What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? 5 Funny Meanings Of GNG! 


Are you someone who is too lazy to type and prefers sticking to the abbreviated forms of words and terms? If yes, I think you’re the epitome of coolness on social media platforms. And, I think I’ll help you get even cooler by sharing some more abbreviations that you can use on Instagram. In this article, we will see what does GNG mean on Instagram. So, read this post till the end! 

Find Out What Does GNG Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know 5 Different GNG Meaning Instagram! 

GNG is one of the popular acronyms on Instagram that you must have come across several times. You must have seen GNG being used as a hashtag under posts, as text in stories, and while chatting with people. Now, you will be surprised to know that GNG meaning in Instagram can be different in all of these places! Just like all other acronyms, GNG too has different meanings. So, if you want to understand what does GNG mean on Instagram and how to use it, keep scrolling! 

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? Does GNG Mean “Gang ”?

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? 5 Funny Meanings Of GNG! 

The most popular GNG full form in Instagram is “gang”. It is affectionately used for your close friends or even family. Calling people “gang” is a way of letting them know that you consider them close and that you’d do anything to protect them– just like gang members do with each other. Plus, you must also agree that “gang” sounds way cooler than BFF, Fam, or other similar terms. 

You must have come across “gang” in captions under posts. When someone posts a picture of their friends or family, they can use #GNG in the captions to let people know what the others in the picture mean to them. The same thing applies when someone posts pictures of themselves with their friends on stories. 

However, GNG can also be used in text-based conversations on Instagram. You can use it to show your love for your friends. Here’s how it can be done:

Jake: Okay so, who are all these people in the picture?

Peter: These people are my GNG 💗

How To Reply To GNG?

Gang is used as a term for endearment. So, when someone uses GNG for you, let them know that you feel the same way about them. Or, maybe you can thank them for thinking that way of you!

What Does GNG Mean In Instagram? Does GNG Mean “ Going”?

One possible meaning of GNG on Instagram is “going”. GNG is the shortened form of “going”. It is used to tell someone that you or someone else is going somewhere.  

Here’s how it is used in conversations:

Mom: Hey, I’m GNG to get groceries. Do you want something?

You: Naah, I’m good! 

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? Does GNG Mean “Good Night, Gamers ”?

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? 5 Funny Meanings Of GNG! 

On Instagram, GNG can also mean “good night, gamers”. You can use it to wish good night to your fellow gamers/ people you usually play games with. Again, it is an informal and casual term used to describe people you’re close to. It’s the same as saying “good night, friends” or “good night, fam”

Here’s how you can use GNG:

Tom: Okay, GNG. I’m going to crash now. 

Peter: Alright, let’s continue this tomorrow! 

How To Reply To GNG?

Whenever someone uses GNG in the group chat or personal chat, you can simply wish them a a good night in return as well. To do this, you can say “Ahh, you too, GNG!

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? Does GNG Mean “Good Night And Go”?

Another meaning of GNG on Instagram is “good night and go”. It is used to end arguments and let the other person know that you don’t wish to talk to them. It’s basically a way of saying that you don’t want to talk to them anymore and that they can leave now. It’s a way of dismissing a conversation or a person or both. 

That’s why, using GNG is also considered rude pretty often. It can possibly hurt someone’s feelings as well. So, it’d be better to avoid using GNG unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Here’s how you can use GNG in your conversations:

Tom: That’s not what I meant!

Lara: Okay, well, GNG. We’ll talk later. 

How To Reply To GNG?

Being at the receiving end of GNG can be quite hurtful. But, you must also understand that the other person may not be in the right mood or mind to continue the conversation. So, it’d be better to stop whatever discussion you’re having with them at that time. And whenever you do, you must let them know that you don’t like them using GNG. To do this, you can say something like “Can you please stop using GNG whenever we’re trying to talk? ” 

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? Does GNG Mean “ Good Night, Goon”?

What Does GNG Mean On Instagram? 5 Funny Meanings Of GNG! 

GNG can also stand for “Good night, goon” on Instagran. Just like, “Good night, gamers”, it is affectionately used to wish your friends good night. Goon here, evokes the same sentiments as using “gang” does. So, even though the use of “good night, gamers” seems to be limited to people who play games together, “good night, goon” can be used by literally anyone! 

Here’s how you can use GNG while texting:

Anne: I think that’s enough for tonight. 

Marie: Yeah, I think so too. GNG, then. 

How To Reply To GNG?

When someone uses GNG to wish you a good night, you too can use it to wish the same to them. This way, you will be reciprocating their feelings of affection as well.

Final Words

Okay, cool people! This is what does GNG mean on Instagram! In this article, we looked at 5 fun and witty meanings of GNG that you can make use of while texting. In case you know of some other meanings of this abbreviation or have any doubts regarding the usage of the ones mentioned above, feel free to drop them in the comments below! 

What does MB mean in text?

MB is an abbreviation used in text messaging. It stands for “my bad”. It is used when you do something wrong, unintentionally, and want to apologize for the same. It can be done by saying something like “Ahh, I didn’t notice, MB!!

What does FT mean in text?

FT is yet another popular slang term. It is mostly used by teenagers and young adults. When someone sends you a message saying “ft”, it basically means that they want you to FaceTime or video chat/ call with them. 

What does IG mean in text?

IG can mean two different things in the text. It can stand for “I guess” or “Instagram”. When someone uses IG, it can mean that they are not fully sure about what they are saying. And that’s why you must not believe them completely. 

What does VRO mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, VRO is another way of saying “bro”. It is used to refer to a brother or a close friend. Also, the usage of bro is not limited to the male gender only. Vro/ bro is considered unise*x, and literally, anyone can use it. 

What Does GNG Mean On TikTok?

On TikTok too, GNG means the same things as it does on Instagram. So, GNG can refer to Gang, Good night, goon; Good night, gamers; Going, etc.

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