What Does OTG Mean In Snapchat And Other Social Media Platforms?


The ever-evolving abbreviations and texting lingo makes it difficult for us to keep up with the new trends. One such abbreviation is OTG. So what does OTG mean in Snapchat? 

Snapchat features and filters have taken the world by storm. There has not been a day when we have forgotten to update our near and dear ones of our little daily adventures and happenings on Snapchat. The feature of live pictures and locations makes it very convenient for people to feel close to each other. 

Generally speaking, the most common understanding of OTG is ‘on the go.’ Though other definitions and meanings are available, ‘on the go’ still remains the most preferred one. 

Let’s acquaint ourselves with some more meanings of OTG and widen our texting horizons.

What Does OTG Mean In Snapchat And Why You Should Know It?

What Does OTG Mean In Snapchat And Other Social Media Platforms? 

Here are some must-know meanings of OTG that will come in handy and upgrade your texting vocabulary.

#1 Original Tool Gangster 

OTG can be referred in context to someone who has claimed to be a fan of the metal/rock band since the beginning of times. The term Original Tool Ganster first appeared in the 1996 ‘Ho0ker with a P*nis’ song by TOOL’s Opiate 1992.  

#2 Of The Gods 

OTG can often be referred to as Of the Gods. The phrase refers to a situation that lands you in the lap of Gods i.e., the luck or failure of that depends on the higher power and deity, and you cannot do anything about it. We often find ourselves in these unforeseeable situations. 

#3 Outside The Gates 

The term Outside The Gates can often refer to the location of Jesus’s crucifixion. It means that you are willing to follow the path of Jesus and ready to follow in his footsteps. The one from Outside the Gates is often someone who is an outcast or untouchable. 

#4 Older Than God

In simple words, Older Than God refers to someone who is very old, like someone who looks and feels older than the big man himself. So, the next time you encounter or see someone who looks old in context with appearance and thoughts, make sure to refer to them as OTG. 

#5 OverTheGun

OverTheGun is often abbreviated to OTG by his die-hard fans. OverTheGun is a youtube channel run by a Yorkshireman. He is mainly famous for his over-the-top and funny commentary on video games and other things. He has over 29.8k subscribers on youtube, and his fan following is growing massively by the day. 

#6 Onward to Golgotha 

The man of death metal would know what we are talking about. Onward To Golgotha is the debut album of the American death metal band called Incantation. The album premiered in 1992 on Relapse Records. 

#7 Off the Ground

Off the Ground can be abbreviated to OTG. Off the Ground refers to something that needs immediate action or to finally get off your feet and operate in a way that will make you successful. Like when you really want to do something but can’t find the motivation, your friend might come in and give you the extra push you need, getting you ‘off the ground.’ 

#8 Overtime Goal 

This one is for the football fans. Overtime Goal refers to a goal that is made after the extra time. And as the football freaks might know, Extra time is the time that you get if the two teams have tied on the no. of goals. Both teams get to play for a limited extra time and the winner has decided accordingly. 

#9 Of the Guild 

A guild refers to an organization, club, or association that includes a group of people from different life backgrounds but share a common interest or belief. To simplify, a group of like-minded people getting together against the same cause or interest can be called a guild. Of the Guild simply means that you are a part of the particular guild or group. 

#10 Own The Game 

Oftentimes we come across a game of hockey or soccer, and we see that a player or a team has totally outshone the other members and has ‘owned the game.’ Anybody who overshadows or exceeds the expectations can be called someone who has ‘Owned the game.’ 

#11 Oh, Thank God

Ah! Another god reference. The sign of relief that we all take after experiencing a tough situation or problem always ends up with us saying Oh, Thank God. So, OTG might come in handy if your drunk best friend managed to not text their ex at night. 

Final Words 

Now that we have acquainted you with all the new hotshot words and abbreviations for OTG, we hope that they help you step up your texting game and give you an edge against your friends and fellow texters. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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