What Does Claim Mean On Snapchat? 2 Trendy Meanings Here!


Not just abbreviations, proper words can be confusing on Snapchat as well. Because, hey, you already know that social media platforms speak their own kind of dialect. In fact, each platform has words and terms that are unique to it. For example, Snapchat has the word “Claim”. Do you know what does claim mean on Snapchat? If you don’t know what it means, then I suggest you read this article to the end, as it will help you stay cool and relevant on the platform. 

Find Out What Does Claim Mean On Snapchat Here | 2 Most Common Meanings Of Claim You Should Know! 

Just like every other slang term on Snapchat, claim has different meanings as well. Both these meanings can sound similar at times, but they are still used in widely different contexts. And, if you want to understand what does claim mean on Snapchat fully well, you will have to understand both of these meanings as well. 

This might seem like a daunting task on the surface, but it truly isn’t. Plus, to make it easier for you, I’ll also be giving you some examples that will help you understand what does claim mean on Snaphcat in a much better way. Now, if the prospect of learning the meaning of claim seems a bit easier to you, keep reading! 

What Does Claim Mean On Snapchat Reddit? Does It Refer To The Act Of Claiming?

What Does Claim Mean On Snapchat? 2 Trendy Meanings Here!

Most commonly, claim literally refers to taking a claim for something on Snapchat. You see, people often share links to sites like YOLO, Lipsi, etc., asking people to send them anonymous messages and notes. So, if there’s something that their Snapchat friend can’t say to them upfront, they will be able to say this way because their identity is going to be hidden. 

The user who shared the link can then take a screenshot of the responses they receive and share them over their stories. If they want to find out who shared what, then they can add “claim” along with the screenshot. 

This basically means that they are asking the person who shared the message to come forward and show themselves. In other words, they should claim that it was they who shared the message. For example:

Anonymous user: I think you look really cute. 

The user who posted the link: Thanks, please claim. 

Also, please note that just because someone has asked someone to claim their message doesn’t mean that the other person is obliged to do so. If they don’t want to claim that it was them who shared that note, they don’t have to. 

What Does Claim Mean On Snapchat? Does It Refer To Showing Ownership?

What Does Claim Mean On Snapchat? 2 Trendy Meanings Here!

Claim is also used to show ownership, success, or take credit for something. It is used when someone wants to let the other person/ people know that they should be credited for discovering something or doing something or that something solely belongs to them. 

In this context, “claim” is often seen as a sign that someone is boasting about themselves. Claim is also used to intentionally ridicule the other person’s ego or try to make them look smaller. 

For example, if someone is talking about some achievement of theirs, the other person can say “Claim” to show that they have already achieved it or that their score is better than the other person’s. As you can see, it’s not very nice and kind to use “Claim” in this context. 

Here’s how claim is used in conversations:

Jacob: I scored 24/25 in the last Geography test

Jake: Claim. 

Final Words

Righty-ho, Snapchatters! We’ve reached the bottom of this post. And so, I hope you guys now know what does claim mean on Snapchat. In this article, we discussed the two most common meanings of claim. The word can refer to taking claim to a question asked, or it can be used to show ownership. We also looked at some examples illustrating the usage of claim in both of these contexts. Everything combined, I hope you will now feel more comfortable using claim as and when required! 

What does IG mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, most commonly, IG can mean “I guess.” It i used when someone is expressing some opinion but they are not sure if what they are saying is true/ valid or not. And so they use “IG” to let the other person know not to go by what they are saying entirely since they are not very sure of it themselves. Sometimes, IG can also mean Instagram. So, when someone wants to talk about this social media platform, they just refer to it as IG, its abbreviated form. 

 What does TBH mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, TBH means “to be honest”. It is used when someone wants to express an honest opinion of theirs. And by using “TBH”, they are letting the other person know that they genuinely and strongly believe whatever they are saying at that moment. 

What does su in Snapchat mean?

On Snapchat, SU stands for “Swipe up”. It is mostly used in stories when the other person is adding a link to their Snapchat story. And because they want others to know that they are embedding a link in the story and other people should visit it, they add SU to inform others of the same. 

What does OFC mean?

OFC stands for “of course” on Snapchat. It is used to let the other person know that whatever they are saying is obvious, and they don’t have to mention it. It is also used to assure someone about something. Sometimes, OFC can also mean “of fu*king course.” 

What does Rizz mean?

Rizz is one of the most popular slang terms on social media these days. If you spend time with GenZ people, you already know. It is another word for “charisma”. It is used to refer to an ability to charm a person. 

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