What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft? Summon The Rage Of Lightning!


Hey there, I know enchantment tools aren’t the easiest to understand when it comes to Minecraft, but does that mean you will give up and stop playing the game? No, right! So, go ahead and find more about what does Channeling do in Minecraft. Trust me. Once you do, you will realize how fun it is to have one of these enchantment tools in your chamber

Most of you may know Minecraft as a regular entertainment sandbox game where all that players do is mine the resources and use the blocks for creating sturdy buildings and a strong neighborhood, and that’s where you are wrong. Minecraft is one of the best action-adventure games where surviving each second takes more than the players might usually think. 

To help with survival, Minecraft offers players a variety of weapons and armor they can use in the battles. However, there are battles where simple weapons won’t work, and players will need bonus elements that can help them stand tall in the battle. The Channeling tool from the enchantment chamber in Minecraft may not produce lightning-like Kakashi’s marvelous Chidori, but it does help the players in gaining the upper hand in a tough situation. With the lightning produced from Channeling enchantment, players can use it to safely get to the other side of the forest through heaps of leaves and dirt. 

Now, without waiting further, keep reading below so you can understand the essence of Channeling in Minecraft and how important it is to use the tool. 

What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft? Thunderstorm And Lightning To The Rescue!

Channeling is a fun enchantment tool used in Minecraft mostly by players who want to feel secure. Though most of the players say that after using the enchantment, they feel overpowered like Zeus, the God of Thunder, and honestly, I can’t disagree. Who wouldn’t feel like the almighty Greek God or the most powerful copycat ninja with the power of lightning in their hands? 

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#1 Getting The Channeling Enchantment Tool In Minecraft!

What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft? Summon The Rage Of Lightning!

Channeling enchantment is used to summon a lightning bolt when a player is stuck in the middle of rain or hit by the mob in the rain. Channeling is the safest option for the players because it strikes the mob right in the middle, where the impact is greater. If used with a trident, the lightning will create a supercharged creeper that can explode instantaneously and kill any hostile mob lying within the same radius. 

Players are most likely to get the channeling tool from the usual enchantment table or by going through the books obtained during fishing. Other places where gamers can look for the tool include minecart chests, overworld chests (non-village structures), dungeon chests, and trading with librarian villagers. For Bedrock edition users, there is an additional chance of finding the enchantment in the raid drops. 

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#2 Using The Channeling Enchantment To Summon Lightning! 

#2 Using The Channeling Enchantment To Summon Lightning! 

Ideally, many think that the enchant riptide should be compatible with channeling enchantment, but for some reason, that never happens in the game. The only enchant that works in sync with the enchanting tool is the Trident. Unlike riptide, the trident isn’t easily available in the game. You have to defeat the evil aquatic monstrosity Drowned in order to retrieve the trident from his clutches. To do so, players must be ready to launch an attack with a well-laid strategy because Drowneds are ridiculously smart monsters and love shocking the players with an element of surprise. 

#3 Fighting Drowneds To Get The Trident!

#3 Fighting Drowneds To Get The Trident!

Once you have successfully retreated the trident, you can follow the enchantment process so that the tool can be enchanted with Channeling. To do so with the enchantment table, you should remember to place it in the middle of a forest with fifteen bookshelves stacked around it. Then, you have to place the required elements in the respective grids and initiate the enchanting. 

However, if you have an anvil and you are planning to use that with the enchanted books, worry not and follow the simple steps below:

  • Grab an anvil from the slot and place it down. 
  • Now take the trident and place it in the first empty slot on the anvil. 
  • Open the enchanting table and go to the enchanted book. 
  • Place the enchanted book in the second slot corresponding to the tridents. 
  • The final equipment that you see is the Trident enchanted with the channeling. 

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#4 Why Thunderstorm Is Necessary for The Trident To Work? 

#4 Why Thunderstorm Is Necessary for The Trident To Work? 

Channeling enchantment in Minecraft will only work if there is a thunderstorm to work as a medium. Without a thunderstorm and an open area, you will fail to summon the lightning and hit the mob. In rare instances, your mob will be hit when the lightning is exposed in the open sky, but if you want it to work efficiently, make sure that all the necessary conditions are met. In any case, if it is thundering and the trident can still create a lightning charge, make sure that you are hitting the mob with the ranged throw of the trident. 

In many other instances like the Java edition of Minecraft, mobs standing in honey, water, soul sand, lava, and cobwebs are not hit by lightning. Each edition of Minecraft follows a specific set of rules for different enchantment techniques to work. So, ensure that you go through them before charging the hit. 

Final Words 

Using a Channeling enchantment is beneficial to the players, especially during the heavy rains when they get stuck in the middle of the forest with monsters and mobs surrounding them. All players have to do is rush to an open area and charge the lightning spear to keep themselves protected. 

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