What Does STG Mean In Snapchat And Why You Should Know About It?


Slangs are a part of our normal conversations in our day-to-day life. Whether it’s a simple ‘bro’ or a complicated ‘YATBOMEATOOAMD’, we use abbreviations all the time. But what does STG mean in Snapchat? Let’s find out and up to our texting game. 

One of the social media platform that has been running ahead in the race is Snapchat. It allows us to be close to our family and friends by enabling us to share ‘timed’ stories or moments with our near and dear ones. All those funky and freaky filters add a personal touch to our messages. By uploading a live story on Snapchat, you can keep the world updated about your plans and surroundings. 

STG means different things to different people but its most common meaning is ‘Swear To God’. It could be used to define the frustration or annoyance you might have towards something or somebody. 

Let’s talk about the other meanings of this common abbreviation and find out what it means for different people in different contexts. 

What Does STG Mean In Snapchat? | Your Gateway To The Cool Kid World! 

What Does STG Mean In Snapchat And Why You Should Know About It? 
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The modern world cannot run without mindless and weird acronyms taking over our texting game. So, to help you build a strong and unbeatable texting game, we have an array of definitions for you. 

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#1 Slaves To Gravity 

Sometimes, STG might stand for a band called Slaves To Gravity. The band belongs to London, England, and is known for playing alternative rock music for five years. There it union however saw its end in October 2011. 

#2 Star Trek Generation 

Another meaning of STG could refer to the Star Trek Generation series. Originating in the 1960s, Star Trek has a serious cult following. The coveted series includes all types of video games, books, and other media supporting its die-hard following. The series has seven seasons, and the cast of the Star Trek Generation included Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, and Brent Spiner. 

#3 Super Tan Girl

Super Tan Girl refers to a female who has spent a lot of time in the sun, which has caused her skin to become darker than her normal skin color. The female is then referred to as ‘Tan’ by the other people. 

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#4 Screaming To God

Screaming To God refers to a person who is literally screaming to god to make a point or put emphasis on something he wants him to hear. Screaming To God could come in handy if you are frustrated with God or your circumstances, but can not change anything about it. 

#5 Shoot ‘Em Up

Though not commonly used, Shoot ‘em Up refers to a shooting game that originated in Japan. It could be used in the video game context, but other than that, it is not one of the common meanings. These games can include anything and everything including spacecraft, animate objects, aliens or asteroids, or meteor shooting from the sky. 

In another context, Shoot ‘Em Up could also refer to texting someone or somebody, for eg, Shoot ‘Em Up and ask if they will be available this weekend.

#6 SubTheGamer

Another not-so-common meaning of STG could be SubTheGamer. SubTheGamer is a youtube channel that focuses on content that revolves around, yes! You guessed it right! , video games. The viewers often abbreviate the channel’s name to STG, hence the hype. Most of the content on SubTheGamer focuses on him reacting and analyzing various games and matches but his favorite is the NBA. 

#7 Sterling 

STG could also mean the Pound sterling in the UK. The British currency is oftentimes referred to as STG or only sterling. The sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom, The Isle of Man, South Sandwich Island, South Georgia, Gibraltor, Jersey, British Antarctic Territory, and Tristan Da Cunha. 

#8 Shooting Game 

Many shooting games including Battlefield, Halo, Call of Duty, and many others can be abbreviated as STG, referring to Shooting Games in the video game world. 

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Some Similar Acronyms To STG That Might Come In Handy! 

What Does STG Mean In Snapchat And Why You Should Know About It?


Another very similar to STG is ISTFG. The meaning still remains the same, i.e, Swear To God. But, ISTFG ( I Swear To Fu**king God) just adds that extra hint of frustration and anger that lets the other person know about your aggressive and annoying mood. 

#2 ISTG 

ISTG also means the same thing as STG i.e., Swear to God, but this just adds a personal touch and lets us know that a particular person is feeling that type of way, i.e., I Swear To God. 

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Final Words 

We never knew that so many different variations of a simple three-letter combination could mean have so many different meanings. But since now we know how to use them, they will help to step up our texting game and help us make sense of the new generation of‘ cool kids’. 

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