What Does BM Mean On Snapchat? 5 Fun Meanings Here!


Learning new things doesn’t stop when you have a Snapchat account. Because every day, you get to come across some seemingly new abbreviation or slang term that’s actually quite common on social media. To stay relevant on Snapchat, keeping up with all these abbreviations becomes important. 

On this note, do you know what does BM mean on Snapchat? BM happens to be one of the most used acronyms on Snapchat, and so you must learn all its meanings at once. Keep scrolling! 

Find Out What Does BM Mean On Snapchat Here!

What Does BM Mean On Snapchat

Now, you will get various answers to “What does BM mean on Snapchat.” Don’t be surprised because so is the case with every other abbreviation on social media. These are some of the common meanings of the abbreviation BM:

  • Bite Man
  • Black Man
  • Be Mine
  • Bad Mannered
  • Bruh Moment

If you truly are to understand what does BM mean on Snapchat, you will have to understand all these different meanings and their usage. Because only then you will be able to use them appropriately. So, keep scrolling. 

BM As Bite Me

One of the most common answers you’ll get to  “What does BM mean on Snapchat” is “Bite Me”. And no, it always isn’t used in a vulgar sense. In fact, “Bite Me,” or BM is used by people when they are angry. 

People feeling intense anger will often use BM while chatting with someone online to ask them to back off or leave them alone. Although it can seem like BM is used to ask someone to provoke you further, in reality, it is used to let someone know that you’ve reached your limit and it is inadvisable to mess with you further. 

Now that you know what does BM stand for Snapchat, here’s how you can use it if and when the need arises:

Peter: Did your parents actually leave you in an orphanage?

Tom: Hey Peter, BM. 

BM As Big Mouth

If you’re wondering what does BM mean on Snapchat Urban dictionary, then well, it means Big Mouth. And here, big mouth isn’t being used to describe someone’s physical appearance. Instead, it is used to describe someone who cannot keep things to themselves and would rather gossip about it with the whole town. 

People who are described as BM, are often gossipmongers. Snapchat users use this abbreviation to describe someone who is as such as well. Here’s how they use it in texting:

Sarah: So, how did everyone else find out about this?

Tom: Olivia told them. She’s a BM after all. 

BM As Be Mine

Does BM mean mine? Well, not quite right. BM is used as “Be Mine.” You can consider this as yet another answer to your question, “What does BM mean on Snapchat.” 

BM usually means Be Mine in a romantic context. So, you will often find it being used by your partner or when someone is flirting with you. Here’s how this can look like:

Tom: Hey Olivia, why don’t you BM?

Olivia: Haha dude, nice try.

BM As Bad Mannered

People often ask what BM means in gaming. And well, when it comes to gaming, the answer to  “What does BM mean on Snapchat” is bad-mannered. This term is used to describe a fellow player who doesn’t show basic courtesy for other players in a game. 

And so you will often find this abbreviation used in gaming circles like Discord, Telegram, etc. You will find it being used by other players to describe their fellow player who doesn’t treat other players kindly. 

But, this abbreviation is also used on other social media platforms like Snapchat in texting, like so:

Jacob: Did he actually win fair and square?

Omar: No, dude. He is BM. There was a lot of trickery involved. 

BM As Bruh Moment

Another answer to what does BM mean on Snapchat is Bruh Moment. In this sense, this abbreviation is mostly used in emotional or highly fun moments. However, it can also be used for other kinds of situations that demand some form of emotional reaction. It can be shock, awe, admiration, or even frustration. 

Here’s one of the ways BM can be used in this sense:

Peter: And then, he actually saved me from the car that was coming from the opposite direction. 

Tom: Bruh Moment. 

Final Words

Alright, Snapchatters! I hope you guys have understood what does BM mean on Snapchat! In this article, I walked you guys through some of the most common meanings of BM! Along with that, I also explained how this abbreviation is used in texting along with examples. So, I hope you will have no problem using BM from now on! 

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