What Does BBG Mean On Snapchat? Understand The Meaning Here!


We use a lot of acronyms on our social media platforms to save our time and make our conversations fun. However, there are a lot of acronyms of which we all are not aware, and one such acronym is BBG. So, dear friends find what does BBG mean on Snapchat.

Mostly, Snapchat is used by teens so that they can connect with their friends easily. And, I guess acronyms play a major role in these chats. There are so many acronyms people are using but only a few get popular. And, BBG is one of them! 

This is why we have decided to update your social media game and tell you what does BBG mean on Snapchat and how to use the term.

What Does BBG Mean On Snapchat? All The Meanings You Should Know!

What Does BBG Mean On Snapchat? Understand The Meaning Here!

If you want to improve your texting game on Snapchat, then you have to work on your acronym game! But it is a little harder, as one word can constitute different meanings. So, you need to choose the popular ones and memorize them!  

Coming back to the one we are discussing today! BBG can refer to both Better Be Going and Beautiful Baby Girl over texting on Snapchat. If someone wants to end the conversation, then use Better Be Going (BBG) to convey that they have other work to do or will text them later.

Whereas, Beautiful Baby Girl (BBG) is used as a compliment or to express admiration for a baby girl. Some people mention their girlfriends using BBG. (Cute right!)

Another trending meaning of BBG on social media platforms is Bikini Body Guide. It is a popular workout series launched by Kyla Itsines. This program is built for about 12 weeks and many people have benefitted from the BBG with positive outcomes. #BBG is the caption that is used mostly in the workout challenge videos on Snapchat.

How To Use BBG On Snapchat? What Does BBG Mean On Snapchat?

What Does BBG Mean On Snapchat? Understand The Meaning Here!

Now, that you have learned different meanings of BBG on Snapchat. It’s time for you to know how and when to use the term BBG correctly. Take a look at the below examples to know how to use BBG on Snapchat.

# 1 BBG – Better Be Going

  • I have some work, BBG.
  • I BBG, you carry on!
  • She is waiting for me, BBG.

# 2 BBG – Beautiful Baby Girl

  • Hey BBG, what’s up?
  • I have a few plans with my BBG this weekend.
  • She has a BBG.
  • Best wishes for the new event my bbg!

#3 BBG – Bikini Body Guide

  • This BBG is so useful.
  • Hey, just finished my bbg session!

So, these are a few examples that you can use to learn how to use BBG while texting

Final Words

I hope now you know what does bbg mean on Snapchat. But it should be noted that the meaning of this particular slang changes, depending on the situation! To add more slang to your conversations, do check out other articles related to Snapchat slang on our website.

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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