What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram? 5 Possible Meanings Here!


One day, you go to your friend’s Instagram profile only to discover that it says, “User not found”. Pretty shocking, right? It makes you wonder what does it mean when you press on someone’s name on Instagram and it says user is not found.

Well, it obviously doesn’t mean that your friend has vanished off the face of this planet. There are various other possibilities. If you truly want to understand what does it mean user not found on Instagram, then you have to consider each one of them. 

Now, to understand what those possibilities are and discover what does user not found on Instagram mean, you will have to read this article till the end. So, keep scrolling. 

Find Out What Does “User Not Found” Mean On Instagram Here! 

“User not found” is one of the many errors people can get when trying to go to someone’s Instagram profile. Because of this error, the profile isn’t accessible to them. As mentioned above, there are various possible reasons why you may be getting the “user not found” error on Instagram. For example:

  • The user may have temporarily disabled their Instagram account. 
  • Their username might have changed. 
  • They might have blocked you on Instagram. 
  • Their account might be suspended by Instagram. 
  • It can be because of a glitch. 

These are some of the primary reasons why you may get this error message. If you want to know what does it mean user not found on Instagram in a bit more detail, then keep reading this article! 

Why Does It Say “User Not Found” On Instagram

To understand the above-mentioned reasons in a bit more detail, refer to the following sub-sections: 

1. The Account Is Temporarily Disabled

What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram? 5 Possible Meanings Here!

One of the most common answers to what does it mean user not found on Instagram is that the other user has temporarily disabled their Instagram account. They may have done this to take a break from Instagram or because the platform was too distracting for them.

You can confirm the same with the help of a mutual friend. If the other person gets the same error message upon going to this person’s profile, then it means that they have disabled their profile for some time. However, this change isn’t permanent because they might come back to Instagram again. And when that happens, you will be able to see their profile as you normally would. 

2. Their Username Changed Has Changed

What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram? 5 Possible Meanings Here!

Another possible explanation to what does it mean user not found on Instagram is that the username of the other person has changed. And because you’re using incorrect information to look for an account, you will not find it and get the “user not found” error instead. 

If you want to know the new username of your friend, then you can go to the DM section and open the chat you’re having with them. Tap on their name at the top of the screen and select the “Profile” option from the chat screen. There, you will find their new username that you can later use to visit their profile. 

3. Their Account Is Banned/ Suspended

What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram? 5 Possible Meanings Here!

Instagram temporarily suspends or permanently bans the accounts of the people who violate its community guidelines. This can be the reason why does Instagram say “user not found”. In case your friend may have done or posted something that got reported by other users, then it’s possible that Instagram took action against them. Whether their account has been temporarily suspended or permanently banned depends on the gravity of their actions. 

In either of these cases, you will not be able to access their profile and get the error message instead. If their account only has been temporarily suspended, then they might be able to get it back. And you might get to connect with them again. But, if their account has been permanently banned, then you will not get to see your friend again. 

4. A Glitch With Your Instagram Account

What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram? 5 Possible Meanings Here!

Another reason why does it say “user not found” on Instagram is not as common as others. However, it is still quite possible. So, there can be a glitch with your Instagram account because of which you’re unable to access the profiles of other people. It’s fairly common for Instagram accounts to face glitches and errors. These result in a variety of problems, like not loading posts properly, not connecting calls, etc. One of the consequences is getting the “user not found” error. 

If you want to resolve this issue, then you can follow some simple troubleshooting steps, for example:

  • Clear the cache of your Instagram app. 
  • Log out of your Instagram account for some time and then log in again.
  • Uninstall your Instagram app and then reinstall it. 
  • Try logging into Instagram from someone else’s account. 

Following these troubleshooting hacks should resolve your issue; in case it doesn’t, then you might have to contact Instagram’s customer support. They will be able to help you further. 

5. They Have Blocked You

What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram? 5 Possible Meanings Here!

If you’re still wondering what does it mean user not found on Instagram, then well, it can mean that they have blocked you. When you try to go to the profile of a person who has blocked your account, you may get the “user not found” error. You see, Instagram doesn’t send out formal notifications when someone decides to block your profile. Instead, there are other signs that you have to pick out to find out what has happened. 

If you want to confirm that being blocked is the reason you’re getting the user not found error, then reach out to a mutual friend and ask them to visit the profile of this person as well. If they get the same error, any of the above-mentioned reasons may be why you’re getting the error. In case they are able to see their profile, and you’re not, then it means that you’ve been blocked. 

Final Words

That was it for today’s post. You’ve scrolled to the bottom to the bottom of it, and so, I hope you’ve understood what does it mean user not found on Instagram. In this article, we explored several possible reasons why you may be getting the infamous “user not found” error. So, consider all the reasons mentioned above one by one to reach a definitive conclusion. And if you need any additional help while doing so, please feel free to ask for it via the comments! 

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