What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat? Explained The Exact Meaning!


Have you felt that you are lost in conversation when someone texts short forms like IG, SMH, WTV, and DW on Snapchat? If so, then you should understand that you are not updated with the new slang terms on Snapchat. Today, social media users find using short forms is the best way to communicate with others. Snapchat tops the list as there are so many new abbreviations rolling out here. This is why you need to start finding out what does wtv mean in Snapchat.

If you want to use and communicate effectively on Snapchat, then you should start using terms like GMS, and GNS and if you want to know about someone then you can simply ask ASL. If you start using short-form captions for posting stories on Snapchat, then followers may get interested in starting a streak with you.

So, there are so many benefits that you will enjoy when you start Snapchat lingo. Now, it’s time to learn what does WTV mean in Snapchat. WTV is a simple slang word that refers to Whatever. To learn more about what does WTV mean n Snapchat and how to use it, continue reading the article.

What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat? Everything You Need To Know!

WTV is not a new term and is not only limited to Snapchat. The word is used in almost all the social media platforms like Instagram. So, when someone texts WTV and if you ask others to explain the meaning, they may not give you the right answer. They simply tell you the wrong meaning just to make fun of you.  If you don’t want to put yourself in that situation, then it is essential to find the WTV meaning Snapchat.

What Does WTV Mean In Text on Snapchat?

What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat? Explained The Exact Meaning!

If someone texts you WTV on Snapchat, then it simply means “Whatever”, and they don’t give much attention to the particular incident. People who want to show attitude or make themselves feel cool will text WTV on Snapchat. There are also some alternative meanings for WTV which are not so common, but it is good to learn all the meanings so that you will not get confused while texting back to the message.

You may receive the texts like WTV, wtv, or Wtv on Snapchat. All these refer only to Whatever. Some people don’t care about the small case or caps, they simply text with the flow on Snapchat. So, you need not have to confuse these terms.

How To Use WTV On Snapchat Conversations | What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat?

Now, you must be clear about what does WTV mean in Snapchat. Simply learning meaning does not make sense and so it is crucial to learn how to use WTV on Snapchat to spice up your conversations. You can also add WTV captions to your Snapchat stories. There are so many ways that you can use the WTV text on Snapchat. Read the below examples that give you a clear idea of how to use WTV text on Snapchat.

Text WTV When You’re Unsure Or Don’t Care

What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat? Explained The Exact Meaning!

If you don’t care or are not sure about something, then you can text WTV on Snapchat. By texting like that, the person clearly understands your opinion.

Friend: Shall I order pizza for tonight?

You: Order WTV you want!

Another Example-

Friend: You’ve missed the party yesterday!

You: Wtv, I’m not interested!

Text WTV To Play Cool

If you prefer to stay cool and worry about nothing, then you can text WTV on Snapchat.

Friend: The boss is not happy about the result

You: WTV, I am not going to attend the meeting

Text WTV When You Feel Low

What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat? Explained The Exact Meaning!

If you feel less interested in something or feeling low then you can use WTV text on Snapchat.

Friend: I am excited about the final match!

You: Wtv, the match is not good as the previous season.

So, the above are some ways that you can consider using the WTV text on Snapchat. The possibilities for using WTV on Snapchat are endless. But you need to understand the context well before you use WTV in your text.

How To Respond To WTV On Snapchat?

What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat? Explained The Exact Meaning!

If someone texts you WTV, then it is essential to give the right reply according to their text. People mostly send WTV, just to leave the task to take over by you. But if you are not clear with things, then you can ask more questions. For example,

Shall we plan a trip to the hill stations this weekend?

WTV, I will join the trip.

I need the right opinion to proceed with the plan, So, are you okay with the plan?

You can also thank them just because they have replied something with WTV. Also, it is good not to respond to WTV texts sometimes. You can end the conversation if you don’t want to ask any more about it.

Alternate WTV Meaning Snapchat | What Does WTV Mean In Snapchat?

Although Whatever is the most common meaning of WTV. There are a few other alternate meanings of WTV that are used on Snapchat. Some of the other meanings include What’s the vibe, and What’s the verdict.

What’s the verdict is used in the text as WTV to ask people’s opinion about something. Whereas What’s the vibe is used to start a convo with friends on Snapchat or other social media platforms. Also, someone just to ask about their current mood or about the place, they used to ask what’s the vibe.

Final Words

Well, the above are all the different meanings of what does wtv mean in Snapchat. I hope now you understood the meaning and usage of WTV and you will start using it in your conversations on Snapchat.

If you are interested in knowing any other slang terms, then do share your queries in the comments section below and we’ll cover them for you.

Is WTV A Negative Term?

There is no certain definition as a positive or negative term for WTV. Because people use it in many ways depending on the person and the conversation.

What Are Some Popular Snapchat Slangs?

Some of the popular Snapchat slang words include WCW, OMG, FT, GC, AMOS, MCM, and many others.

What Does BRB Means On Snapchat?

BRB stands for Be Right Back on Snapchat. 

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