What Does Following On Instagram Mean? 2 Incredible Things To Know! 


You may be the kind of person who spends hours on social media apps. You may be the kind of person who can scroll through viral reels of people doing trendy challenges on those songs that end up getting stuck in your head. Despite all this, I bet you still don’t know a thing or two about the platform. For example, do you know what does following on Instagram mean? If not, read this article to find out! 

So, the following thing isn’t one of Instagram’s new features. It’s been there since time immemorial. However, it’s okay that the meaning of what does following on Instagram had escaped your notice till now. Better late than never though. You can read this article and stay well-versed with your favorite photo-sharing app. 

Find Out What Is Following On Instagram | Understand The Meaning Below! 

Ok wait, maybe you’re an Instagram business, digital influencer, or service provider, looking to expand and pop up on explore pages. You use new tools to gain more followers and analyzing your stats to find out if the whole of it worked for you or not. Now, Instagram presents users with business profiles, and a detailed analysis of the activities happening on their accounts. 

What Does Following On Instagram Mean?

What Does Following On Instagram Mean? 2 Incredible Things To Know! 

Following on Instagram refers to the users you follow. Posts, videos, and reels by these people appear in your feed. The content they put out resonates with you, and maybe that is what led you to follow them in the first place. Their stories appear on the top of your home feed. Sometimes these users follow you back as well. 

Hell, following lists are so important, that someone unfollowing someone can make news headlines and scandals! Although, all this only happens with celebrities. But, how do those TMZ magazines and websites find out who unfollowed who when there are no formal notifications? Well, the only way to keep track is to check the following lists. 

See, the importance now? 

How Does Instagram Following Work?

What Does Following On Instagram Mean? 2 Incredible Things To Know! 

Now that you know what does following on Instagram mean, don’t you want to know how the whole of it works? 

So, if you tap on the blue follow button on someone’s profile, does it mean that you’ve started following them? Umm, both yes and no. If the other user has a public account, then you can start following them immediately. You can scroll through their posts and watch their stories. Whatever new content they put up will appear in your feed. 

But, the same doesn’t hold true for private accounts. If someone has a private account, and you tap on the blue follow button, then they will receive a follow request from your side. And, you’ll see ‘Requested’ appear on your side. You’ll start following them only after they’ve accepted your follow request. 

Until you aren’t following them, there’s no way you’ll be able to see their posts, and stories, or interact with anything else that they put up on their account.

Final Words

Alright, people! By now, I hope you know what does following on Instagram mean! In this article, I’ve discussed the topic in detail! And now, I hope you’ll be able to understand who to include in your following list and who to keep out! But, if you still have any questions, mention them here in the comments!

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What Is The Difference Between Following And Followers On Instagram?

On Instagram, the following is terms used for the accounts you follow. Whereas, Followers signify the users who follow you. Your community consists you, your followers, plus the accounts that you are following. 

How To Ask Someone To Follow You On Instagram?

There are many ways to ask someone to follow you on Instagram. One of them is using a call to action. In this method, when you post something on Instagram, you also include a call to action and ask your followers or viewers to follow you for more such content. You can also DM people and ask them to follow you. 

What Happens When I Follow Someone On Instagram?

When you follow someone on Instagram, you’ll be able to see their posts in your home feed. And their messages will appear in your main inbox. However, make sure that you do not create a two link with anyone you follow on Instagram. 

Do People Know When You Look At Their Instagram?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify when someone looks at their Instagram feed. So, if you simply go through someone’s Instagram feed and not like or comment on their posts, there’s no way they will find out. 


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