What Does DT Mean On Instagram? 2 Fun Meanings! 


Okay, so here we go again. You came across yet another abbreviation on Instagram that makes little to no sense. Now, you could have easily ignored the existence of this weird abbreviation, DT, but FOMO is a real thing. Plus, what if you’re talking to your crush on Instagram and they casually throw it at you? What then? Don’t you want to look cool? If yes, knowing what does DT mean on Instagram is important for you. And, lucky for you, this article is going to be all about discussing DT meaning Instagram.

Find Out What Does DT Mean On Instagram And Why It Is Used Here! 

Also before we dive into the meaning of DT, I just hope you know that this may not only be an acronym like TBH, NGL, IDC, etc. that you use in your conversations. There are some abbreviations that also represent Instagram features. For example, CLFS is not just some weird slang, it also represents Instagram’s close friends feature. Similarly, DT is kind of an Instagram feature too.

However, even if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to make use of social media lingo or other types of Internet slang, this article will still be of use. By the time, you’ve scrolled through the entire post, you’ll find yourself confident enough to use DT when you like. But for that to happen, you need to ensure that you don’t skip a single section! 

What Does DT Mean Instagram? Does It Mean Double Tap?

What Does DT Mean On Instagram? 2 Fun Meanings!

So, on Instagram, dt stands for double tap. If you like to post pictures on the platform, then I’m sure you also like to receive likes and comments. So, if you ever want to ask someone to like your picture, you can just ask them to dt. 

Here’s how a conversation around the same may look like:

Jake: I just posted pictures from my vacation. Can you please dt them?

Anne: Yeah, sure! I’ll do it in a while. 

But, apart from this, you may see dt on Instagram in captions under posts. Usually, businesses on Instagram or influencers use #dt to ask people to like their posts. In fact, dt happens to be one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram! It acts as a sincere request to people to engage with your posts. Because, if your posts happen to have more likes and comments, they have a better chance of appearing in the explore feed. 

On a similar note, someone might send you a link to their post via direct message. If there is a dt followed by the post, then don’t be confused.  The person in question just wants you to like/double-tap the post that they have just sent. People usually send their posts to other people via DMs, because usually posts can be lost in the sea of other content on the gram. But when someone sends you a post like that, you’ll definitely see it upon opening their message.

What Does DT Mean  On Instagram? Does It Mean Dedicated To?

What Does DT Mean On Instagram? 2 Fun Meanings!

Apart from the double tap, DT also means dedicated to. You can find celebrities or influencers or anyone with a large fan following using #dt in their caption. It means that they have dedicated the post in question to someone. Usually, such posts are dedicated to followers and loved ones. 

Furthermore, dt can also be used in conversations like this:

Chris: Did you see that latest picture by Demi Lovato?!

Sri: Yes, I did! It was dt all her fans; so wholesome! 

Final Words

Alright, guys! You’ve successfully scrolled to the bottom of this article. And, so I hope you’ve understood what does DT mean on Instagram! The abbreviation has two different meanings– double tap and dedicated to. I’ve explained both meanings and illustrated their usage with the help of examples. And so, I hope you’ll be able to use dt as and when required! Also, if you know someone who doesn’t know what does DT mean on Instagram, please share this article with them!  

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What does DT mean in date?

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