What Does Obj Mean On Facebook? Read This To Resolve The Obj Error!!


So, you have posted something entertaining on social media platform Facebook accompanied by some emoji that expresses your feelings related to it perfectly well. But then, when you open the timeline to see that particular post, you see that the emoji has gotten replaced with a weird dashed box with ‘obj’ written inside it. And, now you’re wondering what actually is this obj, why is it there on your post, and above all- what does obj mean on Facebook?! Well, I’ve got an answer to all your questions. So, keep scrolling.

Also, you’re not the only one facing the troublesome obj Facebook issue; there are others who’re going through the same. The problem might be in the way the software or application understands what’s written on the screen. So, if the application doesn’t understand or recognize a certain character, it finds the next best alternative for it and replaces the two.

So to break up things for you, the obj that you see on Facebook is the object replacement character that happens when FB can’t understand a particular character. Thus if you are placing an emoji on your post and the Facebook software can’t interpret that emoji, it will find its alternative. And in this case, the alternative is the word “obj” within a dashed box.

Knowing what does obj mean on Facebook and the reason behind why it happens is not going to be enough, though. I’m sure that you are wondering- how do I get rid of obj on Facebook?! So, if you’re looking for ways to resolve the object character replacement Facebook issue, you’re at the right place! Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out everything about this obj issue on Facebook and all possible ways of dealing with it. Yes, we’ve got you covered!

What Does Obj Mean On Facebook? The Problem Of Posts With Emojis!!

What Does Obj Mean On Facebook? Read This To Resolve The Obj Error!!

When you post your photos on Facebook along with quirky emojis and hilarious captions that capture the whole of it perfectly, you wouldn’t want the emoji to be replaced by a nonsensical dashed box. Right? It completely takes away the feeling from the post! You might be wondering if you’re doomed to be boring on Facebook and not like one of those cool kids because of this obj Facebook issue.

Well, there’s no need to blame your fate for the emoji-related misery. There’s a detailed explanation behind this obj facebook issue. There’s a clear cut answer to what does obj mean on Facebook. In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly that. And, because just explaining the reasons behind this wretched phenomenon is not going to be enough. I’m sure you also want answers. So, in this article, you’ll find out what is obj on Facebook and how to get rid of it for good.

What Is Obj Error? Here’s OBJ Meaning On Facebook!!

To understand what does obj mean on Facebook, you have to clear some basics on how the computers on which you are working right now interpret what’s on the screen. Well, to give you an idea, the weird box that you are using, considers every letter, digit, and symbol as an object. 

We all already know that computers have their own language for understanding characters. So, every time you input something on these devices, they convert them into special codes. And, when it comes to making the language understandable by different software, all the characters, particularly emojis, are encoded in Unicode, which every device and software can understand.

What Does Obj Mean On Facebook? Read This To Resolve The Obj Error!!

Unicode is a Universal Code Of Character Set that serves the purpose of connecting language between computers and different software. It’s the representation standard for millions of symbols, characters, digits, and emojis that we see and use every day.

Now, sometimes what happens, like in the case of Facebook, is that there are some emojis that we insert from the device that our computer understands, but Facebook fails to. So, what it does at that time is, it uses a placeholder called Object Replacement Character facebook. Hence what we see as the word obj inside the dashed box actually represents that Facebook doesn’t understand this emoji.

What Could Be The Reasons For Obj Error? How To Get Rid Of Obj Error?

Now that you know what does obj mean on Facebook, you might be wondering about the possible causes of it. After all, knowing the causes of the issue, will help you in resolving it. Obj error is something that shouldn’t appear, it looks very uncool to the people who view your profile. It’s neither your fault nor does it indicate that your Facebook account is hacked; small relief. But if and when it does, the mentioned pointers could be some of the reasons behind it.

  • Using Voice-over Text On iPhone: Yes, we know that voice-over text is the most convenient option over typing. The problem is when you use this mode on Facebook, particularly from Apple devices, it encodes the words in such a way that Facebook doesn’t know how to display them. So, it replaces them with an obj dashed box.
  • Software Bugs: Another reason why you might see this obj error in your Facebook post is because of the software bugs present in the Facebook application. Another reason, perhaps, could be that the font libraries are not updated when updating the OS can fix the problem.
  • Apple’s Updated Emoji Library: Apart from that, one of the most important reasons for this obj error is the updated emoji library of Android and iOS devices. Usually, this problem comes in apple devices in which the emojis are hard to read for other software.

Well, it’s easy but a little trivial to get rid of the obj and dashed box error in your Facebook post.

How To Remove OBJ From Facebook Posts? How Do I Get Rid Of Obj On Facebook?

What Does Obj Mean On Facebook? Resolving The Obj Error!!

If you are fed up with seeing OBJ on your Facebook app on your device, I have brought you a permanent solution! First of all, you need to try updating the operating system of your device. For those who were experiencing OBJ due to OS, the problem is likely to vanish after this.

And for those who have iPhones, then the latest features may be the problem. In order to resolve this, it’s better to wait until Facebook and Android get together to match the progress of the iPhone. Yes, it means you can’t do anything except wait and watch!

So, next time you come across this error, don’t get panicked, just follow the mentioned tips!

Final Words

So, by now, I hope you know what does obj mean on Facebook. I also hope you know all the possible reasons (read: culprits) that are causing this error. But, to conclude this article, I only have to say that obj errors will only come and go, either because of Facebook bugs or phone OS updates. But, don’t you go around worrying though, Facebook is working on improving the voice-over text feature, so in the future, we can expect not to see the above-mentioned problem, particularly with Apple devices.

What Does OBJ Mean?

ObJ meaning on Facebook represents ‘Object’. And it is a Unicode from software that is unable to react to a symbol or character.

What Does Empty Squares Mean In A Text?

These squares mean that the software is unable to recognize the character. Because of this inability, sometimes other characters other than squares also appear.

What Does OBJ Mean On A Text Message?

If OBJ appears on a text message, it means that your device is unable to identify the object. In this situation, it’s better to update the OS of your device.

What Is The Full Form Of OBJ?

The full form of OBJ is Object Replacement Character but most people also know it as Object Replacement Character Facebook.

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