What Does YK Mean On Snapchat? 2 Meanings To Learn!


Nowadays, slang is frequently used to communicate on social media, making it difficult to understand what the term actually means. One such slang is YK. If you also have such confusion with the term, then this article explains to you what does YK mean on Snapchat.

You must be aware of how popular Snapchat is among young people right now. If you prefer to use this application, then it is necessary that you should be aware of the Snapchat language. So that you do not feel embarrassed in front of your friends when they use slang terms.

In the following article, let’s figure out what does YK mean on Snapchat, and also the usage of the term. So, dive into this post to learn the meanings.

What Does YK Mean On Snapchat? Everything You Need To Know!

What Does YK Mean On Snapchat? 2 Meanings To Learn!

If you have been active on Snapchat for a long, then you may know that most internet slang comes only from this application. These words help you stay on point in your Snapchat conversations and act as unique texting codes for your online friends.

Now, let me introduce the popular Snapchat slang, YK. This term has different meanings and they are used in different situations. YK can also refer to both You’re kidding and You Know. These are the two meanings that are commonly used by Snapchatters.

# 1 YK Meaning – You’re Kidding

The slang You’re Kidding (Yk) is frequently used to convey strong emotions. The acronym is typically used in response to messages that shock, delight, surprise, or cause disbelief. When someone can’t believe what you’re saying or simply believes you’re lying, they message YK.

Although YK is followed by a question, it is not followed by a question mark when it is used on social media platforms. See the below example that helps you to understand the usage easily.

Friend 1: Hey! I’m shifting to another city this month.

Friend 2: What? YK.

Friend 1: True man! I got a new job offer!

Friend 2: That’s great! Congratulations!

# 2 YK Meaning – You Know

What Does YK Mean On Snapchat? 2 Meanings To Learn!

It is typically used to ask a question or obtain the listener’s confirmation that something is accurate at the conclusion of a sentence. To put it another way, a sentence that ends with “YK” as in “You Know” functions clearly like a tag question. Take a look at the below example showing how YK is used on Snapchat conversations.

Friend 1: Hi! Me and Joe planning a date next week, YK.

Friend 2: Really, That’s awesome.

I hope the above examples give you a clear explanation. When you need to express surprise, confirm something, or ask a question, YK works best. Instead of using right? Or understand? at the end of the sentence, YK is the best alternative.

YK can also be used in place of expressions of surprise at the end of sentences or statements like Really? No Way? or Seriously? In comparison to other similar words, YK is the shortest way to express surprise, humor, or agreement with any statement.

Final Words

Well, folks! I hope this article explained what does YK mean on Snapchat and the examples help you to use the slang correctly. Follow us to learn more interesting Snapchat slang.

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