What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook? Know The Exact Meaning Today! 


Up till now, you have understood what does Obj mean on Facebook and many other things. Of course, you need to learn things like this because Facebook keeps on coming up with something new. Like before, it’s time to enlighten yourself about one of the features of Facebook. Learn what does restricted mean on Facebook!

Although apps like Whatsapp and Instagram are one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook is a tough competition for them. In order to keep itself ranking on top, Facebook keeps on introducing something new. This time, it has introduced ‘Restricted’. If you are not familiar with this, keep your eyes on what does restricted mean on Facebook.

I know most Facebook users are confused and are tired of scratching their head after seeing ‘Restricted’ on Facebook. Take a deep breath because here is all you need to know about what does restricted mean on Facebook. 

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook? Decode The Meaning!

After a long session of what does bump mean on Facebook, you need to keep yourself to learn something new. Now, it’s time to learn what does Restricted mean on Facebook!

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook? 

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook? Know The Exact Meaning Today! 

The restricted mode on Facebook is actually confusing a lot of readers about what it is and how to use it. First, let’s start knowing what does restricted mean on Facebook. 

This is the feature where a Facebook user can restrict other users from his friend list to view his content. Yes, it’s right, you can restrict people from viewing your content whom you don’t have trust. As a result, the restricted person can only view your post if you are using the ‘Public’ option. 

In case you are not using the ‘Public’ option, the restricted people will not be able to view your uploaded content. I hope it’s as easy as understanding what does the green dot mean on Facebook. 

How To Use Restricted List On Facebook?

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook? Know The Exact Meaning Today! 

If you think that by listing someone you will be unfriending the user, then you are wrong. Well, the fact is the restricted user will only be unable to see your posts which you have not posted with the public option. 

To put it simply, restricting someone is like blocking without losing one of your friends on social media. And if you want to restrict someone on Facebook, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start with opening the Facebook website or app. 
  2. Now, it’s time to log into your account by entering your credentials. 
  3. After this, you need to click on the ‘Friends’ section.
  4. Up next, click on ‘Edit Friend list’. 
  5. Finally, for restricting a user click on ‘Restricted’. 

This way, you can keep your posts safe from those users who may misuse it for some unwanted purposes. 

How To Find Out If You Have Been Restricted On Facebook? 

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook? Know The Exact Meaning Today! 

When such a new feature is rolling these days, it becomes obvious to find out whether you have been restricted by someone or not. These are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit The Profile Of Your Friend 

In order to start the search, the best thing is to visit the Facebook profile of your friend. If you are in the restricted list, you’ll only be able to see public posts. 

Step 2: Check Whether You Can See An Empty Space On The Top 

The empty space you need to check usually indicates the gap between private and public posts. If you are not able to see the gap, it might mean that you fall under the restricted list of the user. But if the user has not uploaded private posts, then this step cannot confirm anything. 

Step 3: Check If All The Public Posts Are Public 

Up next, you need to check whether all the posts are public or not. If there is no empty space and you are able to see all the public posts, it indicates that you are in the restricted list. 

Step 4: Look For A Sudden Lack Of Content 

Being a Facebook user, I guess one can easily detect if some posts are missing on a Facebook profile. In this case, either the user has restricted you or has deleted some previous posts. 

Step 5: Ask Your Mutual Friends To Check The Timeline Of The User

Your mutual friends can also help you find out whether you have been restricted or not. If they are also experiencing the same timeline of your friend, it means everything is well. Also, you can ask them to check the recent post uploaded by your friend. Check whether you are able to see it or not. 

Step 6: Ask Your Friends If They Have Restricted You

Because the feature is a new one, some users may end up restricting others by mistake. That’s why, you can even ask your friends directly if they have restricted you or not. 

With the help of these steps, you can easily have a clarity on whether someone has restricted you. After this, you can decide on whether you still want to be friends with the user. 

Final Words 

I hope you are all clear about what does restricted mean on Facebook. Also, I would suggest you to refer this article to your family members as well so that they can also learn about the same. In case of any query or doubt, drop us a message because we are always there to help you out. 

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How To Limit Who Can See Your Posts?

If you want to have a limited viewers of your post, take help of the following steps:

Look for the downward arrow on the top of the screen. 
After this, click on settings. 
Now, go to the left side of the screen to click on the Privacy section. 
Tap on “Limit Past Posts” and click on the same button once again. 
Lastly, confirm your action by clicking once again on “Limit Past Posts”. 

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