What Does Lock Mean On Snapchat? What’s This Mysterious Sign?


Can’t get over the lock sign on Snapchat? I experienced the same when I saw it for the first time. I thought there was something wrong with my Snapchat account. But the fact is that lock indicates something that most of us don’t know. Let’s find out what does lock mean on Snapchat!

I know you have been scratching your head for the past few days after seeing the lock on Snapchat. Well, the answer is that a lock on a Snapchat story means that your friend has added a private story. After doing this, one can also check if someone left his private story and add a few people who can view the story. After learning so many points, it’s time to move to what does lock mean on Snapchat. 

In order to learn about the lock on your favorite social media platform, here’s a guide to help you out. Keep an eye on what does lock mean on Snapchat!

What Does Lock Mean On Snapchat? Have You Seen It Before?

What Does Lock Mean On Snapchat? What’s This Mysterious Sign?

Since the appearance of the lock on Snapchat stories, many users are confused about its right use. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to all your confusion because here’s plenty of stuff on what does lock mean on Snapchat!

What’s The Reason Behind The Appearance Of Lock Snapchat Stories?

Usually, the stories that have been targeted for specific users have a lock. When you see a lock, it means that only you have been invited to view the story and no one else can view it. But don’t assume it to be similar to regular snaps. With regular snaps, there are no locks. 

If you haven’t seen a private story with a lock sign, it will remain purple. After you watch it, the color will get converted into grey. So, even color of locks have different meanings. 

Can Snapchat Stories With A Lock Can Be Viewed By Me?

What Does Lock Mean On Snapchat? What’s This Mysterious Sign?

Yes, you can view a Snapchat story with a lock if it’s meant for you. If you have been invited to view the story, it will appear in your feed. This means, your friend wants you to see his story. So, you should feel honored!

On the other hand, the lock for other users means that they cannot view the private story. It means that locks have different indications for all users. 

Why Would Someone Make A Story Private?

Well, many of you must be wondering why someone would use a private story in place of normal snaps. The answer is that sharing a private story with some people takes place faster in comparison to shooting a regular snap. Also, the story reaches those who might be actually waiting to view it. So, make sure you choose a nice Snapchat story name!

Another reason for making a private story is to keep it away from certain people. By using such a story, you can easily share your opinions on something with your close friends without letting others know about it. And for those who often accept requests from unknown people, it’s better to keep their story private to remain on the safe side. 

Lastly, the advantage of using a private story is keeping specific stuff away from people who may disapprove of it. So, it’s a nice way to stay away from controversies!

How To Make A Private Snapchat Story?

What Does Lock Mean On Snapchat? What’s This Mysterious Sign?

If you haven’t made a private story, you must be thinking it to be a time-consuming process. But the fact is that you can get it done within the blink of an eye. Check out the following steps:

  • Start by opening the Snapchat app and log in by filling in your credentials. 
  • Now, press the profile icon to open the home screen. Another way to go to the home screen is by clicking on Bitmoji or the story thumbnail. 
  • Next, you need to press +Private Story above Add to my story thumbnail
  • After this, you need to select the users with whom you want to view your story. 
  • Now, it’s time to make your story with the help of filters and tools and press the send button. 

Finally, you will be able to see your story with a lock sign and only those will get to see it in their feed whom you have permitted. On top of it, the best thing about private stories is that you can add as many people as you want. This means there is no limitation to the number of people you can add. But these stories do not exist for more than 24 hours. So, if your friend does not view it before the expiry, he won’t be able to view it afterward. 

Final Words 

Isn’t it interesting to know what does lock mean on Snapchat? Today, there are many users who are still unable to figure out the meaning of this lock. I hope this article is going to help out all of them. So, share the word about the same with the maximum number of people around you. 

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How Does Private Story With A Lock Work On Snapchat?

A private story with a lock adds an additional layer of security to your Snapchat account.

What Is The Color Of Lock On A Private Story?

Locks that appear on a private story are usually purple. So, this color means that a story is private.

Can Someone See Who I Add In My Private Story?

No one else except you can see who you add to your private story.

Can I Add A Lock To Chats As Well On Snapchat?

No, you can’t add a lock to any chat on Snapchat.

Does Snapchat Notify Users Who Are Added To A Private Snapchat Story?

No, Snapchat does not notify users who are added to a private story.

Are Custom And Private Stories The Same?

No, custom and private stories are not the same. You can manage the viewers of a private story but it’s not possible with a custom story.


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