What Does CTFU Mean On Snapchat? Find Out The Meaning Of CTFU Here!


You can have an ultra-high snap score, use crazy filters to send snaps, and a kick as$ Bitmoji, but if you’re not using slang on Snapchat, you’re not cool enough. That’s why, knowing things like what does CTFU mean on Snapchat is important. Because over the course of the years using abbreviations to communicate has come to be seen as the epitome of coolness. So, if you want to know more abbreviations, reading articles like this one can help. 

Find Out What Does CTFU Mean On Snapchat Here | Read This To Know The Meaning Of CTFU!

Also, it’s okay if you can’t keep up with all the abbreviations on Snapchat. Because there are just so many that using all of them is a near-impossible task. However, you can always learn more and enhance your vocabulary. In this article, we will see what does CTFU mean on Snapchat and how to use it while texting. So, keep scrolling through! 

What Does CTFU Mean On Snapchat? Does It Mean “Cracking The Fu*k Up”? 

What Does CTFU Mean On Snapchat? Find Out The Meaning Of CTFU Here!

The most popular meaning of CTFU on Snapchat is “cracking the fu*k up”. It is used to express hard laughter when something hilarious happens or is said. Although there are other ways of doing the same, like you can say LOL, LMAO, ROFL, or use emoticons, using CTFU conveys the extent of the laughter in a much better way.

 For example, if you’re laughing so hard that you’ve got tears leaking out of the corner of your eyes, use CTFU to describe the same. 

But, apart from hilarious things, CTFU is also used for things that are dumb or stupid in some way. When this happens, CTFU is also considered to convey sarcasm and annoyance. For example, when someone cracks a joke that they think is funny but you don’t find it least bit amusing, you can say “CTFU 😒”. You can also use it to express mock anger or disbelief over someone or something.

Apart from that, here are some examples that depict the use of CTFU:

Jake: Hey, look at this video of a cat slapping a dog!

Peter: CTFU!! 

Or, Jake: The teacher called Sam fat in front of everyone and the whole class cracked up@

Peter: CTFU 🙄. That’s fat-shaming. 

Also, although CTFU is always used in an informal sense, it is mostly used by teenagers and young adults. Also, you must not use it while talking to someone who isn’t your friend or older than you. Because that can be considered to be a bit offensive otherwise. 

Final Words

Okay, everyone! This is what does CTFU mean on Snapchat! In this post, we looked at the one and only meaning of CTFU on Snapchat and how to use it! And so, I hope you feel confident enough in using CTFU as and when required! In case you know of any other meaning of this abbreviation, apart from the one mentioned above, feel free to share it with everyone in the comments! 

What are some cool slang terms on Snapchat?

PAW (Parents Are Watching), PAH (Parents At Home),
G2G (Got To Go), FYI (For Your Information), IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), BFFR (Be For Real), TFW (That Feeling When), IFYP (I Feel Your Pain), JK (Just Kidding), IDC (I Don’t Care), SSDD (Same Stuff, Different Day)

Where did CTFU originate?

CTFU originated in the hip-hop and urban culture back in the 2000s. Later the term spread to various social media platforms, including Snapchat.

What does SB mean on Snapchat?

SB stands for Snapback on Snapchat. It is used when one user wants the other user to respond to their message by sending a snap.

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