What Does Snapchat Mean When It Says Within X Feet? Detailed Explanation For You!


Snapchat makes it easy for us to find and connect with our friends. One of the greatest features of Snapchat is the Snapchat Map. It helps Snapchat users to find their friend’s locations easily. But what does Snapchat mean when it says within x feet? If you’re not sure about this term, then make sure to read till the end.

Snapchat is quite an interesting application as you can access thousands of filters as well as engaging snap games. Snapchat sets itself apart from other social media applications with its unique feature known as Snap Map. So, one can have a completely different experience with this application. Snapchat with its recent update not only allows you to find the location but also the activity of your friends.

However, many have the confusion whether the location shown on Snapchat is accurate and what does Snapchat mean when it says within x feet. So, read to understand the exact meaning.

What Does Snapchat Mean When It Says Within X Feet? Check Out The Details Here!

What Does Snapchat Mean When It Says Within X Feet? Detailed Explanation For You!

Snap map is a great addition to the application. It is a fun feature that allows you to find your friend’s location and the people who are nearby. However, you can access other’s locations only if they enable the option of sharing their location.

Snap Map updates the location of every user based on real time. Users have to set their location to be visible and be a bit active on Snapchat for the real-time updates to work efficiently. However, there are quite a few factors for Snap Map to display an incorrect location. This is why the users are suggested to use the Snap Map location just as a reference and not as the exact location.

So, what does Snapchat mean when it says within X feet? Snapchat tracks your location and shows you on a map by using the GPS on your phone. The GPS in your phone typically has an accuracy range of 20 to 120 feet. So, X feet means that a location on the Snap Map is likely to fall within a certain range., but it is difficult to get the exact location in a densely populated region.

This notification by Snapchat will let you know when you are close to a friend’s location. However, there could be accuracy issues with the “Within X ft” notification because of poor internet connectivity. To receive the most precise information, you should have a stable internet connection.

Reasons Why Is Snapchat Showing The Wrong Location Of Your Friend 

What Does Snapchat Mean When It Says Within X Feet? Detailed Explanation For You!

As I said, Snap Map sometimes shows inaccurate locations. So, below are the most common reasons for Snapchat displaying inaccurate locations:

  • Due to a simple glitch in the application.
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Your friend manipulates the GPS location.
  • Your friend failed to log back into the application.
  • Your friend disabled the Snap Map feature

Therefore, the problems can be from both sides. If you want your Snap Map to work properly, then check the internet connection before logging into the application. Next, if you find any issue with the Snap Map, try restarting the application. Also, it is essential to keep Snapchat up-to-date to use its feature efficiently.

Final Words

Well, above are all the details, about what does Snapchat mean when it says within x feet? Snapchat Map is by far the best feature for users to stay up to date with the whereabouts of their friends and family members. Keep using Snap and spotting your friend!

Can you hide your location on Snap Map?

Yes, you can hide your location on Snap Map. You can either disable the Snap map feature or you can set the ghost mode to hide your activity on the Snapchat map.

Can you find out if someone checks your location?

No, unfortunately, there is no such feature to find who checks your location. Snapchat does not send any notification if someone checks your location on Snap Map.

Does VPN change Snap Map location?

It is possible to change the location on the snap map with the help of a VPN. 

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