What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook? Is My Crush Online!!


A thought must have struck your mind on how the other person’s messages arrive at the same exact time when you open Facebook. I am disclosing the secret (sorry to all my brothers), it’s the green dot on your profile. If it is complicated for you to understand, don’t worry, I will tell you in detail what does the green dot mean on Facebook.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, every fun scrolling entertaining social media site explicitly shows the people who follow you if you are active or not. These social sites are known for holding small chit-chats with friends around the globe but have you ever wondered why is this green dot option is made available? It’s just to let the other person when you are available for a talk, so as to save yours and others’ time.

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The other person doesn’t get a mail or a message that someone is online on FB and ready to talk. Well, it’s the green dot on your profile photo that indicates you are online. Whenever you open your ID, Facebook gets to know that you are active at that particular time, giving your profile a green dot. So now, what does the green dot mean on Facebook? The answer is, it’s a symbol that you are active/online on Facebook.

Scroll down to read different meanings of the green dot on Facebook and how you can turn off this feature to protect your privacy.

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook? The Symbol Of Being Online!! 

The green dot that appears on the side of your profile indicates if you are active on your FB Id at that time or not. Well, there is a lot of confusion regarding this green dot on Facebook and I will clear everything. Also, I will tell you and how you can deactivate this feature.

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Meaning Of Green Dot On Facebook? Greenlight To Have a Chat!!

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook? Is My Crush Online!!

When you open your Facebook Id through chrome and scroll through your crush’s Id, you might see a green dot on the side of his/her profile picture. Well, that dot indicates that the person is currently online, and you can have a chat with them. 

Yes, the feature of the green dot is also available on the Facebook app as well that serves the same purpose as discussed above. Apart from that, Facebook lists the people who are online on the left side of the screen when you use FB from the laptop.

In the messaging corner of the Facebook app, when you click on someone to chat with when they are online, you will also see a green dot on the side of the video call option. This feature automatically activates when a person is online but won’t show when you haven’t given application access to use the camera. Also, this feature won’t work if you have disabled the green dot feature.

How To Disable Green Dot Option On Facebook? A Big Step For Privacy!!

Facebook not only shows when you are online but also shows the time when you were last online. So if you want to get rid of this feature and let no one know when you were online and when you were last seen, there are some settings that can help you.

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How To Disable Activity Status On Facebook? Using Phone And Computer

Its very simple to disable activity status on Facebook using the FB app or computer browser. The feature will make your activity anomalous, meaning no one will know when you were active or the last seen.

How To Disable Green Dot Option On Facebook? A Big Step For Privacy!!
  • To disable Facebook activity status through the phone application, launch the app and tap on the hamburger icon.
  • After this, scroll down and tap on setting and privacy > setting > Activity status > Show when active. Here you can turn your activity status on or off.
  • To disable the activity status through a computer browser, click on the messenger icon.
  • In the messenger option, you will see  three dots tap on it. 
  • After that, click on turn off activity status and click Ok to save changes.

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Final Words

If you use Facebook through a phone browser, disabling the activity status is as simple as discussed above. Also, steps are very similar to those followed through the computer browser. Well, that’s all for this article, and if you find any difficulty in disabling the activity status on Facebook, do let us know in the comments.

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