What Does Thorns Do In Minecraft? Thorn Storm For The Ultimate Damage!


Are you the newbie player who does not know much about enchantments and how they work in Minecraft? Truth be told, neither of the pro players did, when they first started playing Minecraft because there are way too many enchanting tools in the game. Until and unless you don’t step up and ask, “what does Thorns do in Minecraft?” you won’t be able to figure it out yourself!

Surviving in an open world like Minecraft is a tough task, especially when you have dangerous monsters and scary zombies keeping an eye on every step you take. Although surviving in the game is a struggle, that’s what makes Minecraft one of the most entertaining games of all time, with a record-breaking number of monthly active users. 

Different armors and weapons in Minecraft can help you survive the battles easily. Most of these tools come from the enchantment table and are often known as the Enchanting tools. One of these enchanting tools is known as “Thorns.” Thorns is a type of armor enchantment in the game that helps the players in giving damage to the enemies when they try to attack in the battle. For the enchantment tool to work, it must be worn by the players during the attack. There are Minecraft prison servers as well, which will help you for a better playing experience. so, know about them too.

Now, if you are looking for a detailed guide on the use of Thorns and how you can get it, keep scrolling below and look at all the details. 

What Does Thorns Do In Minecraft? An Enchantment Too Good To Be True!

Wearing armor enchanted with Thorns is a smart and fun way to punish the enemies. However, before getting happy about using the enchantment, players should also know that powerful enemies like Guardians and Elder Guardians also have a thorns-like effect. Although their spike attacks are only applicable in hand-to-hand combats, Thorns work in all the attacks, including hand-to-hand, ranged, and direct invasion.  

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#1 Getting The Thorns Enchantment! 

What Does Thorns Do In Minecraft? Thorn Storm For The Ultimate Damage!

Similar to the Respiration enchantment in Minecraft, Thorns is also divided into three power levels known as Thorns I, Thorns II, and Thorns III, respectively. The first two power levels of Thorns can be unlocked using the enchanting table. However, if you are looking for a more easy method, you can always use natural resources like fishing, looting drops, and trading for the powerup with a local villager. Apart from the random loot, Thorns I and II often drop as a part of the loot from the generated structures, so make sure that you don’t forget to check that space. 

As for the Thorns III, it is evident that they cannot be found using any of the regular fishing or trading methods. One of the safest ways to get a Thorns III enchantment is by using an anvil. Players can combine two units of Thorns II using an anvil to generation tier III enchantment. However, trading with villagers and finding enchanted items with Thorns III from the loot chest are also some options for the players. 

#2 Finding Thorns III Using The Enchanted Book 

If the players are looking to use the enchanted book to get access to Thorns III enchantment, they can start looking for it in the following areas. 

#2 Finding Thorns III Using The Enchanted Book 
  • Stronghold
  • Mineshaft
  • Ocean Ruins 
  • Woodland Mansion 
  • Desert Pyramid 
  • Pillager Outpost 
  • Jungle Pyramid [Java Edition]
  • Jungle Temple [Bedrock Edition]
  • Dungeons 
  • End city 
  • Shipwreck 
  • Ruined portal 
  • Bastion Remnant 

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#3 Using The Thorns Enchantment To Beat The Enemies!

#3 Using The Thorns Enchantment To Beat The Enemies!

Thorns can be placed on any armor using the enchantment table in the game. All you have to do is open the enchanting table, place the armor on the grid, follow the process with the Thorns level, some expanding experience, and lastly, some lapis lazuli to power up the armor. With the Thorns enchantment powering up the armor, players will increase their chances of inflicting pain by level x 15%. This easily sums up anywhere between 1 to 4 hit points or half to two hearts (in the gaming language). 

If you are planning to go all above and beyond and attack the enemies while wearing multiple items enchanted with the Thorns tools, each piece stacks and adds a standalone amount of damage that will be caused to the attacker. By following this method, players can easily get 4 hit points (or two hearts) for attacking the enemy. 

#4 The Downside Of Using Thorns Enchantment! 

#4 The Downside Of Using Thorns Enchantment! 

I know you all must be thanking the Minecraft Gods for inventing such a powerful enchantment tool, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize the one downside can lower your defenses. While using the enchantment tool, a durability penalty is added to your armor that reduces the durability power by two hearts. While the powerup can inflict damage on the attacker, it can also reduce your armor’s durability chances, which is not good in the middle of a battle. 

The only workaround for avoiding the durability reduction is the use of an unbreaking enchantment. Pro players know that Thorns cannot be applied to tools and armors naturally, so they have an easy way to add Unbreaking enchantment. 

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Final Words 

Thorns enchantment may not be one of the best enchanting tools in the game, but it does not miss giving the players an upper hand in the middle of a battle. If the players are smart enough, they can easily tackle the setback around Thorns enchantment and use it in the best way to progress through the tough game levels

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