite the famous lines of Shakespeare but what do they have to offer to an employer in the real world? Do graduates actually have a career choice?

Can reading and analyzing classic works actually put food on the table and cover the car repayments? The good news is it can. The following are some options open to those with an English major. 

Becoming an English Major

Advertising Manager

Ok, it might not sound very glamorous but hear us out. Let’s say an advertising manager role brings in an average of $127,560 a year, with the top 10% earning a whopping $208,000. Now you’re listening! Taking a course in advertising could better your chances of getting into that 10% group so it might be worth continuing your studies for a little while longer.

If you need access to funds, there’s always the option to take out a student loan from a private lender. You can estimate your payment with a student loan calculator so you can know what to expect to pay after graduation. And, because you could be bettering your chances of getting into the higher pay bracket, the cost of education will be more than worth it.  

Public Relations Manager

With an average wage that is slightly lower at $106,320 and a maximum earning figure of $208,000, a public relations manager is also a great option for English majors. The job title will entail identifying target markets, copywriting press releases, and helping clients develop their unique identities. You’ll be working closely with the top CEOs and you could expect a pay rise of 8% if you do your job very well. 


You will need to go back to the books to be a lawyer but majoring in English at the graduate level is a great foundation block if you are interested in this career choice. A good lawyer has excellent communication skills and is able to work with people of all ages from all walks of life. He/she will also work alongside judges and other lawyers so being able to understand and communicate legalese is also essential.

This career path involves a steep learning curve and a huge time and financial investment but it’s a very rewarding opportunity for the right person. Average wages come in at a healthy $118,160 per year with the top-earning limit floating around $220,000. 

Freelance Writer

This option is ideal for those that would like a little more flexibility in their lifestyle. It’s also great for those that would like to start earning whilst in college. There are millions of Americans making money doing freelance writing – some have no experience or qualifications and charging as little as $10 per article whilst others are studying English and charging upwards of $100 per article. 

The price you charge will depend on your experience and qualifications. What most people love about this career choice is the flexibility to choose one’s own working hours and topics to write about. This option provides a great opportunity to find a balance of happiness and money via a career path.

Others love the variety as you could literally be writing on any topic. Determining an average salary for this position is difficult as it depends on many different factors but a good overall figure would be $45,000-$50,000.