What Does TB Mean On Instagram? 3 Fun Meanings Of The Lingo! 


It’s yet another beautiful day of coming across abbreviations on social media that make little to no sense. For example, what does TB mean on Instagram? Why is everyone using it? Does TB stand for Tuberculosis?? That’s the most popular meaning of TB, right? Well, not on Instagram. Thanks to GenZ, the simplest of abbreviations tend to take not-so-simple meanings on Instagram. The rest of the users are left to learn, cope, and update their vocab. 

Well, you might think that it’s unnecessary and you’re happier without knowing what does TB mean on Instagram. But hey, don’t you want to look all trendy and cute on the app? Using all these cool acronyms is actually the only way of doing that! And so, it would be wise to read this article till the end and learn the meaning of TB! 

Find Out What Does TB Mean On Instagram Here! Read This To Decode GenZ Lingo!

Oh, and before you read any further, let me warn you. what does TB mean on Instagram doesn’t have a single meaning. Take any Instagram lingo as an example here. And you’ll find that it has several different meanings and can be used in several different contexts or situations. Yes, understanding all these Instagram abbreviations and acronyms can seem pretty daunting at first, but don’t let it deter you from your path to decoding GenZ lingo!

Because in this article, you’ll find answers to what does TB mean on Instagram in the simplest manner possible! So, keep scrolling! 

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Text Back?

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? 3 Fun Meanings Of The Lingo! 

On Instagram, TB can stand for Text back. You can use it when you want to ask the other person to reply to your texts on the app or in situations as such.

Here’s an example of how TB can be used:

Jake: Okay, let’s continue this conversation some other time. 

Lee: Yeah, sure! Just don’t forget to TB!

You can also use it in other ways, like:

Jake: Hey, did you hear from the girl you went on a date with?

Lee: Ahh, no. She didn’t TB. 

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Throw Back?

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? 3 Fun Meanings Of The Lingo! 

Probably the most common meaning of TB on Instagram is throwback. It is used when you’re  reposting something years old on the platform. Just using #tb with your post or story lets your followers know that the picture that you’re sharing is not recent. 

TB can be used in the caption of your Instagram post, as text in your stories, etc. To be more specific, TB is usually used as #tb. In fact, it happens to be one of the most popular hashtags on the app! So, the next time you’re posting your old vacation photos, make sure to use #tb! 

Apart from that, tb can also be used in conversations like this:

Sarah: Did you see Lee’s latest Instagram post? It looks like he’s on a vacation.

Jacob: Naah, he’s not on a vacation. It’s just a TB picture. 

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Throwback Thursday? 

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? 3 Fun Meanings Of The Lingo! 

Similar to the above-mentioned meaning, TB can also mean Throwback Thursday. It is yet another widely used hashtag on the platform. People tend to post an old picture of themselves on the platform and insert #tb in the caption. This lets the viewers know that they are sharing an old picture. 

And, now just that, Throwback Thursday is also kind of a challenge on the platform. If you want to participate in it too, then just choose an old picture, post it on Instagram, and use the hashtag TB or #ThrowbackThursday. 

You can also use this meaning of TB in your daily conversations on the app. Here’s an example;

Tom: Are you going to take part in #ThrowbackThursday?

Peter: Naah, man. I’m too old for that sh!t.

Final Words

Alright, people! We’ve reached the end of this post. And so, I hope you know what does TB mean on Instagram! Just like all other abbreviations and acronyms on social media, TB carries different meanings as well! But, now that you’re familiar with all the different meanings, I don’t think you’ll have any problem in using them! 

What is throwback in slang?

In slang, a person or thing that is similar to an earlier type is called a throwback. He’s an unappealing throwback to the days of 80s City slickers.

Do people still say TBT?

Throwback Thursday is incredibly popular on Instagram. It’s the fourth most popular hashtag on Instagram. Users usually tag their pictures with #tbt tag every Thursday for this reason.

How do you caption a throwback picture?

Life will move on, but at least these memories are forever.” “Still reliving this in my biggest dreams.” “These are the days we try to recreate.” “A throwback to better times and even better memories.”

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