What Does WTW Mean On Instagram? Meaning & Cool Replies Here! 


Let’s assume that you’re chatting with someone on Instagram, and they suddenly use a weird abbreviation, WTW. Now, it’s okay to use slang on social media, but the problem is that not everyone, including you, is well-versed in slang terms. Now, how are you going to reply to WTW? I suggest that you read this article on what WTW mean on Instagram, learn appropriate responses, and continue with your conversation as if nothing happened. 

Find Out What Does WTW Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know Different WTW Meaning On Instagram!

Now, just like all other acronyms that you see on social media platforms, WTW too has different meanings. For example, WTW mostly means “what the what”. However, sometimes, it can also mean “what’s the word”. But, if you want to figure out what does WTW mean on Instagram in different contexts, you need to read this article till the end. Plus, I’ll also explain how you can respond to these various meanings! So, make sure not to skip a single section of this post! 

What Does WTW Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean “What The What”?

What Does WTW Mean On Instagram? Meaning & Cool Replies Here! 

On Instagram, WTW can stand for “what the what”. Sometimes, WTW (what the what) can be used to express disbelief, surprise, or alarm. This is done when someone does something so unexpected and ridiculous that you can’t help but question what they just did.

 Here, it’s kind of like “what the heck” or “what the fu*k”. Sometimes, people use WTW in this sense to spice up/ exaggerate their reactions for sarcastic or humorous purposes. 

Here’s how WTW meaning text can be used in a conversation:

Jake: Did you hear that Jenny got fired from the restaurant?

Lara: WTW! She’s the best chef we have! Why did she get fired?!

How To Reply To “What The What”?

Now, simply knowing what does WTW mean on Instagram isn’t enough. Because, as mentioned above, plenty of times, people use WTW to express disbelief and surprise. If you too are shocked at the same thing, then you can let them know that you feel the same way. To do so, you can say something like “I feel the same way!” or, “Ikr! That was totally crazy!”. 

Since WTW is used to express surprise, you don’t really have to reply to it. But, in case the other person is using something other than WTW in their text, then you can choose to reply to that. 

What Does WTW Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean “ What’s The Word”?

What Does WTW Mean On Instagram? Meaning & Cool Replies Here! 

The most popular meaning of WTW on Instagram is “what the word”. It’s the same as “what’s up”, “what’s going on” or “what are you doing”. In short, it’s simply a way of asking people what they are up to. In fact, if you ever want to ask someone if they are interested in hanging out with you, then you can simply use WTW instead of “What’s up?”. You might look cooler. 

However, one major difference between WTW and these other terms is. It is that, when someone, uses WTW, it’s highly likely that they are interested in hanging out with you. And, that’s why they are using WTW to find out if you’re free for that or would like to meet them.

For example, if someone texts you “WTW today evening?”. It can mean that they want to know “what are you doing today evening? Do you want to hang out?”, but they are being a bit casual and cool about it. 

How To Reply To “What’s The Word”?

If you find yourself at the receiving end of “what’s the word” or WTW, simply knowing what means WTW Instagram isn’t going to do. You will also have to reply positively (if you want to hang out with them), or negatively (if you don’t want to hang out). You can act casual or happy or excited, depending upon how you’re feeling and how much emotion you’d like to express. So, you can say something like “I’m watching a Football match. Do you want to come over?

If you want a bit more information on why that person might be texting you in the first place, then you can say something like “I’m not really doing anything” or, “I’m just watching Netflix at home”. Their reply will tell you why they were texting you. 

In case you don’t want to hang out with the person, or if you’re really busy and you can’t make time, then you can tell them that you’re busy. You can say something like “Oh, I need to run some errands” or, “I’m free this Saturday, but can’t make time for anything for the next two days”. 

Final Words

Alright, everyone! This is what does WTW mean on Instagram! In this article, we looked at two different meanings of WTW and how to reply to them. So, I hope you feel confident enough in using and replying to this abbreviation whenever necessary. In case there’s some other acronym that you’d like to know the meaning of, kindly drop it in the comments, and Viebly will soon come up with an article on that too! Also, if you’ve got a friend who doesn’t know what does WTW mean in Instagram, please share this article with them!

What does WIW mean on Instagram?

WIW is an acronym used on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It stands for ‘what I wore’. It is mostly used by people who are interested in fashion and like to document their OOTDs. 

What is WTV slang?

WTV is an abbreviated form for “whatever”. It is used in text messages or chats. It is used t let the other person know that you’re bored, don’t care aout what they are saying or something that is happening. Sometimes, WTV is also taken as a sign of not being interested in a conversation. That’s why, WTV can be considered rude.

What does LML mean on Instagram?

LML is an internet slang or acronym that stands for “laughing mad loud” or “love of my life”. The former is used to express intense laughter over something hilarious that someone said or has happened. “Love of my life” is used to express affection for your partner or close friend or even your pet! 

What does NTM mean in texting?

In texting, NTM stands for “not too much” and “nothing much”. When someone asks you what you’re doing or what you’re up to, you can simply use “NTM” to let them know that you’re not up to much.

What does GL HF mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, GL HF stands for “good luck, have fun”. It can be used to wish someone luck and remind them to have fun wherever they are going. 

What Does WIW Mean In Instagram?

On Instagram, WIW stands for ‘What I Wore’. It is used by people who are interested in fashion to show their OOTDs.

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