What Does Lure Do In Minecraft? Make All The Fish Yours!!


In Minecraft, gathering resources takes time, and mostly it becomes tedious and boring to wait for the completion of the task, like waiting for the fish to get trapped in the hook of the fishing rod. Well, enchantments like Lure reduce the time involved in this process. Now you will ask what is Lure enchant? What does Lure do in Minecraft? Alright, Alright! You’ll get answers to all your queries, here.

Scroll down and read in detail the key points of lure enchantment, how to craft a fishing rod, and the different enchants that apply to a fishing rod.

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft? Just Catch All The Fish!

The entertainment game Minecraft allows its players to enchant weapons, armors, tools, and other beneficial items. Therefore, to perform an enchantment, all you need is either an enchanting table or an anvil and an enchantment book. An enchanting table can be crafted using four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one un-enchanted book, Now, to craft an anvil, you need four iron blocks and three iron ingots. Enchantment books can be found in treasure chests, from fishing, etc.

Now after crafting an anvil or enchanting table, you are ready to perform a lot of enchantments. Before you hop on different enchantments, learn each of their steps with us. However, in this article, we have discussed only Lure Enchantment in detail.

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What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

Lure enchantment applies to fishing rods and increases the rate of fish biting the hook, decreasing the time required to catch fish and, in general, increasing the number of fish that a player can catch.

Specifications Of Lure Enchantment | Catching Fish Seems Easier!

Down here are some features of Lure enchantment that will cover all the details about this enchantment:

1# Lure Enchantment Is Only Applicable To Fishing Rods

First thing first, if you have a fishing rod, only then you can apply this enchantment. For crafting a fishing rod, all you need are three sticks and two strings.

If You Don’t Know How To Craft A Fishing Rod, Then Read These Steps
  • First of all, open the 3*3 crafting menu.
  • Add all the desired items (sticks and string) in the boxers following a certain pattern, as shown in the image.
  • Once added with all the items, the crafting will start. Wait patiently and do not close the crafting menu as it will cancel all the process.
How to craft a fishing rod

2# Lure Enchantment Can Be Upgraded To Maximum Three Levels

Lure increases the rate of fish biting the hook of the fishing rod. With every increase in level, the time to catch the fish decrease by five seconds. Where a normal fishing rod can take 30 seconds to catch a single fish, a lured level 3 fishing rod takes 3 seconds for the same process.

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Different Enchantments That Can Be Performed On The Fishing Rods

There are five different enchants that can be performed on the fishing rod, including lure, luck of sea, mending, unbreaking, and curse of vanishing. The details of these enchantments are discussed below.

Different Enchantments That Can Be Performed On The Fishing Rods

1# Luck Of Sea

With three maximum levels, this enchantment is only applicable on the fishing rod and increases the chances of getting valuable items from the water bodies. 

2# Lure

Unlike luck of sea, lure enchantment decrease the time required to catch different species of fish by the fishing rod. With lure, you don’t get valuable items from the water bodies but only fishes more quickly. The lure has three maximum levels 

3# Unbreakable 

Also applicable on fishing rods, this enchantment increases the strength of the fishing rod and thus can be used for a longer period of time. There are three max levels of unbreakable enchantment.

4# Curse Of Vanishing 

Applicable to most of the armor, weapons, and tools, including fishing rods, this enchantment, when applied, makes the item (tool, weapon, and armor) disappear when the player dies instead of falling on the ground. It has a maximum level of 1.

5# Mending 

This enchantment is applicable to all weapons, tools, and armor. Mending enchantment uses XP ( experience point that you get by killing mobs) to recover the damaged items. The max range of this enchantment is 1.

On a final note, you can also apply all these enchants to the fishing rod by using console commands. 

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Final Words 

We have covered all the topics linked with this article, including lure enchantment, the key points of lure, how to craft a fishing rod in Minecraft, and what different enchants can be applied with a fishing rod. Share the article if we were able to cover all the topics properly.

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