What Does Bump Mean On Facebook? Increase Your Post-Reach To Millions!!


While scrolling through your favorite Facebook groups, you might notice the word “bump” in the comment section. Sometimes you may see that word more than once in the comments. Is that some kind of trick to get more engagement or is it to have the best profile on Facebook? So, what does bump mean on Facebook? Read this article to clear out all your doubts!

Every fun scrolling entertainment social media site works on certain algorithms, and these algorithms determine your post reach. Well, to give you an example, Facebook promotes a post to reach more people only when it generates greater engagement through likes and comments. Now, this is the place where the role of bump comes in.

Understanding these algorithms is very difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to increase the post’s reach. Wherever there is a post that serves some good to people and is essential to reach a broader audience, a comment “Bump” that stands for “Bring Up My Post” will do the job. The word Bump in the comment section will tell the Facebook algorithm that this post needs to reach a greater audience.

Do you want to know what does bump mean on social media in greater detail? And, how to bump a post on Facebook? If yes, keep scrolling, because here I will go through all the details around this topic that will help in increasing your post reach on Facebook.

What Does Bump Mean On Facebook? How To Bump A Post On Facebook?

What Does Bump Mean On Facebook? How To Bump A Post On Facebook?

You may not know this, and it can be pretty surprising but, bumping on Facebook post that you see today originated in the ’90s when it was applicable on threads. Threads was actually a terminology given to posts and their comments. How this bumping worked at that time, how it works now, how do you bump a post on Facebook, and everything else is covered in this article.

1# The Origin Of Bumping A Post On Facebook?

Bumping a post is not new, and in the ’90s, whenever a group post was added with a new comment, their post started to appear on the top of their other old post. So by commenting on the posts, the community members made sure that the post remains among the top of other old ones.

2# How Bumping A Post Changed In 2022? How To Bump A Post?

How Bumping A Post Changed In 2022? How To Bump A Post?

In the ’90s where you had to comment anything to bump the post to the top of your group’s page, certain things changed over time. Now people need to comment Bump on your group post that will tell the Facebook algorithm about the importance of this post. Doing this will make the post reach a greater audience. Also, this will pin that particular post on top of other posts on your group page.

Well, bumping moves the post to the top of your group page only for some time. To make that post stay on top for a longer period, people have to comment bump again and again on that particular post. In contrast, the pin option will make the post stay on the top of the page until someone changes the settings.

#3 How To Pin A Post? Pin The Post On The Top Of The Page!!

What Does Bump Mean On Facebook? Increase Your Post-Reach To Millions!!

Before I begin explaining this, you might be wondering what does it mean to pin a post on Facebook. So, pinning a post is a much easier and better option to reach the audience who follow your group. When you pin a post, it will appear at the top of your page’s timeline.

To pin a post, you have to be the admin or editor of the page. To apply the pinning option on a post, you have to click on the pages option in the left menu of the news feeds page.

After that, go to Page > Page Timeline. There you will see three dots on the top right of the post; here, select Pin To Top Of Page. This option will pin that post on the top of your group page.

4# How To Bump A Post Secretly? Do It, And No One Will Know!!

How To Bump A Post Secretly? Do It, A

If you want to bump your post but, on the other hand, want no one to notice that you bumped it, not even the people who view your profile, there is one good way to do that. Comment bump on that post and verify if it has reached the top. Once confirmed, delete the comment. This way, no one will know who commented bump on that post.

Final Words 

Also, it’s worth noting that the bump option is reserved for bigger communities to reach a larger audience, and it won’t work if you use that option to increase the reach of your post. So stop commenting bump on your post to get more likes and comments because that won’t do anything.  

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