What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat? Must-Know Snapchat Acronym!


Did your new friend on Snapchat send you ASL? If you don’t have any idea about this term, then you’re in the right place to know the meaning. ASL is a short form that is used mostly in all social media platforms. It also has different meanings and so it is necessary for you to know the meanings so that you can use them wisely. Read on to know what does ASL mean on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular messaging platform where people use many slang terms. You may be familiar with some terms but many terms that are used in Snapchat will be new to you. So, you need to update yourself with the meanings to understand and chat with other Snapchatters.

Now, coming to your main concern what does asl mean on Snapchat? ASL text on Snapchat refers to “Age, S*x, Location”. For more in-depth detail and how to use ASL on Snapchat read the points discussed below.

What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat? Understand The Meaning Here!

What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat? Must-Know Snapchat Acronym!

ASL is not a new term, but still many individuals are not aware of this term. It is nothing but when people want to know about your identity, they prefer to text ASL instead of asking about Age, S*x, and Location. By asking this, it would help you to know the person better. So, what does asl mean on Snapchat? keep reading to find out more details!

If any person texts you asl, then you have to reveal your Age, S*x, and Location. But if you are not comfortable with sharing the details with a stranger, then you can avoid the message. Some people ask for your details to know about you and follow a particular conversation tone with you. Whereas some stranger asks just because they’re curious about you. Therefore, you should understand the other side before giving any reply over the text.

Other ASL meaning on Snapchat You Should Know

Social media allow users to know their details automatically by checking their profiles. But still, people ask ASL to more about them. But there are sometimes ASL is used to refer to something else. What does ASL mean on Snapchat? Find the other meanings below!

ASL- as hell

What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat? Must-Know Snapchat Acronym!

Another ASL meaning that you should know is that refers to” as hell”. This term is mostly used to refer to something that is to the extreme level. When chatting with your friends, and if they send an asl in a statement, then you should understand the meaning as hell.

This text does not come with capitalization and so you should understand the meaning. For instance, if a person texts, I am working asl to complete the project before the deadline, then it refers to as hell meaning.

ASL- American Sign Language

This is not the commonly used text on any social media platforms. But sometimes it can be useful for you to chat with the other person with the short form word. The people like deaf or hard to communicate use ASL. So, if you want to ask someone whether they know sign language, they can use short-from ASL while texting.

How Do You Use And Respond To ASL On Snapchat? What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat?

If the meaning of ASL text is clear to you, then you should learn how to use and respond to the text. Here are a few ways that help you to use text while chatting with a stranger or your friend.

Use ASL To Identify A Person

What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat? Must-Know Snapchat Acronym!

Snapchat is an application where you can talk with both close friends and strangers. So, if someone texts on Snapchat and you don’t have any idea about the particular person or want to know more about the person, then you can ask ASL to them.

Furthermore, if you want to know the age or gender of a person before having a friendship with them, then it is good to ask about the ASL of the person. When you text a person ASL, then you would get a reply like 21, Male/M, New York. If you ask ASL, then more obviously they also will ask you the same question. So, you also need to answer in order of Age, Sex, and Location.

By knowing the details of each other, then you can both decide whether to continue the chat or not. So, texting ASL on Snapchat is good but still one needs to be careful when asking or responding to ASL texts.

Text ASL To Express Your Feeling

If you want to express the words crazy, seriously, or by a lot, then you can simply text asl. This asl version is something different from the previously discussed one. So, this is all about something that you’re feeling. Here are a few examples including asl text while chatting,

  • I am happy asl that you accepted my proposal ASCan we go to a restaurant? I am hungry ASL.
  • This weekend is boring asl without any trip.
  • The neighbor is annoying asl, so looking to change the location.

Final Words

Now, I hope that you’ve got the answer to your question about what does asl mean on Snapchat. If you’re clear about the term, then share it with your friends and other Snapchatters so that they can learn and understand the slang terms. This makes the conversation better.

If you are more interested to learn other slang terms, then check out the articles on what does mhm, IG, and OTP mean on Snapchat.

What Does BRB Mean On Snapchat?

BRB refers to Be Right Back on Snapchat.

What Does ESB Mean On Snapchat?

ESB means Everyone Snap Back. This term is mostly used in group chats that the people want to reply with their own text messages or pictures.

What Does SR Mean On Snapchat?

SR refers to Slow Replies on Snapchat. If you want other Snapchatters to know that you could reply to them quickly, then you can use this text.

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