What Does Pending Mean Snapchat? 6 Simple Reasons For The Error!


Listen, no matter how cool anyone is, it always stings to be left on read. It is what it is. It’s especially hard on Snapchat! You put in loads of effort, find the right lighting condition and then you get left on ‘pending’. But hold up, it’s not always someone ignoring you. Today we will tell you all about what does pending mean Snapchat so you don’t have any bones to pick with your friends!

For some, snap streaks are more valuable than friendships. We know people who have broken friendships because their friends broke their streak. It is what it is. We don’t believe in such harsh measures, but we sure like to tinker with our Snapchat. Whether it’s getting a dark mode on Snapchat, or getting Snapchat notifications on our Apple Watch, we are quite curious!

So if we have an error showing pending in our chats, we need to know what does pending mean Snapchat! When a normal snap is delivered you can see a snap with a red arrow, and when you send a chat, you can see an arrow with a blue ring. For videos, you will see a purple ring. But sometimes Snapchat just shows pending to you!

Well as it turns out, there are quite a few reasons why this may be happening. So you shouldn’t automatically assume the worst. Since Snapchat is just another social media app, outages and downtimes are normal. App glitches and errors are also common. So give technology the benefit of the doubt before you jump to conclusions and serve your best friend with friendship termination papers!

What Does Pending Mean Snapchat And Possible Solutions! All You Need To Know!

Okay so what possible reasons can there be and what does pending mean Snapchat is quite the mystery. Here we will discuss all the possible reasons why it might be happening and the possible solutions to it. Go through each of them one by one and try to troubleshoot the issue from your end personally.

Reason 1 – The Snapchat Account You’re Snapping Has Been Deleted

Social media is crazy and between the frenzy of knowing what does GMS mean or what does SMO mean, things can get heavy. In those situations, people might need a break. So if you sent a snap to someone and the message straightaway shows pending then the account might be deleted. The person with whom you’re chatting might have chosen to deactivate their Snapchat account.

It is also possible that the person might have gotten their Snapchat account banned. In either of the scenarios, since the account doesn’t exist the snap or chat will not go through. That means that the message will remain in limbo. If the account is restored back then the message will go through again and you will see delivered. Similarly, if the person chooses to reactivate their account, your message will be delivered then!

Reason 2 – There’s A Glitch In The Snapchat App

What Does Pending Mean Snapchat? 6 Simple Reasons For The Error!

Technology is the boon we humans have but it is also a bane. So many times an app will just glitch out of nowhere. It will throw around errors for no reason which might cause miscommunication between real humans. Snapchat also has tons of errors! It is entirely possible that due to a new update or just some random glitch your Snapchat message shows pending. The issue might resolve on its own or wait for Snapchat to release an update.

Reason 3 – Snapchat Server Is Down

Another reason for what does pending mean Snapchat is a fairly uncommon yet possible one. And that is that Snapchat is down. Oh yes, even a big app like Snapchat can have its downturns. Sometimes the servers might go down for a region while for others it might be completely fine. So in those situations, your Snapchat might be working and if you send a snap it might show as pending. If the other person is in an area where the Snapchat server is down.

Reason 4 – You Have Been Blocked By The Person On Snapchat 

What Does Pending Mean Snapchat? 6 Simple Reasons For The Error!

Okay, so till now the issues were circumstantial and out of someone’s control. But now the situation is serious. If you have been getting the pending message on sending snaps to someone then that can mean that you have been blocked by that person. We know it sucks, but it is entirely possible that it will happen. If you have ruled out the previous reasons then it’s a good chance that you’re blocked. If you’re sure you cannot be blocked then talk to the person on a different platform and ask to see what’s wrong.

Reason 5 – You’ve Been Removed As A Friend From Snapchat

Talking about being blocked, if your Snapchat is showing pending then it is also possible that have been removed as a friend. If this happens with someone you’ve been talking to, then they actively removed you. But if you recently added someone and sent them a snap then give it time. Maybe the other person has not seen your friend request and hasn’t accepted your request yet. Give it some time before you begin probing!

Reason 6 – The Recipients Phone Has Been Turned Off

What Does Pending Mean Snapchat? 6 Simple Reasons For The Error!

One of the last reasons why your Snapchat is showing pending is because the person has turned their phone off. When the phone is voluntarily turned off, the message still goes through. But when a phone suddenly drops the connection, it’s possible that the message status remains as pending. Maybe your friend went on a camping trip to a remote area or something else. Make sure you check back with them if your snap still shows pending for a long time!

Final Words

We hope now you know what does pending mean Snapchat! Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer on what to do if you have a pending status of your snap. If this persists for a long, then the best-case scenario is to contact snap customer services. They would be more than happy to help you out. If there is anything else, then drop a comment down below. We will surely get you the help you need!

Why does my Snapchat say pending but we’re still friends?

The pending error can be due to a lot of reasons. You can be experiencing server outage, a glitch or some other issue.

How do I know if someone Unadded me on Snapchat?

On going to the profile of the person in question,if you are not able to see their Snapchat score, then they have removed you.

How do you fix a pending Snapchat?

To fix the Snapchat message pending, close and open Snapchat again. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat again too. Try updating the app, or just contact customer service of Snapchat!


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