What Does IYKYK Mean On Instagram? The Only Meaning Of This Slang Term!


How many times has your friend use IYKYK while chatting with you on Instagram? Plenty of time, I suppose. But, did you ever have the courage to let them know that you don’t know what does IYKYK mean on Instagram? I don’t think so. Because using slang on social media is a mark of coolness. So, how could you let them know that you’re un-cool? Well, you don’t have to! You can read this article to find out the meaning of IYKYK and understand its usage! 

Find Out What Does IYKYK Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know The Only Meaning Of IYKYK!

Also, not knowing the meaning of abbreviations on Instagram is okay. Although these are all the hype on the platform, one possibly cannot know the meaning of all the abbreviations there are. However, you must agree that using acronyms like IYKYK to communicate can be quite fun! So, if you too want to level up your texting game, read this to know what does IYKYK mean on Instagram! 

What Does IYKYK Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean “If You Know, You Know”?

What Does IYKYK Mean On Instagram? The Only Meaning Of This Slang Term!

The only meaning of IYKYK on Instagram is “If you know, you know”. This abbreviation is used to imply that a post or a message will only make sense to some people and not to others. Basically, it means that some people have an inside joke that makes the context of what is being said or shared. Since everyone doesn’t know what the joke is, understanding the post will be difficult for them, if not impossible. 

This mainly happens when a certain section of the users have had a different experience as compared to others. Therefore they are likely to understand why the post is being made or who it is directed at. 

In this scenario, you will come across IYKYK being used as a hashtag under some post’s captions. For example, “We had great fun at the adventure land! #iykyk”. Here, using the hashtag implies that there’s some fun anecdote or happening that only those couple of friends will understand. 

However, make sure to not use this abbreviation while hanging out with a group of people where the majority know the meaning and others don’t. Otherwise, they may feel left out. 

You can also use IYKYK while texting with your friends on the platform. For example, if there’s some incident or happening that the two of you know, then you don’t necessarily have to discuss the same in detail. You can just say iykyk while referring to it. In fact, doing so makes the conversation more fun. 

Here’s how you can use iykyk:

Jane: The work was too good today, wasn’t it? 🙃iykyk. 

Jacob: Yes, I can totally relate :”)

What Does YKYK Mean On Instagram?

YKYK means “if you know, you know” on Instagram. It is used to refer to some kind of experience or inside joke that a group of friends share. This acronym is mostly used by teenagers and young adults on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. 

Why Is IYKYK So Popular?

IYKYK is so popular because a lot of creators use it as a hashtag under their posts when they want to talk about things that are somehow related to a certain section of the users or only a certain group of people can understand or relate to. 

What Does LYK Mean In Texting?

LYK is a popular acronym that means “let you know”. It is used in almost the same sense as ILYK nad LMK. It is used when you’re chatting with someone and you want them to know that you’ll let them know something in future. This is a way to reassure someone when you can’t tell them something on the spot but will do in a while. 

 What Does WBY Mean On Instagram?

WBY stands for ‘what about you’ on Instagram. It is used to ask someone about them. Like, if they ask you how you’re doing or if you’ve had lunch or not, you can use WBY to ask them the same thing about themselves. 

Final Words

Alright, everyone! This is what does IYKYK mean on Instagram! In this article, I walked you through one and the only meaning of IYKYK- If you know, you know. This abbreviation used in a very fun and humorous way. To illustrate the same, I also shared some examples with you. So, you can refer to them when it comes to using IYKYK in your conversations! If you know of any other fun method of using this acronym, kindly share it with everyone in the comments! 

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