What Does ML Mean On Snapchat? Detailed Explanation For You!


Snapchat has become a highly reputed platform because of its cool features and privacy options. The application is mainly for the young generation who are vibrant and prefer to stay active to utilize all the features. But Snapchat is also giving another option which is the parental control feature to monitor kids below 18 years.

As a result, the teens are creating new phrases and short forms to hide their conversations. If you are a parent to know what your teens are talking about or someone who doesn’t want to miss out on the chatting fun, you need to learn what does ML mean on Snapchat. This article explains everything about what ML means in context and how it can be used while texting. Keep reading to learn all the details.

What Does ML Mean On Snapchat? ML Meaning Snapchat!

Slang terms on Snapchat not only help to hide what we’re speaking about. It also makes out texting super convenient. Within two or three letters, you can easily express what you want to say to the other person. So, even when you’re busy, it is easy for you to engage with your favorite people with the short forms.

Coded terms and internet slangs are not new things on social media. With platforms like Snapchat, many young teens find it easy to spot new phrases and terms. But for some people who hardly use acronyms, it can be hard to keep up with the trend. Because there is no proper guide for us to give an explanation of all terms. Fortunately, you’re in the right place to know what does ML mean on Snapchat.

Have you seen ML on Snapchat and don’t know the exact meaning of the term? We understand how abbreviations can be confusing in text messages on Snapchat Because there are various meanings for a particular term, and it is important to emphasize the right meaning for the word.

How To Use ML On Snapchat | What Does ML Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ML Mean On Snapchat? Detailed Explanation For You!

ML has different meanings but in texting, it can refer to a few things. Below are different meanings that you should know.

Much Love

First, ML can refer to Much Love over text. This is usually used when people want to share their amount of affection or love towards the person. So, it is mostly used while texting with close friends or family members. It is also used as an end-of-note in the conversation. ML can also be added with birthday wishes or congratulatory messages. Below are a few examples that help you to learn how to use ML in conversations.

  • Wishing you a great year ahead, ML for you!
  • ML! Thank you for all the support.
  • Your gifts are awesome with ML.

My Love

Next, to refer to the loved person, people might use ML while texting them. Someone would use ML just to mention how they are meant to be. Here are the examples that will make things clear for you.

  • Sorry ML, I am busy with some work.
  • Hey ML, I’ve planned something for this anniversary.
  • Best wishes to you, ML.

So, ML can be also used in Snapchat stories with a hashtag. You can sometimes post a picture of the person you love, and you can simply use a tag ML. Or if you want to introduce your love of life to your Snapchat friends, then you can post a picture with them, and in the caption, you can add ML.

ML Meaning On Snapchat | What Does ML Mean On Snapchat?

Now, you have learned how to use ML on Snapchat. When it comes to replying back, you don’t have to think much. Because ML text is mostly used to express their feelings. So, you can give a reply with some affectionate words. If someone uses ML and wishes you then you can simply say Thank you, dear, or you can reply, So sweet of you. So, you have to make sure that your reply to ML text will give them happiness.

Now that you understand what does ML mean on Snapchat, you must understand that the phrases mentioned above are not the only meanings of the term ML on Snapchat. So if you are wondering about the alternative meanings of the term ML on Snapchat then you can continue reading further about what does ML mean in Snap.

Alternate Meanings Of ML Snapchat | What Does ML Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ML Mean On Snapchat? Detailed Explanation For You!

ML can also refer to a few other things over text. It would be rare, but still, it is good to learn all the meanings. Here are a few meanings that you should know related to ML. With more and more slang terms being used on social media, it is getting very common for certain slang terms to have multiple alternate meanings. So if you are wondering what does ML mean on Snapchat, here are some alternate meanings for you.

ML – More Life

ML – My Life

ML – Maybe Later

ML – Male Lead

ML – Make Love

ML – More Lies

ML – Milli Liters

Final Words

Well, readers! All the meanings that you need to know about what does ML mean on Snapchat have been discussed in the above article. Snapchat abbreviations are really cool to learn, so knowing the popular slang can help you to stay connected with young Snapchat users. I hope now you use the ML acronym in all the possible ways in conversations.

To upgrade your slang knowledge on the app Snapchat, do check out other articles on our website related to Snapchat slang. Also, if you want us to cover any of the slang, then drop a comment, and we will help you out.

What Does LMK Mean On Snapchat?

LMK means Let Me Know on Snapchat. It is the common meaning that you would be aware of that if someone wants the other person to tell particular details or want an update of the work, then people might use LMK on Snapchat.

What Does NVM Mean On Snapchat?

NVM is an acronym for Never Mind. This can be used in different ways while texting. Some would use to ignore the particular subject. Or if someone knows the details already, they might use this slang. Also, another meaning of NVM can be Not Very Much. It is used to say that little chance of knowing some details or not being clear about something.

What does SR Mean On Snapchat?

SR generally means Slow Replies on Snapchat. It is mostly used by people to let the other person that they cannot give quick replies due to some reasons.

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