What Does Boost Post Mean On Instagram In 2023? Read This To Know!


If you run a business on Instagram or create content to make a living, then I’m sure you’ll obviously want your posts to reach more people. Because a greater number of impressions can literally fetch you more followers which will lead to more engagement. All of this can eventually enable you to make more money. But, if you’re unable to increase your reach organically, you might want to know what does boost post mean on Instagram

This must be your “Wait, WHAT?!” moment. Because I don’t think you’ve ever heard about Instagram boost before. But yes, that’s yet another useful feature of this social media platform. Instagram understands that it plays a crucial role in making businesses successful. So apart from providing them with business accounts, business chats, etc., Instagram also provides them with the ability to boost their posts.

Find Out What Does Boost Post Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know How To Boost Posts!

Now, if you make a post or reel for the gram and want more people to see it, in other words, you want your post to reach beyond your followers, then you can consider “boosting your reel”. Because boosting posts on Instagram literally means promoting them/ giving them a push so that they can get more views. This can result in more likes, comments, and shares, i.e. more engagement. 

If you want to know what does boost post mean on Instagram, how to do that, and more, make sure to read this article till the end! 

What Does Boost Post Mean On Instagram?

What Does Boost Post Mean On Instagram In 2023? Read This To Know!

So, as I just said, boosting posts on Instagram means promoting them to have them show up in the feeds of people who don’t follow you. When you choose to promote your posts, you’re basically making them appear in the stories section or explore feeds of Instagram users that go beyond your followers. In the simplest of terms, think of boosted/ promoted posts as a form of Instagram advertisement. The only difference is that here, an account is getting advertised. 

The boost feature of Instagram lets your control what section of Instagram users you want your posts to be visible to. You can target your audience on the basis of interest, location, etc. When these people see your post it will lead to an increase in impressions and reach, when they choose to engage with it, your account’s visibility will increase. And that will lead to an overall increase in growth

Boosted posts on Instagram also give you an insight into how well your content is doing on Instagram. Using these important insights, you can make adjustments and revise your content strategy, if need be. 

However, it is not as straightforward as it seems on the surface. To have your posts boosted on Instagram, you’re required to pay a sum of money to the platform. However, the cost of promotion depends entirely on you. You get to set your daily budget. It can be as little as $0.50 per click! 

Now that you know what does boost post mean on Instagram, you may be thinking, why boost posts at all? I mean, you might be doing just fine using your organic growth strategies. And, you’re right in your own merit. But, tell me, do you want your growth to skyrocket or not?

Because apart from increasing engagement, boosting posts can also result in an increase in brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and lead to more sales, and also help you in collecting data on the market strategies you’ve been using insofar!

So, if you’re looking for a sign to boost your Instagram post, please let it be this.  

How To Boost An Instagram Post?

What Does Boost Post Mean On Instagram In 2023? Read This To Know!

Now that you know what does boost post mean on Instagram, I’m sure you’ll also want to know how to boost an Instagram post so that it reaches more people. Well, it’s very simple, all you have to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps. Oh, but before you start, make sure that you’re using a professional account. 

  • Open Instagram. 
  • Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • In your profile section, locate the post that you wish to boost.
  • Then, tap on the boost option present in blue. Also, please note that Instagram only boosts posts that contain images with a size of 8 MB or less.
  • If you’re unsure of which post to boost, then you can simply boost the posts that are already performing well. 
  • Next, Instagram will ask you to fill in some details about the goal, duration, target audience, etc of your Instagram post.
    • These questions will determine who gets to see your post, when, how, and for what duration. 
    • The budget determines how much you’re willing to pay for the Instagram ad. 
  • Once you’ve filled out the details, tap on Next. 
  • If your Instagram and Facebook accounts aren’t connected, you will be asked to do that now. To do so, you can choose an existing account, or you can tap on Skip to proceed to the next step. 
  • After you’ve finished with these steps, tap on the Boost post option again. 

And, that’s it! Your boost post request will be submitted to Instagram. Once it is approved, your ad will be up and running! 

Final Words

Alright, people! This is what does boost post mean on Instagram! In this article, I walked you through the meaning of Instagram post boost/ promotion. We also talked about the usefulness of doing the same. So, go, follow the above-mentioned steps and boost your Instagram post! In case you feel stuck at some point, then feel free to reach our for help via the comment section! 

Is boosting posts on Instagram worth it?

Yes, social media boosting is a great tool and has been proven to work in reaching new audiences that can often be hard to find using only ‘organic’ means of finding them. All you need to do is to get your target audience right to avoid spending money needlessly on people who aren’t likely to lead to a sale.

When should I boost my Instagram post?

The best time to post on Instagram on Mondays to boost engagement on your posts according to some studies by popular social media analytics apps, such as Later and Hubspot, is either between 11 AM and 12 PM or at 7 PM in your timezone

How many hashtags do you need to boost on Instagram?

Posts with 20 to 30 hashtags received the most reach, and posts with 30 hashtags had the highest average engagement rate by far (likes and comments). The engagement rate of posts with 30 hashtags was 175% of posts with 5. Close to double!

What does a boosted post look like on Instagram?

When you boost a post or Story on Instagram, you’re creating an ad from posts and Stories that you’ve already shared with your followers. Ads look similar to organic posts and Stories but have a few differences. Ads have a Sponsored label beneath the handle in the corner.

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