What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Find It Out Here!


Abbreviations are now a part of our daily lives. It all began with the commonly used LOL, and it never quite ended. With time, this culture of using abbreviations and acronyms in social media and real-life became almost mainstream. So, today in this article, we’ll tell you What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat happens to be one of those social media platforms or instant messaging apps that has helped grow this culture of using short forms and acronyms frequently. There are uncountable short forms that are only used on Snapchat to convey certain things.

Snapchat is a unique and distinctive platform compared to other majorly used applications. One of its most interesting features is that when you share texts, pictures, or videos, they disappear after the receiver views them. See, that’s pretty cool in a way. Now, getting back to the main point of what ISTG means on Snapchat, let’s get into details and find out.

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Slow Down, We’ll Tell You!

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Find It Out Here!

Snapchat these days has surpassed even WhatsApp as a messaging app and is majorly used by the millennials and gen z’s. Because of Snapchat, many new short forms and acronyms have come to life. Now, talking about the short form ISTG, let’s find out what it means. Additionally, we will also tell its other uses as well. Now, keep on reading.

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What Exactly Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Find It Out Here!

ISTG happens to be an abbreviation that means I Swear To God and is a very commonly used short form when it comes to texting on Snapchat or any other platform as well. The abbreviation ISTG mainly indicates astonishment, skepticism, and annoyance. 

We can also go as far as to say it is quite similar to the expression or abbreviation OMG, which means Oh My God. ISTG is mainly used to stress a statement, typically a promise, threat, excuse, or apology. Now, on Snapchat, it is usually used in the same sense, but in a cooler way or to appear cool. It can also be used to portray a horrible reality, exasperation, or at times even surprise. 

Suppose in a message if a person is saying swear to God or ISTG, there is a chance that person could be making a threat or making a type of guarantee, so to say. Moreover, ISTG happens to be one of the most frequently and commonly used abbreviations on Snapchat. We can be sure of that, at least.

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Let’s Check Out Some Examples Using ISTG In Sentences

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Find It Out Here!

So, now that you are fully aware of what ISTG means on Snapchat, let us state to you some examples which will provide you with a better understanding of the term. We have to keep in mind that ISTG is not used in any religious context on Snapchat. Even though it includes the word, God. Now that we are clear about it, let’s move forward and check out some sentences in which we can use “I Swear To God.”

  • ISTG that I am not as drunk as you think me to be.
  • Dad, I Swear To God! I have not done anything.
  • ISTG, if you reveal this to him, he will surely stop talking to you.
  • You did not value me when you had me, ISTG, I’m not furious at you. I’m just worn out.
  • ISTG, there is not a single person whom I can trust with something important. 

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What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? What Is The General Meaning Of ISTG

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Find It Out Here!

ISTG, or I swear to God, has been going around for a while now. It’s not something completely new to people. As we can see for ourselves, the word “swear” happens to be an old English word. It simply means or indicates an oath. Which can be loosely interpreted as an oath or promise made to God. After a long time, the word was being used frequently in conversations and messaging. It became popular over a period of time. The whole phrase was shortened just because of convenience, it was much easier to express that way.

Is ISTG A Slang? What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat?

Well, to answer that question, we’ll simply have to say that it is definitely not a slang. The term ISTG as we mentioned above, stands for I Swear To God. We have also stated examples that will help you understand the abbreviation in a better way.

If you ask about slangs that are on Snapchat, well, there are many. But certainly, not ISTG is one of them. Slangs that are mostly and commonly used on Snapchat are MK (Mm OK), ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), FYI (For Your Information), and SCB (Snapchat Back). There are endless short forms on Snapchat, to be honest, these are just a few of them.

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Final Word

So, now you know what exactly ISTG means on Snapchat and as well in general. We have stated the term’s old English meaning and how it is used on Snapchat and other social media platforms. We hope that this article was informative enough and helped you to understand what ISTG means. If you like, the article let us know and also do not forget to give us your feedback.

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