What Happened To Kanye West’s Mom? How Did Donda West Die?


What Happened To Kanye West’s Mom? Netflix’s Jeen-Yuhs: The Kanye Trilogy is a documentary series that dives into the rich and illustrious life of the singer, record producer, and fashion designer, showing his life journey starting from his early days and answering the same query! 

It covers everything from his struggles to his car crash in 2002 and then from his breakthrough into the spotlight so that people can see the person he truly is. There are many things that fans are excited to know about Kanye West. However, Kanye West’s Mom, Donda West, is the center of discussion. 

Questions like what happened to Kanye West’s Mom or how Donda West died, need to be answered well, even if you have watched the documentary! In this article, you will get fodder for such queries. So, readers and fans, Scroll! Scroll! Scroll! 

How Did Kanye West’s Mom Donda West Die? Solve Your Query

Before knowing about Kanye West’s Mom, Donda West, you should know who Kanye West is. Kanye West is a rapper and many things, known for his bi-polar behavior and marrying and separating from popular Kim Kardashian. He also stood for the US elections and later jumped out from the election process. If you have already watched the documentary, you know him in and out. But for those who haven’t watched it yet. Go and watch it now!

Now, yes, of course with my permission you can know about her mother!  

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Who Was Donda West? Mother Of Kanye West! 

What Happened To Kanye West's Mom? How Did Donda West Die?

Donda West was born on the 12th of July 1949. She (nee Williams) was an amazing woman who sacrificed many times throughout her life to make sure she was happy with her sole child, regardless of the circumstance. 

She gave birth to Kanye within Atlanta, Georgia, in her 20s. However, when her marriage ended when Kanye was three, she moved to Chicago, Illinois, for his best. Like all parents, she was determined to provide the best opportunities to him. And, of course, building her professional career in teaching English, literature, art, and theatre. Which she was able to succeed in.

Donda was a professor in the classroom at Chicago State University for over 31 years. In the end, she gradually moved up the ranks until she became the director of the school’s Department of English, Communications, Media, and Theater -the position she held for 24 years until retiring from the profession in 2004. 

This was when she moved to California to be nearer to Kanye and assumed the full-time role of momager is helping people to concentrate on their art by being there for them through all the thick and thin.

Donda was certainly there for him all the time. Whether near or from afar, she wanted to be near to ensure their bond was maintained and, yes, to provide her wisdom whenever needed. 

It’s worth noting that in addition to being co-founder of the now-defunct Kanye West Foundation, she was also responsible for running the business. If that weren’t enough, Donda was later a published author when she published her book Raising Kanye, The Life Lessons of the mother of a Hip-Hop Superstar.

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What Happened To Donda West? How Did She Die?

What Happened To Kanye West's Mom? How Did Donda West Die?

On the 10th of November, 2007, at the age of 38, Donda West passed away due to complications following cosmetic surgery (liposuction and tummy tuck and reduction of breasts) the day before. 

She was believed to have chosen to recuperate at home after the procedure; however, it was fatal when she passed away due to coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors. As per the official accounts, Donda experienced a sore throat, pain, and tightening in her chest before collapsing in the early evening. Hence, it was the ned of the superstar’s mother. 

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Final Words

There is always an end to a few beautiful things in our life. Similar happened to Kanye West. His amazing and fierce mother died at a very young age. Know the entire story by watching the documentary and let us know in the comment section how did you find it? 

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