What Does White Nail Polish Mean On TikTok? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 


Have you, too, lost the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving rules and norms of social media? Well, you’re not alone. TikTok has some rules that many people may not be aware of them. For example, what does white nail polish mean? Did you know? I’m talking about that seemingly innocent color you adorn your nails with. It has an entirely different meaning in the TikTok world. 

You might think there cannot be any hidden meaning behind painting your fingers and toes with white nail polish. You might not give a second thought to using white nail polish for Fourth of July nail art. But it’s time you do. Here you are, blissfully unaware of its meaning, and there are people using the color to send coded messages about their relationship status. It’s time to catch up with the latest trend. 

So, what does white nail polish mean on TikTok? This is going to be surprising– but wearing white nail polish in a TikTok video means that you’re single, i.e. not in any relationship. Why? It’s because of something related to ancient Roman marital traditions. And also because of some stereotypes about females.

Wasn’t it baffling? It was to me, initially. And, I’m assuming it might have been to other people as well. You might have so many questions burning to be answered. Questions like, why white, out of all colors, was chosen for this job?! When and how did this trend emerge? I understand. That’s why, in this article, I’ll try to answer all your questions regarding the meaning of white nail polish on various social media sites and especially TikTok!

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The White Nail Polish Trend & Its Meaning On TikTok! 

What Does White Nail Polish Mean On TikTok? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 

Gen Z has a special bond with codes and symbols. They often use these as a means of communication on social media, and the older generations struggle to catch up. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that yet another TikTok trend came up that used an innocuous thing to pass out some message. 

This time, it was white nail paint. It is more than a cool and cute color for summer. Keep reading this article to know more about what wearing white nail polish means on TikTok! 

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What Does White Color Mean | White Nail Polish Meaning!

What Does White Nail Polish Mean On TikTok? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 

White is considered one of the most basic yet the most powerful color. The color has been used for multiple reasons across the globe. Even though the most common thought that comes to one’s after viewing the color is purity and innocence.

White is probably such an impactful color because it encompasses all the colors that there are. Ranging from minimalism to cleanliness, to cold the color has a lot of various meanings. However, the raging trend about white nail polish on TikTok has a completely different meaning than all the above reasons.

Let’s explore the reasons for the color trending on TikTok, and what is the meaning of White nail polish on TikTok.

1# What Does Wearing White Nail Polish Mean On TikTok?

What Does White Nail Polish Mean? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 

Well, if you’re wearing white nail polish in a TikTok video, then it means you’re single. Or, you’re not in a relationship. It also means that you’re ready to be in one. So, sorry to announce that white is not merely your cute nail polish color anymore. It now comes laced with a double meaning. The color of supposed purity has now been branded as the color to announce your relationship status on TikTok. And not just the white one, light blue nails have a hidden meaning too. 

2# How And When Did This TikTok Trend Start | White Nails Meaning!

What Does White Nail Polish Mean? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 

It is said that this trend started in 2020. A TikTok user posted a video asking people why a guy picks ‘light blue’ every time you ask him to pick a nail paint color. In 2021, TikTok explored this theory further. TikTok started investigating why men always picked ‘light blue’ for their girlfriends. 

Inevitably, the shade started to denote that someone was in a relationship. The white nail polish trend followed the blue one. And thus TikTok users started to use the color White to denote that they do not have someone in their life, who would want them to wear light blue nails. Despite such a simple reason, the trend blew up and became viral soon after. 

3# Why Is White Nail Paint Equated With Being Single | What Do White Nails Mean On A Girl! 

What Does White Nail Polish Mean? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 

Many theories are floating around, trying to explain why white was given the job of denoting people’s relationship status. I’ve heard a few too. 

One of those theories says that the whole white nail polish trend has stemmed from some prevenient stereotypes about girls. The girls who wear white nail polish are considered to be more promiscuous. Even though the color must be related to a lack or promiscuity, it provided a complete alternate meaning on the social media platform. This stereotype gained more attention over time and turned into a viral meme. With its increasing popularity, social media users started sharing their own viewpoints on it, and that started a domino effect of using color as a way to own your single status.

And then came a new TikTok trend. It involved light blue nail polish. Apparently, light blue nails indicate that a girl is in a relationship. With the emergence of a new meaning for light blue nails and the pre-existing stereotype surrounding white nails, a color code came into being. So, in the TikTok world, if you’re flaunting light blue nails then it means that you are taken. And white nails mean you are searching to begin a romantic relationship. 

TikTok users became obsessed with this color code and started using it to make dramatic declarations about their relationship status. This sudden rise in such videos, cemented the meaning of white nail polish on the Internet.

According to another theory, the connection between white nail polish and relationship status stems from ancient Roman marital status. You must be aware that in many cultures, brides wear white gowns. This practice is attributed to the Rome Republic. Because their brides would wear white as a symbol of purity and maidenhood. The wedding gown was a symbolic shout-out to the goddess of hearth, home, and family. 

We’ve always associated white with purity, innocence, chastity, and whatnot. The whole, ‘white nail polish means single’ thing can be attributed to that too. 

4# If Someone Is Wearing White, Does It Really Mean That They Are Single | Meaning Of White Nail Polish!

What Does White Nail Polish Mean? Stop Guessing, Start Reading! 

Umm, well….no. If someone is wearing white nail polish, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are single. Consider the possibility that they are unaware of the significance of white nail polish on TikTok. If so is the case, then their white nail polish is not a signal to the world that they are available for a relationship or that they want to be in one. Despite the sudden blow-up of the trend, it is a given that not everyone will be privy to such information, and someone could just be wearing white nails because they want to. 

So, instead of trying to decipher someone’s relationship status based on what color nail polish, they are wearing, ask them. Stop the guesswork and straightforwardly ask someone if they are in a relationship or are looking to be in one. Trust me, it’s a far better approach. And assuming someone’s relationship status, or thinking they might be available without confirming might put you into an embarrassing position. 

But if you really want to decode someone’s relationship status on the basis of their nail polish, ask them if they use a lot of TikTok first. That should give you your answer. This way you won’t have to ask them a personal questions if you are not that close, and you might be able to find out their relationship status. 

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Final Words

I hope, now you have the answer to your question, ‘what does white nail polish mean on TikTok?’. But take this news with a grain of salt. Because not everyone with white nail polish is going to be single or even aware of the trend. Share this article with your friends to make them aware of the true meaning of white nail polish!

Do you want us to cover any other crazy trends? If yes, then let us know in the comments down below! 

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